Audi RS 7 Performance: A Plus of Power and Sportiness

Audi RS 7 Performance
Photo: Audi

Audi has gone one step further and is now offering versions of Audi RS 7 performance, making them the most powerful and fastest cars that have ever been sold. The closing letter cannot be beat. The brand with four rings has come out with two versions that are full of extras that improve its image, but what it has really done is work to live up to the word “performance.” It has done this by giving the cars more power, a better handling, and a number of details that make driving even more sporty.

There are many differences between these two versions, but the most important ones are a power increase of 30 HP, an improved limited-slip differential that makes driving more accurate, new lightweight wheels, and high-performance tires. Both the RS 6 Avant and the RS 7 Sportback can offer unusual speed and feelings because of all of this.

Audi Engine

Audi wanted to stay true to what “performance” means, so it worked on the engines to get there. Both models are powered by a 4.0-liter V8 biturbo TFSI engine that has 600 HP. But in this case, bigger turbochargers were added, and the boost pressure was raised from 2.4 bar to 2.6 bar. This gave an extra 30 hp, so the power is now 630 hp. With this extra power, both versions can now go from 0 to 100 km/h in just 3.4 seconds, which is two tenths faster than the standard models.

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The gearbox is still an automatic Tiptronic with eight speeds, but work has been done to make shifting faster. The quattro all-wheel drive system has a mechanical center differential that splits power between the two axles in a 40:60 ratio. However, depending on how well the tires stick to the road, this ratio can go as high as 70% to the front axle and as high as 85% to the back axle. The self-locking center differential is smaller and lighter, which makes it easier to drive. On the other hand, the RS adaptive air suspension with adjustable damping is 50% stiffer than the standard air suspension.

Dynamic package of Audi RS 7 performance

The Audi RS 7 performance shows its dynamic package, which includes a higher top speed limit of 280 km/h, dynamic four-wheel steering, and a quattro sport differential on the rear axle, is standard on both models.

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The Dynamic RS Plus package is also an option. It boosts the top speed to 305 km/h and comes with a carbon-ceramic RS brake system. The clamps can be ordered in green, red, or blue by the customer. These brakes weigh about 34 kg less than their steel cousins, which means a big drop in the amount of weight that needs to be supported by springs.

Audi has also worked to reduce the amount of insulation between the engine compartment, the interior, and the back of the car. This makes sure that both models of the car have an exciting sound experience for their passengers. The car is also eight pounds lighter because of this change. Both models weigh 2,090 pounds.

Different styles of Audi RS 7 beauty

Both show versions are different from the usual ones in terms of how they look. For the RS 6 Avant, they only share the front doors, roof, and trunk lid. For the RS 7 Sportback, they share the hood, roof, front doors, and trunk lid. The grill is bigger and flatter on the RS 6 Avant, and it has a glossy black finish, while the RS 7 Sportback performance doesn’t have a chrome frame.

On the body, matt gray is used on the front bumper, side skirts, roof bars, mirror housings, and rear diffuser, which is where the tailpipes of the RS exhaust system are. There are 13 paint colors to choose from, with Nardo gray and Sebring black crystal effect being the newest.

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The wheels are 22 inches and come with high-performance Continental Sport tires. Each version has its own wheels. Inside, the most important features are the red or gray RS Design package, the RS sports seats that have ventilation for the first time, and the fact that the RS 7 Sportback has a five-square interior for the first time.

The RS 6 Avant performance costs 169,710 euros, while Audi RS 7 Sportback performance costs 175,570 euros. Both are already available to buy.

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