How Hulu’s No One Will Save You Uses Silence to Create a Terrifying Alien Invasion Thriller

No One Will Save You

Kaitlyn Dever spends nearly an hour and a half battling aliens in Hulu’s new sci-fi drama No One Will Save You, which is now streaming.

Dever, who has received Emmy and Golden Globe nominations, plays Brynn, a paranoid homebody who is awakened one night by the sound of extraterrestrial intruders breaking into her home. Brynn’s effort to defend herself against the “Greys” begins barely minutes into the film, but as it unfolds, we learn through some dialogue-free interactions with her fellow townpeople that Brynn is hiding a painful secret.

“I had this concept for Brynn’s character. “I knew everything about her backstory and her life, and I didn’t know what to do with it,” writer-director Brian Duffield told Entertainment Weekly. “I then had the idea for an alien film.” I became obsessed with the thought that these invasions and calamities happen to everyone, regardless of what is going on in their lives. [The two plots] made sense together in my head. Having someone who is barely suited to deal with people [and] being forced to engage with this threat felt like a very new route into that story.”

No one speaks loudly in No One Will Save You, with the exception of a single line delivered by Devers at the film’s climax. The lack of conversation was a narrative decision made by Duffield after he had already written a major section of the film and realized he hadn’t yet had Brynn talk.

“It was a character thing where this person desperately wants a community but doesn’t believe she is deserving of one.” “It felt like that device just amplified her character,” he told Entertainment Weekly. “For the majority of the film, there isn’t really a good reason for her to talk because she’s trying so hard not to make a sound.” ‘It’s an extraterrestrial in my house!’ she’s not going to say. Also, with Kaitlyn Dever, she doesn’t need to speak much. She has an extraordinary ability to talk with her eyes.”

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The film’s speechless shtick appears to be resonating with viewers, with several taking to X to applaud the unusual decision. “What an absolute masterclass in filmmaking,” one person commented. “[No Now Will Save You] is a horror film about a home-alone girl. The masked killer in this case, however, is an alien from outer space. There is no conversation throughout the entire film. And completely engrossing.”

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