Discover the Best Danish Movies on Netflix: Top Picks for Your Watchlist

Looking for the best Danish movies on Netflix but not sure where to start? It can be tough to sift through the vast options available, especially if you’re craving something from Denmark.

With a mix of gripping stories and stunning performances, Danish cinema offers a unique experience. Yet, finding these gems among the countless titles on streaming platforms is often easier said than done.

Here’s a fact: Danish films and TV shows are gaining international acclaim for their compelling narratives and rich storytelling. To help you dive into this world, our article lists the top Danish movies currently streaming on Netflix.

From heartwarming tales to thrilling dramas, we’ve got your watchlist covered. Get ready to explore cinematic treasures that await with just a click—it’s movie time!

Popular Danish Movies on Netflix

Netflix has a rich collection of Danish movies that movie lovers should not miss. These films bring stories from the heart of Scandinavia right to your screen with just one click or tap.

A Fortunate Man

“A Fortunate Man” stands out among Danish movies available for streaming on Netflix. It offers movie lovers across the globe a chance to dive into rich storytelling hailing from Scandinavia.

This film is a gateway to understanding the diverse content that Danish cinema brings to international audiences.

Its presence on Netflix makes “A Fortunate Man” easily accessible with just a single click or tap, showcasing how streaming services are breaking barriers and bringing global stories home.

Viewers can enjoy this captivating narrative without the need for a virtual private network (VPN), ensuring everyone has the opportunity to explore Danish culture and language through cinema.

The Danish Girl

“The Danish Girl” takes you on a heartfelt journey through the life of Lili Elbe, one of the first known recipients of gender confirmation surgery. This sensitive film, which was based on actual events, depicts her transition and how it affects her marriage to Gerda Wegener.

Eddie Redmayne and Alicia Vikander bring these historical figures to life with performances that have earned critical acclaim. Their portrayal explores themes of identity, love, and courage in early 20th-century Europe.

Set against a backdrop that captures the essence of Scandinavian countries, “The Danish Girl” is not just a story about personal transformation but also an insight into how society views gender and relationships.

It invites viewers to reflect on acceptance and the strength it takes to be true to oneself. Through its compelling narrative and stunning visuals, this film stands out as a poignant piece within Danish cinema history available for streaming.


Copenhagen stars in several must-watch Danish movies and shows on Netflix. This city not only sets a stunning backdrop but also tells captivating stories of love, challenge, and adventure.

Among these, “Copenhagen” stands out as a film that takes viewers on an emotional journey through its streets. It dives deep into personal discovery in the picturesque Danish capital.

Another hit, “Copenhagen Cowboy,” brings a touch of Scandinavian mystery to the screen. Its gripping narrative keeps movie lovers at the edge of their seats. Both films showcase Copenhagen’s unique charm and complexity, making them top picks for anyone looking to explore Danish cinema from the comfort of home.

Remember to check out related titles like “The Bombardment,” which offers insight into historical events tied to this fascinating city.

The Day Will Come

“The Day Will Come” shines as a standout Danish movie available on Netflix. This film takes you into the heart of Scandinavian storytelling, offering a deeply moving tale that has captured the attention of cinema lovers worldwide.

It’s part of an impressive line-up of Danish movies and TV shows streaming now, showing life through different lenses.

This must-watch film holds a special place among the popular Danish offerings on Netflix. Its inclusion in your watchlist promises an unforgettable cinema experience, highlighting themes that resonate universally.

As you sift through Scandinavian movies and TV shows on Netflix, make sure “The Day Will Come” makes it to your list for its compelling narrative and emotional depth.

Critically Acclaimed Danish TV Shows on Netflix

Netflix offers a treasure trove of Danish TV shows that have captured the imagination of viewers around the world. “Borgen” shines a spotlight on the political arena, with Birgitte Nyborg at the helm as Denmark’s first female Prime Minister.

This gripping series pulls you into the complex and often murky waters of politics, showing what it takes to stay on top. Fans love it for its sharp storytelling and deep dives into personal and professional lives.

Another standout is “The Bridge” (Bron/Broen), a crime thriller that starts with a dead body found on a bridge between Denmark and Sweden. Saga Norén leads the investigation, revealing more than just criminal acts but also societal issues.

It’s celebrated for its dark atmosphere, intricate plot twists, and compelling character development. These shows not only entertain but also offer insight into Danish culture through their storytelling.


With this guide to the best Danish movies and TV shows on Netflix, your watchlist will never run dry. From gripping dramas to heartfelt stories, these selections promise entertainment for every taste.

Remember, a world of Danish cinema awaits at your fingertips—adventure, intrigue, and laughter are just a click away. So why wait? Dive into Denmark’s finest exports today and experience stories that cross borders and touch hearts.

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