Pedro Pascal Reprises Hilarious Mom Character in SNL Sketch With Bad Bunny

SNL Pedro Pascal Bad Bunny Hilarious Performance

Actor Pedro Pascal brought back his viral overprotective mom character in a hilarious Saturday Night Live sketch alongside host Bad Bunny. The two portrayed smothering relatives meeting Bad Bunny’s new girlfriend.

Pascal Revives Popular Mom Role

Pascal reprised the fan-favorite mom character he first portrayed during his SNL hosting gig in February 2022. Clad in a pink leisure tracksuit, he showered endless love and worrying upon his son Luis.

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The standout sketch earned Pascal an Emmy nomination this year for Outstanding Guest Actor in a Comedy Series.

Joins Forces With Bad Bunny as Aunt

In the new sketch, Pascal was joined by host Bad Bunny, who sported a dark wig and goatee to play Luis’s equally meddling Aunt Rosa.

The two “relatives” teamed up to relentlessly nag and interrogate Luis’s new girlfriend Casey when she visited their home.

Praise Girlfriend Only After She Nags Luis

Pascal and Bad Bunny initially dismiss Casey as not good enough for Luis. But they suddenly approve of her after she scolds Luis for not eating enough food.

The two start smothering Casey with love instead, showing their acceptance now that she acts like a properly nagging auntie/mother.

Sketch Highlights Actors’ Comedic Chemistry

The hilarious interplay between Pascal and Bad Bunny highlighted their comedic chemistry and acting chops. Both Leaned into their smothering, exaggerated Latino relative characters with perfect comedic timing.

Bad Bunny showed his versatility by blending into the ensemble after opening the show with a musical monologue.

Pascal Having Career-Best Year

The uproarious SNL reprise caps a phenomenal year for Pascal. Along with his acclaimed role on The Mandalorian, he earned multiple Emmy nods.

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The viral mom sketch demonstrates Pascal’s talents extend to comedy. He has shown incredible range across his recent roles.

Join Forces Again For Monologue

Pascal and Bad Bunny also teamed up for the host’s opening monologue. While a scripted skit, their natural charisma shone through.

Fans clearly loved seeing the two collaborate again. Their joint monologue act got the show off to an energetic and fun start.

In summary, Pedro Pascal hit another comedic home run by reprising his fan-favorite mom character for a hilarious SNL sketch with Bad Bunny. Their natural chemistry left audiences wanting even more Pascal and Bad Bunny collaborations.

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