How to Go Live on TikTok: An Easy 6-Step Guide

How to Go Live on Tiktok

Many people are eager to learn how to go live on TikTok, especially content creators who want to leverage its advantages. Going live on TikTok is a fantastic way to grow your audience, engage with your followers in real-time, and even raise funds for charity.

In this article, we’ve discussed a complete guide on this topic. So, read on till the end.

What is TikTok Live?

TikTok Live is TikTok’s version of live video streaming, similar to Facebook Live, Instagram Live, and YouTube Live. It allows users and creators to interact with each other in real-time. However, there are certain rules and requirements you must meet before going live.

Eligibility for Going Live on TikTok

Before you can utilize the TikTok Live feature, you must meet specific eligibility criteria:

  1. Age Requirement: To go live on TikTok, you must be at least 16 years old. This age restriction is determined by your birthdate, which you provide when creating your TikTok profile.
  2. Follower Count: You need a minimum of 1,000 followers on your TikTok account to access the live streaming feature. This follower threshold is in place to ensure that live streams are accessible to users with an established presence on the platform.

Earning Gift Points on TikTok Live

If you are 18 years or older and meet the eligibility requirements, you have the opportunity to earn gift points during your live streams. These gift points are a way for your viewers to show appreciation and support by sending virtual gifts, which can be later converted into real currency. It’s important to note that actively soliciting gifts or offering gifts as incentives during your livestream is against TikTok’s rules and guidelines.

Preparation for Going Live

Before you initiate your live stream, it’s crucial to have a plan and understand your audience’s expectations. Consider the following steps:

  1. Content Planning: Determine the purpose of your live stream. Are you looking to share valuable information, entertain, or connect with your audience on a personal level? Planning your content helps you deliver a focused and engaging live experience.
  2. Technical Setup: Ensure you have a stable internet connection and suitable equipment, such as a smartphone with a good camera and microphone. Adequate lighting and a quiet environment are also essential for optimal live-streaming quality.
  3. Engagement Strategy: Interact with your audience during the live stream. Respond to comments and questions, acknowledge new followers, and maintain a lively and engaging atmosphere.
  4. Timing: Schedule your live stream during a time when your target audience is most active on TikTok. You can use TikTok analytics to determine the peak activity hours of your followers.

How to Go Live on TikTok

Tiktok Live

Assuming you meet the age and follower requirements, here’s how to go live on TikTok:

  1. Open the TikTok app and tap the “+” sign at the bottom of the screen to create content.
  2. Select “LIVE” from the list of options.
  3. In the preview, you can add a title, enable or disable comments, apply effects or filters, choose a charity to support, and share your live stream on other social media platforms or messaging services.
  4. Tap “Go LIVE” when you’re ready to start your live stream.
  5. To end your live stream, tap the power button at the bottom of the menu screen.

Remember that live streams on TikTok disappear once you finish them.

How to Go Live on TikTok Without 1,000 Followers

Currently, there’s a workaround to access TikTok Live without the 1,000 follower requirement:

  1. Tap the hamburger menu in the upper right corner of your profile to access your account settings.
  2. Select “Report a problem.”
  3. Choose “I can’t start a TikTok LIVE.”
  4. When asked if your problem was resolved, select “No.”
  5. In the “Send us your feedback” box, request access to TikTok Live by saying something like, “Hello, I cannot access TikTok Live. Could you please enable it for me?”
  6. Hit “Send,” and you should gain access to TikTok Live within 24 to 72 hours.

How to Schedule a TikTok Live Event

With TikTok’s events feature, you can inform your followers about an upcoming live stream:

  1. Tap the calendar icon in the upper right corner of your TikTok profile.
  2. Create an event with a name, description, start date and time, and duration.
  3. Once your event is ready, share the link in a video or through in-app messaging.
  4. To create a promo video for your event, tap “+ under Related videos” on your events page, record the video, add the event link, click “Done,” and then click “Post.”

Tips for Going Live on TikTok

Tiktok Live Tips

Here are some tips to create engaging live content on TikTok:

Set Up Your Scene with Good Lighting and Stable Camera Positioning

Lighting plays a crucial role in how your live stream appears to viewers. Ensure you have sufficient, even lighting on your face or the subject of your stream. Natural light is often the best option.

Stable camera positioning prevents shaky footage and provides a professional look. Consider using a tripod or a stable surface to mount your phone or camera.

Ensure High-Quality Audio with Minimal Background Noise

Clear audio is essential for viewer engagement. Choose a quiet location for your live stream to minimize background noise.

You can use external microphones for better audio quality, especially if you’re in a noisy environment.

Schedule Your Live Stream When Your Audience Is Most Active on TikTok

Understanding your audience’s behavior is crucial. Use TikTok analytics to determine when most of your followers are online and schedule your live stream during those peak times to maximize viewership.

Plan the Content of Your Live Stream and Set Clear Goals

Don’t go live without a plan. Decide on the purpose of your live stream, whether it’s to share valuable information, entertain, or interact with your audience.

Outline the main topics or segments you’ll cover during the stream and have a general idea of the flow.

Interact with Your Audience by Answering Questions and Acknowledging Viewers

The essence of live streaming is real-time interaction. Engage with your viewers by reading and responding to their comments, questions, and greetings.

Address viewers by their usernames to create a personal connection and make them feel valued.

Encourage Viewers to Take Action, Such as Following You or Visiting Your Website

Use your live stream as an opportunity to promote your TikTok profile and other online platforms like your website or social media accounts.

Prompt viewers to follow you, like your content, or visit your website for additional information or exclusive content.

Choose Relevant and Interesting Topics for Your Live Streams

Your choice of topics should align with your niche or audience interests. Pick subjects that resonate with your followers and keep them engaged.

Consider addressing trending topics or addressing common questions and concerns within your niche.

Check Your Internet Connection Before Going Live

A stable and high-speed internet connection is crucial for a smooth live stream. Test your Wi-Fi or mobile data signal strength to avoid interruptions.

If possible, use a wired connection for the most reliable internet access.

Structure Your Live Stream with a Clear Beginning, Middle, and End

Create a structured flow for your live stream. Start with a friendly greeting and introduction to set the tone.

Transition smoothly between different segments or topics, and conclude your livestream with a summary, call to action, or a heartfelt thank-you to your viewers.

Use Moderators to Handle Trolls and Maintain a Positive Atmosphere

As your audience grows, you may encounter trolls or disruptive comments. Assign moderators you trust to monitor and manage the chat.

Moderators can remove inappropriate comments, and warn or block disruptive users, allowing you to focus on your content and engagement.

Benefits of Going Live on TikTok

Going live on TikTok not only allows you to engage with your audience but also offers opportunities to earn money and support charitable causes through virtual gifts and Diamonds. When your viewers send you virtual gifts during a live stream, you can convert them into real money and transfer them to your bank or PayPal account. To do this, you need to accumulate at least 2,000 Diamonds, which equals $10.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Now it’s time for some related questions.

1. Why can’t I go live on TikTok?

To go live on TikTok, you need to meet certain requirements, including being at least 16 years old and having at least 1,000 followers. If you don’t meet these criteria, you won’t be able to access the live streaming feature.

2. Why can’t I go live on TikTok with 1,000 fans?

Having 1,000 followers is a minimum requirement to go live on TikTok. Additionally, you must be at least 16 years old. If you meet these requirements and still can’t go live, ensure that your app is up-to-date and try again.

3. How does TikTok Live work?

TikTok Live allows creators to stream live video content to their followers in real-time. Creators can schedule live events, interact with their audience, and receive virtual gifts from viewers during the live stream.

4. How do you get followers on TikTok to join your live stream?

To attract followers to your live stream, post a regular TikTok video before going live. This video will display a special icon that notifies your followers about the upcoming live stream, encouraging them to join.

5. What are the benefits of going live on TikTok?

Going live on TikTok allows you to engage with your audience in real time, potentially earn money through virtual gifts and Diamonds, and support charitable causes. It provides an interactive and immediate connection with your followers.

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