New AI Pi Designed to Make You Talk and Not Feel Alone

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New AI Pi is the name of a new technological tool that is based on the design of generative artificial intelligence. It is similar to the design used by the popular ChatGPT, but it has only one purpose: to keep you company.

You’ve been able to find your perfect match through AI apps and websites for a long time. New AI Pi gives us that feeling of care and attention that we don’t always get in the real world, but as an eternal friend who is always there for us. And if your cell phone and computer made you feel like you were always in touch, this new tool will let you talk whenever you want.

How New AI Pi Works

Pi is a robot that was made to do nothing but talk. So, in this case, it won’t help you make codes, find information for work, or help you with jobs around the house. Instead, it will just be there when you want to talk.

People often feel alone, especially after the pandemic and the rise of virtual jobs. It’s not a small thing that this tool can help people feel less alone, as its creators, like Mustafa Suleyman, have said about their work: “There are many things that Pi can’t do.” He doesn’t make lists, write code, plan trips, write your marketing strategy, or do your schoolwork. It is made in a way that makes conversation easy, helpful, and informative.

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From how its interface looks to how many tasks it can do, Pi is made to make people feel safe and comfortable. For the same reason, Pi has a simple interface with not too many parts, which is meant to make you feel calm. For example, when Piis styling the response, it shows a slowly swaying cursor that, when the response is launched, does so in a smooth, sleek way, coming on the screen gradually so the user doesn’t feel rushed or shocked. Also, it doesn’t show sources or quotes so that the screen doesn’t get too full, and the previous answer always goes away so that there isn’t too much to look at and no one gets overwhelmed.

In addition to having a simple interface, Pi is made to talk to people with a lot of enthusiasm, probably better than some people who still don’t know how to pay attention when someone is talking to them. Technology doesn’t just answer your questions; it also asks you questions to keep the conversation going, no matter what you want to talk about.

Plus, Pi can be used with apps like Instagram, Apple Message, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger to make your company feel even more real. This way, being alone won’t make you feel sad.

AI Chatbot Pi Gives Emotional Support

Inflection AI released Pi, which stands for “personal intelligence”. Reid Hoffman, a cofounder of LinkedIn, Mustafa Suleyman, the cofounder of DeepMind, and Karén Simonyan are the other two cofounders of the AI startup.

Pi is intended to be a supportive, communicative platform. In its introductory speech, Pi advises users that it is intended to be “useful, friendly, and fun,” and invites them to ask it questions, get answers, or just speak about anything.

According to Suleyman, Bloomberg Pi is designed to be a “neutral listener” who follows up with inquiries and provides guidance.

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The majority of individuals, according to Suleyman, “feel that they simply want to be heard and they just want a tool that reflects back what they said to demonstrate they have actually been heard.

Pi is an LLM-based chatbot, just like OpenAI’s ChatGPT and Google’s Bard chatbots. This indicates that the bots are taught to produce text responses by examining a significant amount of online content.

I mentioned to Pi in a different chat that I was thinking about going to graduate school but was concerned about missing the application deadline.
According to Suleyman, the idea behind founding Inflection AI was to create a chatbot that could address issues that people would encounter in everyday life.
Pi generally asked follow-up questions to keep our conversation moving. I once requested to continue our talk. Pi let me to switch topics, but she didn’t offer to completely restart our conversation.

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