Top 10 Spam blocker Apps for Android and iOS

spam blocker apps

Are you looking for spam blocker apps? Companies that use APIs can send unwanted automated messages with offers like cheap mortgages, free gifts, debt relief, and so on. Malicious links, on the other hand, can sometimes install viruses on the device, steal information, call a number, or cause other problems.

Spam messages and Robotexts are now the most common types of junk messages, which has made more people want to use spam blocker apps. These are the best way to stop unwanted text that could do more harm than good.

Here are the top 10 spam blocker apps for android and iOS text spam.

1. SMS Shield

SMS Shield is one of the best spam blocker Apps for the iPhone. It can protect users from ads, SMS spam, and phishing. Users can block SMSs from certain numbers or operators that can work even when they are not online. The iPhone app is based on an offline Machine Learning spam filter that quickly spots spam messages. It also has features like Frequent Traveler Mode, Custom Block List, and Automatic Spam Filtering.

2. Spam blocker for Android, Block text

Spam blocker for Android, Block text is an SMS spam blocker Apps for Android that makes it easy to stop messages from unknown numbers. It protects users’ privacy and gets rid of texts that they don’t want. This app’s most important features were the text spam blocker apps, the email spam blocker, the text backup, the organized SMS, the powerful search, and so on. This spam blocker apps has paid features that let you block email texts, keywords, group messages, delete spam, etc.

3. TextKiller – Spam Text Blocker

TextKiller – Spam Blocker is an iPhone spam blocker Apps that can help stop unwanted messages from getting through. This app protects users automatically from unwanted texts by marking them as junk as soon as they come in. It uses Machine Learning to filter out the texts and keep the accuracy high. The goal of this TextKiller iPhone app is to keep your privacy and protect you from spam texts and robocalls.

4. RoboKiller

RoboKiller is a spam blocker Apps for text messages that can stop robocalls and get rid of 99 percent of spam texts and calls. These app blocks spam text messages by using technology that analyzes the data and stops the messages on its own. This app can help telemarketers and people who try to scam you over the phone by wasting their time.

5. Truecaller

Truecaller is an app that lets you check the details of contact and show them to you. The user can block unwanted calls, texts, and other forms of communication. Truecaller looks at the calls or texts it gets and marks them as spam or fraud, for example. Users can block the contact easily on their own to stop being bothered. There are auto- spam blocker apps in the app that makes it easy for users.

List of Top 10 spam blocker apps 

1. SMS Shield

2. Spam blocker for Android, Block text

3.TextKiller – Spam Text Blocker

4. Robokiller

5. Truecaller

6. Calls Blacklist

7. Hiya Caller ID and Block

8. Firewall Call and SMS Blocker

9. Call Bliss

10. Calls Blacklist


Spam texts can be annoying, but they can also be very dangerous if they contain links that can be hacked or malicious. Users should choose the best SPAM blocker Apps for iPhone and Android phones that can also block text messages.

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