Is it Time to Replace Your Mac? These are the Top Signs

Time to Replace Your Mac

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Apple products are made to last a long time. However, they will not be around forever. Eventually, you must say goodbye to your Mac computer/laptop and get a new one.

But How Long Do Macs Last?

If you have never bought a Mac and are wondering if your purchase will be a safe investment, you may wonder how long should a MacBook Pro last. Although there isn’t an exact number on Mac’s lifespan, it depends on how you plan to use the system. For example, if you use your Mac for light browsing, your device will last longer than others for resource-intensive gaming, photo editing, and other high-intensity tasks. 

However, if you look at the compatibility of Macs with updated OS versions, most systems are eligible to run the latest OS version for about seven years. Generally, each macOS version is supported by Apple for three years. 

Therefore, if you purchase a new MacBook released in 2022, the system will receive macOS updates until 2029. In addition, apple will support the operating system released in 2029 until 2032. So, in general, you can expect your Mac to last for about ten years. 

Signs you Need to Replace Your Mac 

Here are some signs indicating it is time to replace your Mac. 

  • The latest macOS version is not available for your Mac model 

Apple releases a new OS version each year, and Mac models from the past years can upgrade and run the latest version. But, if your Mac is too old to upgrade to the new OS version, it means the model you are using is becoming obsolete. 

Since the current OS version is macOS Ventura, check if your model can upgrade to this OS version. If not, you have to start thinking of getting a new Mac because your Mac model has entered obsolete status. However, you can continue using your device for a while, but you will not receive any complete macOS upgrade. 

Catalina has stopped getting updates around October 2022, and Big Sur will become unsupported in October 2023. If you are running Monterey, it will become unsupported in October 2024. When this happens, your device will stop receiving security updates for the current version of the OS. Also, third-party apps and software may stop working. 

  • The hardware is not as powerful as it used to be 

The storage disk is a computer component that declines with age. If there’s insufficient RAM, your computer will be prevented from running several applications simultaneously. Likewise, tasks like editing 4K videos will become impossible or slow if you have an old CPU.

If the hardware is old, you will notice that the overall system performance will be affected. 

The battery is another internal computer that declines with age. There are only a certain number of cycles that rechargeable batteries have before they are spent, and then they will only hold a charge for a short time. 

Your system will warn you when your battery’s life is nearing its end. You can check your Mac’s cycle count whenever you like. 

If you have extensively used the battery, it may only last an hour or two before charging it. Using your device while plugged into the charger will help you get around this.

Do you have an antiquated model? If so, you may be able to mitigate these problems or update by adding more RAM to your Mac, replacing the battery, or swapping the HDD for an SSD.

But this is impossible on newer Mac models (2016 and later). So instead, most components are soldered to the motherboard, and the only option is to replace the Mac model. 

  • You are frequently experiencing software issues 

Software issues are common with outdated Macs. For example, you may experience the OS freezing frequently or become unresponsive. Other problems include random shutdowns and visual glitches. 

If you are experiencing these problems, you must ensure enough free space on your device. Most of the time, low disk space contributes to such issues. 

You can reset PRAM and SMC to fix these issues. But if this doesn’t fix the problem, you can reinstall macOS. Then, check if the problems persist. 

After this troubleshooting, the software quirks you are experiencing might disappear, and you can use your system as before. But if the issues persist, they might be related to outdated hardware, and you must consider replacing or upgrading your system. 

  • Physical damage to your device 

Is your device physically damaged? For example, if the display is cracked, you’ve spilled a beverage on the keyboard, and the keys have stopped working, it is time to buy a new Mac. 


These signs indicate replacing your Mac to enjoy a seamless experience.


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