Top 85 Alternatives to Instastories for Downloading Instagram Story


The most accurate way to describe Instastories is as an Instagram observer who remains anonymous. Because it does not merely recount stories. It enables you to browse additional Instagram content, including racy photographs and videos from private Instagram users.

Since you are not required to establish an account in order to use this website similar to StoriesDown, no trace of your identity will be left behind. The web-based application Instastories does not require registration or identity verification. It is compatible with all systems because accessing it only requires a web browser.

This page discusses every aspect of Instagram Stories. Let’s get into it.

What is Instastories?

Because it is easy to use, Instastories is fun. Accessing any public Instagram account requires simply a username. You do not require a login or registration. Simply submit a valid username, and this website will provide you with immediate access to any public account you desire.

Without the account holder’s knowledge, you can view news, highlights, photos, and watch videos. Additionally, high-definition downloads are available. Even if the user interface is aesthetically pleasing, it may be difficult to navigate.

We struggled to locate the text field where a username might be input. It appears to be buried under a large amount of supplemental material. Once the text field was located, however, we had no further complaints.

Highlighted Features on Instastories

Instastories viewer is a service that allows you to see Instagram stories without registering for an account. The online platform’s services are free, you can watch stories anonymously, and you must provide your Instagram username to access it.

  • Instagram Story Viewer
  • 100% Anonymous 
  • Only public profiles
  • View anonymously Insta Stories
  • Watch and download IGTV
  • View accounts in any language
  • Anonymously view stories, photos, Insta videos, and highlights
  • No account or registration needed
  • Download content in high quality

View & Download Instastories Anonymously

Without the owner’s knowledge, you can access Instagram profiles and stories. You will be able to stalk, download, and examine other users’ Instagram profiles and stories without their knowledge.

Top 85 Instastories Alternatives – Apps Like Instastories

Looking for an alternative to Instagram Stories? There is a multitude of options. Well, I’ve gathered a list of the best websites that are comparable to Instagram Stories, and they all include amazing community features. Stop looking. We have gathered a list of the best Instastories substitutes.

  9. IGLookup
  12. Pixwox
  16. watchinsta
  20. Story Saver for Instagram
  21. InstaNavigation
  27. Gramhir 
  38. Instore
  42. Instaxyz
  53. Xn–
  57. izoomYou
  77. FastSave
  81. Instalkr
  84. 4K Stogram

Can You See Who Views Your Instagram Story?


Yes. People will begin to view your Instagram Story during the next twenty-four hours after it becomes active. Instagram videos only display the total number of views, not viewer names. Instagram Stories, on the other hand, list the names of everyone who has viewed your Story.

However, only you get access to the list of those who have viewed your Instagram Story. There is no way to determine the number of times an individual has watched your Stories.

The Pros of Anonymous Instastories Watching

I think that it is not always essential for a user to know if the competition is watching his or her work. Observing without being observed is the optimal strategy in this situation. Consequently, you may improve your Instagram business strategy by observing the Stories, IGTV, and other content that your competitors create.

Spying on Competitor’s Content

If you deleted your Instagram account because you no longer want to deal with it, but you still want to read the Instastories of people you’re interested in, you can join the ranks of the stalkers. Despite the proliferation of online stalkers, it is possible to read IG Stories without revealing your true name if you do not have an account.

Spying without Having an IG Account

Individuals are normally curious, but only to a certain degree. This is especially true about an ex-girlfriend or boyfriend. In this scenario, you can satisfy your curiosity without notifying the other party by using anonymous browsing.

Rare Spying on Ex-girlfriend or Boyfriend

It is among the worst results a person could experience. Users are able to steal information for their own business purposes or have someone else do so on their behalf. This is especially true about commercial thievery. However, this event is uncommon.

No matter how you look at it, if you upload information to the Internet, anyone can use it (but only for personal, noncommercial reasons), which is acceptable. This is what openness entails.

The Cons of Anonymous Instastories Watching

Information Theft

No one wants to be the individual who is constantly worried and being followed. This occurs, however, when the stalker (who often uses a fake account) begins posting offensive comments or engaging in other Instagram-related behaviors that are detrimental to your account.

You can now avoid “dumb” users by “blocking” them or establishing a private account.

Constant Spying on Ex-girlfriend or Boyfriend

Occasionally, curiosity may lead to anything more, and you cannot escape those who are continuously watching you. At times, it may be tough to forget the past despite your desire to do so.


The social media landscape has been revitalized by Instagram Stories. The proliferation of this format across all platforms suggests that people seek this type of content at the present time. It’s a lot of fun to produce Instagram Stories, and it’s even more entertaining when you can keep them fresh by experimenting with various concepts.

Utilize more than just Instagram’s capabilities. By being more creative and experimenting with different ways, you can keep your content entertaining without wasting hours of effort.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Instastories

What are Instastories?

August 02, 2016. Today, we’re introducing Instagram Stories, a new feature that allows you to share all of your day’s moments, not just the ones you’d choose to retain on your profile. When you share numerous photographs or videos, they will appear in a slideshow format. Your story begins here.

Is Instastories anonymous?

InstaStories is a free service that enables anonymous viewing of public Instagram profiles. With the aid of our platform, you may monitor stories and highlights, live broadcasts (online broadcasts, streams, and recordings of broadcasts), postings (photos, videos, and text), likes, comments, and subscribers invisibly.

How can I watch Instagram stories without an account?

Enter the user’s “username” in the “search bar” and hit “Enter” or click the “magnifying glass” icon to the right. Remember to add dashes, underscores, and other punctuation in their username. Once the profile is displayed, click the “circled profile symbol” to see the individual’s stories.

Why is Instastories RU not working?

Consider clearing the app’s cache if you continue to have loading issues with Instagram Stories. This will remove any temporary data stored on your device, which could be the cause of the issue. To delete Instagram’s cache, tap Apps in your device’s Settings.

Can you see who viewed your Instagram highlights?

You are unable to see the number of times your Instagram Highlights have been viewed. Instagram just displays the number of views and the viewers’ names. It does not reflect the frequency of an item’s appearance.

Can people see who viewed their Instagram?

Can you view who views your Instagram profile? Instagram users cannot view who has viewed their profile. Therefore, if you check a user’s profile but do not like or comment on any of their posts, they will not know who has viewed their photos.

What devices does Instastories support?

InstaStories works flawlessly on all modern devices, such as browsers on desktop computers, tablets, and mobile phones (iPhone, Android).

What can be downloaded or viewed using the stories? site web service?

You can see and save IG stories, highlights, live broadcasts (streams), articles, and profile pictures from any Instagram page.

Is Instagram story viewer safe?

Certainly, the Instagram anonymous story viewer is user-friendly and protected.

Does Instagram story viewer work?

Without a doubt. To view and download Instagram Stories, enter your Instagram username in the Instagram story reader and downloader. If you select a suitable profile and click on it, it is possible to see and download Instagram stories incognito.

How to access the downloaded Instagram content?

If you have a computer, downloading and viewing the tales, photographs, and videos in the download folder is simple. For instance, if you have a smartphone, it will be in your gallery.

In what format we can download stories from InstaStories?

When you download stories from InstaStories, you will always obtain the finest and most original quality. The JPEG format will be used to download images and movies.

Can I download someone’s Instagram stories?

You may browse and download Instagram stories anonymously with the InstaStories function. Individual stories and complete profiles can be downloaded from

How long are Instagram Stories on average?

15 seconds is the maximum length for a single Instagram story. When a narrative is lengthy, the app or website breaks it up into multiple 15-second segments.

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