Lost in the Night: All We Need to Know about the Film

Lost in the knight
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After being away for 7 years, Amat Escalante is back with Lost in the Night, a thriller that debuted at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival and tells a story full of secrets, mystery, and a touch of criticism and social denunciation.

The director’s last movie was The Wild Region. It won Ariel awards for best editing and best director and is a kind of science fiction story about a couple who find a meteorite and a strange creature that both interests and scares them, changing their lives in ways they didn’t expect.

Now that Escalante is a writer and director, he is working on a new project that is more realistic and shows one of the hardest and most complicated things going on in our country: the battle of thousands of people looking for their loved ones. dear missed

Since his film Heli, which won best director and was nominated for the Palme d’Or ten years ago, Escalante hadn’t shown anything at Cannes, so hopes are high.

Trailer for Lost in the Night

At the beginning of the video, a man talks about how his mother went missing three years ago and how he wants justice. This narrator is Juan Daniel Garca Trevio. Later, he gets a tip that changes the way he tells the story and gets him closer to finding out what really happened.

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What is the plot of Lost in the Night?

The movie is about a young man named Emiliano (Garca Trevio) who lives in a small mining town where unfairness and inequality are common.

As shown in the trailer, Emiliano’s mother went missing three years ago. She was an activist who was against an international plan that could have destroyed her town. When Emiliano realized that no one was looking for her or was going to help her, he decided to look for her on his own.

The clue leads him to the Aldama family, which is made up of an artist, his wife (Bárbara Mori), and their daughter (Ester Expósito). The Aldamas seem to have something to do with their mother’s disappearance, and they might be hiding important information that could help him find her or find the people who took her.

Lost in the Night cast

The main character of this story, Emiliano, is played by the Mexican actor Juan Daniel Garca Trevio. We’ve seen him before in the Netflix movie Ya No Estoy Aqu, which won 5 Ariel awards and was nominated for a Goya.

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The film also has Bárbara Mori, who had a small role in the TV show Control Z, and Ester Expósito, a Spanish actress who won over the world with shows like Élite and Alguien Tiene que Morir, by Manolo Caro (Expósito just came out with the film Venus, a story of terror, drugs, and witchcraft that was directed by the legendary Jaume Balagueró).

Fernando Bonilla, Jero Medina, Mayra Hermosillo, and Vicky Araico, who plays Emiliano’s mother, are among the people in the group.

When comes out Lost in the Night?

The film is an official selection for the Cannes Film Festival, where it will be seen by critics, experts, directors, and other people from all over the world. It will be distributed by Pimienta Films, but there is still no date for when it will be in theaters there.

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