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Google TV Channels

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Wouldn’t it be great if you could watch free streaming TV without having to download an app or join up for a new service? If you have Google TV, you could receive it shortly, 9to5Mac reports. Google has decompiled the most recent version of the software and claims that the company’s TV streaming platform (formerly Android TV) contains language implying the inclusion of 50 live TV channels.

According to language in the launcher app, the rumoured new feature is dubbed “Google TV Channels.” In addition, there is a graphic in the programme that indicates which channels will be featured in the new service. It’s the standard selection of free internet-streamed networks, including ABC News Live, NBC News Now, and USA Today. There are also other background noise channels, such as Divorce Court, American Classics, and Deal or No Deal. You’ll even get the Hallmark Movies channel, where you can watch a movie about a big city lawyer who learns to appreciate the simple things after falling in love with a rugged baker. And you’ll be able to watch my actor pal portray a soft-spoken officer on the Reelz channel.

Many of these stations can also be found on other free or low-cost streaming TV providers, such as Pluto TV, Philo, and Sling TV. However, you would have to join up for these services, whereas Google is taking the route that certain TV makers, such as LG and Samsung, are doing with their Smart TVs – providing consumers something to watch with just a few clicks on a remote. Google’s 50 channels may seem limited in comparison to LG Channels’ 175+ and Samsung’s TV Plus’ over 200, but you won’t have to buy a new TV or download an app to make use of it.

Here are 34 of the 50 channels coming soon to Google TV:

  1. ABC News Live
  2. America’s Test Kitchen
  3. American Classics
  4. The Asylum
  5. Battery Pop
  6. CBC News
  7. ChiveTV
  8. Deal or No Deal
  9. Divorce Court
  10. Dry Bar Comedy
  11. FailArmy
  12. Filmrise Free Movies
  13. Hallmark Movies & More
  14. It’s Showtime at the Apollo!
  15. Kevin Hart’s LOL! Network
  16. Love Nature
  17. Maverick Black Cinema
  18. MooviMex
  19. Nature Vision
  20. NBC News Now
  21. Newsmax TV
  22. Nosey
  23. The Pet Collective
  24. Power Nation
  25. Reelz
  26. Teletubbies
  27. Today All Day
  28. Toon Goggles
  29. USA Today
  30. World Poker Tour
  31. Wu-Tang Collection TV
  32. Xumo Crime TV
  33. Xumo Movies
  34. Xumo Westerns
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