How To Easily Delete Reddit Comments: A Step-by-Step Guide

Delete Reddit Comments

Have you ever scrolled through your Reddit comments and wished you could erase some of those hasty words? Reddit, known for its tight-knit community and Karma system, offers users the ability to delete their own comments. Do you know how to delete Reddit comments?

This article serves as your compass for decluttering your digital footprint on one of the internet’s most vibrant social platforms. Dive in—let’s clear up those remarks that no longer represent you.

Delete Reddit Comments: Understanding Reddit Comments

Reddit comments are like conversations in a big room. Each subreddit is a different corner of the room, with people talking about all sorts of things. Users add their thoughts by typing in the comments section under each post.

They can also reply to others’ comments to keep the conversation going.

Comments get upvotes and downvotes from other users. These votes decide which comments rise to the top or sink to the bottom. It is possible that a comment that receives significant popularity will receive a multitude of upvotes. Sometimes, though, you might want to take back what you said.

That’s when deleting your own Reddit comments comes into play.

How Do I Delete Individual Reddit Comments?

Delete Reddit Comments

Navigating your Reddit history, you may stumble upon comments that no longer resonate with you or simply clutter your digital trail. Fear not—deleting individual comments on this bustling social media platform is straightforward and can be accomplished in just a few clicks, keeping your user profile as polished as your real-life persona.

Deleting Comments

Deleting your comments on Reddit is simple. You can clear up your digital footprint quickly with these steps:

  • Find the comment you want to get rid of on or the Reddit app.
  • Look for the ellipsis icon (three dots) under your comment.
  • Tap or click this icon to open a menu of options.
  • Choose ‘Delete’ from the menu that appears.
  • Confirm that you want to delete your comment when prompted.

How do I Mass Delete Reddit Comments?

For those looking to clean up their digital footprint or simply declutter, learning how to mass delete Reddit comments can be a game-changer. Tackling your comment history in bulk may seem daunting at first glance; however, with the right tools and a bit of know-how, you’ll streamline this process like a pro—transforming an overwhelming task into one that’s manageable and swift.

Using PowerDeleteSuite

It’s time to clear your Reddit history efficiently. PowerDeleteSuite is your go-to tool for bulk removal of comments and posts.

  1. Find the PowerDeleteSuite page that ‘u/j0be’ created first by going to GitHub. This tool has everything you need.
  2. Take a look at the instructions on how to set up PowerDeleteSuite. They will guide you through each step.
  3. You’ll need to bookmark the script in your web browser. Make sure it’s saved correctly for easy access.
  4. Go to the legacy version of Reddit, as the suite works best there. It might not function properly on the new design.
  5. Click on the bookmark you’ve just saved when you’re ready to start deleting.
  6. The suite presents you with various filters to refine what gets deleted. You can choose based on age, score, or content type.
  7. Click ‘start’ and watch as PowerDeleteSuite begins working through your comments.
  8. The process may take some time, depending on how many comments or posts you have.

Using the RES Extension

Delete Reddit Comments

Deleting all your Reddit comments can be quick and straightforward with the RES extension. This tool is perfect for managing your online presence and cleaning up your comment history. Here’s how you can use the Reddit Enhancement Suite to remove multiple comments:

1. Start by adding the RES extension to your browser.

  • Head over to the Chrome Web Store or your browser’s equivalent if you’re not using Chrome.
  • Look up “Reddit Enhancement Suite.”
  • Click on “Add to Chrome” or a similar option to install.

2. Open Reddit in your browser after installing RES.

  • Make sure you are logged into the account where comments need deletion.

3. Access the RES settings console.

  • You’ll find a blue gear icon next to your Reddit username in the top-right corner.

4. Go to ‘My Account’ in the RES dashboard.

  • Select ‘Comment History’ from this section.

5. Use keywords for targeted comment deletions.

  • If you want to delete specific comments, type relevant keywords into the search bar.

6. Begin deleting comments manually using RES tools.

  • Navigate through your comment list, and click on the trash bin icon beside each one you wish to delete.

7. As Reddit requests, confirm each deletion.

  • A popup may ask if you’re sure about deleting a comment; confirm it, and proceed.

8. Automate mass deletions if necessary with a script (advanced users).

  • Tech-savvy individuals can use the JavaScript tools provided within RES for mass actions, though caution is advised.

What Happens After Deleting Comments on Reddit?

After you delete a comment on Reddit, it disappears from the thread. No other users can see what you wrote anymore. Think of it as erasing words from a blackboard; they’re gone for good in the eyes of classmates.

However, your username still shows up next to an empty space where your comment used to be.

Remember that even if you remove text, someone might have seen it before it vanished. Screenshots or quotes could float around somewhere else on the internet. Your deleted actions won’t erase any footprints left behind on others’ screens or memories.

But with comments gone, no new readers will stumble upon them. This keeps your Reddit history cleaner and more under control.

Common FAQs on Deleting Reddit Comments

People often ask if they can delete Reddit comments. Yes, you can! You can easily remove any comment you post by clicking the trashcan icon next to it. If you’re using Reddit on your phone, tap the three dots under your comment and select ‘Delete’.

Some users worry about their karma points after deleting a comment. Don’t stress; your karma won’t change if you delete a post or comment.

You might wonder how to erase lots of comments at once. Tools like PowerDeleteSuite help with this task. Remember that deleting comments from mobile devices takes more steps since there isn’t a mass deletion feature in the app yet.

To clear everything from your Reddit history, use scripts like Shreddit carefully; always back up valuable data before starting bulk deletion processes.


You’ve got the tools to clean up your Reddit presence now. Remember, a tidy comment history keeps your digital footprint in check. If you ever feel overwhelmed by past comments, these steps can make a big difference.

Happy editing, and enjoy a refreshed Reddit experience!

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