8 Best Rebecca Ferguson Movies You Must See

Rebecca Ferguson Movies

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Rebecca Ferguson‘s career has taken her to the world of espionage, to the planet Arrakis, to a traveling circus, and even to the universe of Stephen King through films of all genres that have helped her become one of the world’s favorite actresses. moment.

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Ferguson began her career working on shows like Ocean Ave. and Nya Tinder, but it was The White Queen that gave her one of her biggest hits and put her on the Hollywood map, landing her a part of the world of Mission Impossible and the Dune universe directed by Denis Villeneuve, and a second film is about to be released.

The actress, originally from Stockholm, also has an Apple TV+ series called Silo, one of the big premieres this year, has received nominations for the Academy of Science Fiction and the Critic’s Choice Awards, and has some projects on the horizon that will take it even further.

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Ferguson has worked with Tom Cruise and Michael Fassbender and has movies you can’t miss.

Rebecca Ferguson and Her Best Movies

1. Dune – HBO Max

Denis Villeneuve directed this adaptation that won six Oscars and will release its sequel in November of this year. The film follows Paul Atreides (Timothée Chalamet), who is sent to a planet called Arrakis with his family, where they must oversee the production of the most important resource in the universe. But the Atreides have enemies, so they are attacked, and only Paul and his mother survive, so they must join the Fremen, natives of Arrakis, to get justice and prevent chaos in the universe.

2. Life – Life

This science fiction film features Ferguson and Jake Gyllenhaal, who are part of a group of astronauts who, during a space mission, discover an intelligent life form that hides many secrets and that they want to take back to Earth until they find out. They realize that the creature is more dangerous than they thought and that its arrival on the planet could mean the destruction of humanity.

3. The Girl on the Train – Prime Video

Based on the novel of the same name, this film follows Emily Blunt as a divorced woman with alcohol problems who, while on the train she takes every day, believes she is a witness to a brutal crime, but no one takes her seriously. series, so she must do everything possible to discover the truth and find a murderer before he adds another victim.

4. Doctor Sleep – HBO Max

This movie is based on the Stephen King novel, which is a sequel to The Shining. Ewan McGregor is the adult version of Danny Torrance, who is contacted by a girl who has an ability similar to his, who in turn is hunted by a group of immortals who steal the lives of children like them, so Danny may be the only person who can help save her life and stop the group of assassins, led by Rebecca Ferguson.

5. Mission Impossible Saga – Star+

Ferguson joined the Mission Impossible saga with Rogue Nation, where she played the character of Ilsa Faust, who appears again in Fallout and now also in Dead Reckoning Part 1 and Part 2, which is believed to be the end of the story. by Ethan Hunt. Ilsa is part of Ethan’s team and has followed him around the world to complete the most dangerous missions.

6. The Greatest Showman – Disney+

The musical film with Hugh Jackman and Michelle Williams tells the story of a man who, while seeking fame and fortune, decides to try to create the biggest show in the world, bringing together all kinds of characters rejected by society to give them a voice. and a stage to showcase his talents, all while having trouble maintaining his relationship with his family and preventing fame from destroying him.

7. The Snowman – Prime Video

This movie with Michael Fassbender is based on the novel by Jo Nesbo and although it is not the best adaptation, it has a story with a lot of mystery. The Snowman follows Detective Harry Hole, who must investigate a missing woman’s case after her scarf is found tied around a snowman’s neck. Hole begins to suspect that he might be after a serial killer and knows that he must catch him before time runs out.

8. Reminiscence – HBO Max

Ferguson and Hugh Jackman appear together again in this futuristic film, where Jackman plays a private investigator who uses mysterious technology to navigate people’s memories to find answers. Eventually, he is hired by a woman who needs his help and who becomes his obsession after he disappears without a trace.


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