X Platform to Start Charging New Users $1 Per Year to Post Content

New Users Must Pay to Post on X

X, the platform formerly known as Twitter, will soon start charging new users a $1 annual subscription for basic access and posting abilities according to a Fortune report. This paywall requiring payment to use core features comes at the direction of CEO Elon Musk.

The move fulfills Elon Musk‘s stated desire to make X a paid platform, which he argues is the only way to eliminate bots. Previously, a subscription was only needed for bonus features like editing posts.

But now, new users will be blocked from posting, replying, liking, quoting, and more without paying. Essential activities are now behind the paywall, even though X remains ad-supported.

Current non-paying users can still post freely, but have faced limits like caps on daily feed views. A more expensive ad-free Premium tier may also launch soon as X loses advertisers under Musk.

Global Rollout Starting in New Zealand and Philippines

X’s support account confirmed the $1 annual charge for new users to post is being tested in New Zealand and the Philippines initially. It will likely expand globally soon.

For now, X says the paywall is experimental and limited to new members. But it represents a major shift toward restricting previously free core features unless users pay.

The move may alienate new potential users put off by fees just to engage with basic social networking abilities. It remains to be seen whether the controversial paywall will curb activity or boost revenue.

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