A Good Person: Florence Pugh’s New Movie

A Good Person

The new movie that Florence Pugh and Zach Braff worked on together is called A Good Person, and it could be the actress’s next big hit.

Pugh just put out The Wonder on Netflix and Don’t Worry Darling with Harry Styles, but she is always looking for new projects. This led her to be in the sequel to Dune, where she plays a princess who will be the new love interest of Timothée Chalamet’s character, to be in Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer, and to make this new drama with a cast of great movie legends.

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Reports say that the film was written and directed by Zach Braff, who was in a relationship with the actress who was nominated for an Oscar and starred in the TV show Scrubs. The movie was supposed to come out in 2021, but Pugh shared a picture of her character wearing a different outfit than usual to prove that they were done with it.

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The movie was made by the same people who made The Garden State, in which Braff starred with Natalie Portman. It’s about loss, pain, being alone, and death, and Braff shows that sometimes we need help from others to heal and get back on track. From what we can tell from the trailer, the music in A Good Person is also great.

The Trailer

The trailer starts with a voiceover by Morgan Freeman, who seems to set the scene for a typical romantic comedy. However, everything changes quickly when there is a car accident with terrible results. Florence Pugh plays a woman who was in an accident and must deal with the effects of it with the help of a man who is on the same “train” as her and can help her get out of it.


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The first picture was just a still from the movie. Pugh wore a colorful sweater and had short hair.

Pug wrote: Our first look at “A Good Person,” which was directed by Zach Braff… damn Nora I can’t express how happy and proud I am about this baby. Tomorrow, we’ll release the first trailer for this special movie, but for now, here’s the first image.

What is A Good Person about?

According to the plot summary, the film follows Allison, portrayed by Pugh, who is involved in an accident in which, according to the trailer, her colleague is murdered. This leaves her sad and causes her to sink into depression, loneliness, and negativity, but she is soon reunited with the man who would become her father-in-law, and he guides her back to a “normal” and fulfilling existence.

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It is a narrative about dying and how the loss of a loved one may affect us, particularly when we feel responsible, but also about the potential of moving ahead if we learn to trust those who wish to assist us.

The Cast of A Good Person 

Celeste O’Connor, who plays Freeman’s granddaughter, and Molly Shannon, who appears to play Pugh’s mother., who plays Freeman’s granddaughter.

Chinaza Uche, Zoe Lister-Jones, and Nichelle Hines are also featured.

When is A Good Person Released?

The picture (from the same studio that brought us Luca Guadagnino and Timothee Chalamet’s Bones and All) will be released in theaters in March 2023, but the specific date has yet to be determined.

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