AI Could Help Find Aliens, Elon Musk Proposes

How Many Companies Does Elon Musk Have
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Elon Musk loves to be on the top edge of science and technology. We all know that he has recently been criticized for his decisions in these areas, especially his purchase of the social network Twitter. But the truth is that nothing stops this tycoon from investing in ideas to advance his favorite topics, such as the exploration of space, car navigation, and, most recently, the search for extraterrestrial life.

Elon Musk just started a new project called xAI, which will look into artificial intelligence, for the same reason. This project will be run by a company that Musk will lead. Engineers and scientists who have worked at DeepMind, OpenAI, Google Research, or Microsoft Research will be on the team. Reuters says that Igor Babuschkin, a former DeepMind worker, Tony Wu, Christian Szegedy, and Greg Yang, all of whom used to work for Google, are among them. On the website of the new company, it says, “We have worked on and led the development of some of the most important advances in this field, such as AlphaStar, GPT-3.5, and GPT-4.”

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Now, Elon Musk wants his workers to use artificial intelligence to find out about things like the chance of life on other planets.

The new goal is to look for life outside of Earth

Musk seems to be at a point in his life where his imagination and ability to make money make him always open to new ideas and willing to put money into them. This time, the businessman wants to use artificial intelligence to find ways to meet and talk to alien life. His idea is that these tools are getting better and better so quickly that they will soon be smarter than people and help us make breakthroughs that were impossible before.

This idea comes from the fact that humans haven’t been able to meet or talk to any kind of life outside of Earth, even though it’s very likely that such life exists. Musk thinks that for this to happen, we need something that can think beyond the human mind. His company will use artificial intelligence to help the human mind think beyond its limits.

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Elon Musk said on Twitter that the main goal of his new project is “learning the truth behind the cosmic unknowns”.

It’s interesting to remember that Elon Musk once said he didn’t want to use AI because he thought it should be controlled for moral reasons and because it would take away a lot of jobs. But it looks like the millionaire has changed his mind and will now follow the trend of using artificial intelligence as a tool for scientific study and data analysis. We will have to wait to see how this company does in the long run.

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