10 Most Disturbing Series on Artificial Intelligence [You Must See]

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If you watch some shows about AI, you might join Elon Musk’s side because you’ll understand why he’s so scared about it and why we need to be careful with it in the future, as he says.

At the moment, Artificial Intelligence can learn some things from humans, imitate a person’s voice, and even make fake images that look very real, like Pope Francis in a puffy coat or Donald Trump being arrested. However, we still don’t know how far it can go or if it can become a great threat to our existence, like in movies like Terminator.

The interesting thing about all of this is that, right now, the sky and your imagination are the only limits. This is why there are movies and TV shows that show possible futures for AI and the part it can play in our lives. The bad news is that some of these things will be very scary in the years to come.

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Do you want to learn more about that and some of the things that can be done in the area of AI? There are a lot of great shows that you should watch on different streaming services.

There are 10 Disturbing Series on Artificial Intelligence that you have to watch.

Osmosis – Netflix

In this French show, which is set in a future version of Paris, we follow the makers of a dating app who say they can help singles find their soul mates. However, to do this, they have to put a chip in a person’s brain to get the data. The idea sounds good, but all of this comes at a cost that no one expected and puts everyone in the studio and the people who started the company in danger.

Omniscient – Netflix

This Brazilian show with Carla Salle takes place in a future where the government makes technology that lets them always keep track of and watch people. This makes things harder for a woman who is an expert in technology. She has to find a way to trick the smart drone that is following her so she can look into the murder of a member of her family because she thinks it is more difficult than what they were told.

Foundation – Apple Tv+

Foundation, starring Lee Pace and Jared Harris, is based on the same-named novel. It takes place in a galactic empire ruled by an emperor who clones himself and uses futuristic technology to recreate his intelligence, memory, and personality in the other versions of himself. However, his rule is threatened by people who say he is not really human and by a mathematician who makes an equation that predicts the end of the empire.

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Severance – Apple Tv+

This show with Adam Scott and John Turturro is one of the best on Apple TV+ so far. The story is about the employees of a secret company who are given a strange chip that uses artificial intelligence to separate their personal memories from their work memories. This makes the employees feel like they are always at work and keeps them from being able to remember anything about their personal lives. They don’t know what’s going on outside, which gets difficult when they find out that the company has a secret that could be very dangerous and that they need to find a way to get around their chips to talk to their versions on the outside.

Devs – Star+

Nick Offerman and Sonoya Mizuno (who plays The White Worm in House of the Dragon) star in this series about a smart engineer who works for an innovative tech company. She starts to think that her bosses might have something to do with her boyfriend going missing, so she risks her job and her life to find out what happened and try to get him back.

Westworld – HBO Max

Based on the same-named movie, Westworld with Evan Rachel Wood takes us to a future park where a group of almost-human-looking robots with artificial intelligence “live.” The rich made the park so they could live out their worst dreams, but everything changes when the machines start to wake up and understand what they are and what the rich have done to them, and they start a rebellion to be free.

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Humans – Prime Video

Gemma Chan from Eternals and Carrie-Anne Moss from The Matrix are both in this series. It takes place in a parallel world where people have robots that look and move like humans and were made to serve and please them. their every whim, but when these robots start to show emotion and awareness, it raises questions about whether that makes them human and how they deal with people, which can have terrible results.

Lost in Space – Netflix

In this series, Eliza Taylor is the main character. In the future, humans have been living in space for a long time. A group of 100 “criminal” teenagers are sent back to Earth to see if it is still habitable and if they can survive there. On Earth, they face many dangers, including a “ancient” artificial intelligence with a plan to make a perfect civilization that is not what it seems.

The 100-Netflix

In the first season of this show, Joel Kinnaman and Martha Higareda play characters who live in a future where people have found a way to live forever by moving their minds to new bodies when they are about to die. This makes it harder for a man who was sentenced to prison and is now back in another body and must solve a murder case to get his freedom.

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