12 Bravest Animals Who Have Traveled to Space

12 Bravest Animals Who Have Traveled to Space

You think humans are the only ones who’ve been to space? Think again! Since the late 1940s, a surprising array of Animals Who Have Traveled to Space, all in the name of science. Starting with fruit flies, the list quickly expanded to include dogs, cats, monkeys, rats, turtles, frogs, and even a lone rabbit. And while the United States kicked off this interspecies space race, other countries soon joined in. The catch? Well, not all of these brave animal astronauts made it back home.

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1. Laika, the Dog

You can’t talk about animal astronauts without mentioning Laika, the trailblazing pup. She’s basically the Neil Armstrong for animals, being the first living creature to orbit the Earth. Sent up on Sputnik 2, Laika was never meant to come back—her oxygen supply was set to run out after seven days. But she actually died much sooner, just after takeoff, because of the unbearable heat in the capsule. Her mission on November 3, 1957, is one of both heroism and tragedy.

2. Able, the Rhesus Monkey

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