Apple WWDC 2023: Most Amazing Features, Versions and Price

Apple WWDC 2023
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Apple’s new Apple Vision Pro WWDC 2023 is its first step into the world of virtual reality, after many years of reports and leaks.

Today at WWDC23, which has been the perfect place for some of Apple’s biggest announcements in the past, the company showed off its long-awaited mixed reality headset. This is a device that combines virtual reality and augmented reality, and the company Steve Jobs started calls it “extended reality”.

Apple WWDC 2023 expectations

The headset comprises an aluminum frame with a glass front and five sensors, 12 cameras, a 4K display for each eye, and what appears to be a fan-cooled microprocessor. Apple claims that the cloth-lined, modular headset mask (which it calls a “Light Seal”) and strap (which it calls a “Head Band”) can bend to accommodate a range of face shapes and head sizes. You may switch out various sizes and types of bands for the Head Band, which is ribbed and goes around the back of your head.

For people who wear glasses, Zeiss has developed personalized optical inserts that magnetically fasten to the lenses. It connects via a “supple woven cable” and includes an external battery that lasts up to two hours. You may slip it into your pocket or use it all day by plugging it into external power. Apple claims that the display would have an unmatched level of sharpness and be capable of 4K video.

What else is on the horizon?

While Apple WWDC 2023 is rapidly approaching, there is still time for last-minute rumors to circulate. Although detailed software leaks are uncommon, they are nevertheless feasible. We recently heard that iOS 17 may address several customer complaints, and more rumors may follow. We may also learn more about the upcoming new MacBook before its public unveiling. Meanwhile, we’ll have to sit tight and wait expectantly for our favorite time of year.

The Apple Vision Pro’s hardware

The new Apple Vision Pro gadget is made of glass, carbon fiber, and metal, and it looks a lot like curved ski goggles. The design is high-end and simple.

It also has a slightly curved screen on the outside, multiple cameras, and sensors for distance and recognition. Apple used two micro OLED panels with a total of more than 23 million pixels, which is more than a 4K monitor can show for each eye.

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Zeiss worked with the company to make these screens, and the company said that its new product has a couple of M2 chips (the same kind that are in Macs) and a new chip called the R1, which will handle all tasks related to augmented reality, like sensors, depth, and space analysis.

For head support, the Vision Pro has bands that can be adjusted and switched out. This is also where the charging place is, where you can connect a battery that will last for about two hours and can be put in your pocket while you’re using the glasses.

The interface, apps and uses of Apple Vision Pro

VisionOS, the interface of Apple Vision Pro, is similar to macOS and iPadOS. It is meant to interact with the real world by letting us see what our eyes see, but it can also show some of Apple’s best-known apps, like Safari, Photos, Music, and Messages, which will be synced with other devices, like iPhone, iPad, and Mac, using iCloud.

There are a lot of different apps, but the Apple Vision Pro apps are mostly for work and fun. At WWDC23, we saw demonstrations in places like the office and the home, which shows that it is meant to be used indoors (at least for now).

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There, users will be able to change their environments with beautiful landscapes. This will let apps grow beyond the size of the room and make perfect places to focus or get away from everything.

One of its best features – Mac Virtual Display 

One of its features, Mac Virtual Display, will let Mac users put their computer anywhere and use Vision Pro as a private, huge, portable 4K display. Apple makes it easier to work with other devices by letting you use Bluetooth tools like the Magic Keyboard and Magic Trackpad. For example, you could use these with complicated spreadsheets or long emails.

With the release of the Vision Pro, a brand-new App Store will open, filled with apps made for visionOS as well as iPad and iPhone apps that work with it.

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Entertainment is one of the Vision Pro’s strong points. Users can turn a room into a personal movie theater (Cinema Environment), watch high-quality immersive videos and spatial music (Apple Immersive Videos), and play games from the Apple Arcade.

The Apple Vision Pro cost and when will it be available?

The Apple Vision Pro will start at $3,499, and sales are scheduled to start early next year.

No more details were given about the different types they will have, but it is likely that, like the iPhone, iPad, and almost every other Apple product, there will be more than one model.

You explore rows of app icons in an operating system called visionOS without using the device’s controller. You have the option to use voice commands in addition to tapping to choose and flicking to scroll.

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Additionally, the headset allows you to connect your Mac and supports Bluetooth peripherals like the Magic Keyboard and Magic Trackpad. Even if your hands are resting low to your body, cameras that face downward can still record them.

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