Luxury Cruise Now Offering Amazing Deal: $30K for 3 Years Visiting 375 Destinations

Luxury Cruise Now Offering Amazing Deal

Life at Sea Cruises is reinventing travel with an unbelievable deal: for just $30,000 total, you can live aboard their luxury ship for 3 years as it sails to 375 ports in 135 countries across all 7 continents. This 130,000+ nautical mile journey visits 13 of the 14 Wonders of the World for the trip of a lifetime. In addition, you can also read an article on- The Billionaire’s Playground: Gorgeous Private Islands Where the Rich and Famous Relax

Designed as an unmatched, epic adventure, the state-of-the-art ship offers 5-star dining, nightlife hotspots like dance clubs and karaoke bars, golfing, pools, spas, and more. Yet it also caters to remote workers with amenities like a giant conference hall, offices, and 24/7 high-speed satellite internet access. Tax advantages may even apply for ship residents. Nearly everything is covered by the annual $29,999 room charge, letting travelers indulge while absorbing the planet’s marvels. Additionally, you can also read about- A Night in Gwyneth Paltrow’s Guest House? It’s Free on Airbnb

From 130-square-foot interior cabins to $109,999 balcony suites, there’s a room type for everyone. The full 3-year commitment brings huge savings and lets you take friends and family along gratis. The ship debarks November 1st, 2023, from Istanbul, so act now to turn this dream cruise into your reality!

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