Everything You Need to Know about Homewyse in 2023


Do you want to know about Homewyse? The contracting industry comprises numerous risk considerations. The first occurs when you are determining the cost of your services. It is of the utmost importance that you maintain appropriate costs, as excessively high prices could cause you to lose customers, while excessively low prices could leave you with nothing.

Through Homewyse, an initiative was created to assist aspiring contractors in estimating the costs of their services. Homewyse is a website that gives clients realistic estimates.

Thus, it assists you with all pricing decisions. Homewyse is essentially a cost estimate for your contracting services. It asserts to offer the most precise pricing computations.

However, many individuals are uncertain as to whether Homewyse is a suitable resource for such a dangerous business and vital decision. As a result, we have provided you with an assessment of Homewyse’s pricing capabilities.

What is Homewyse?

Homewyse is an online resource for home repairs, upkeep, and renovations that provides pricing estimates for a variety of products and installation costs.

Investors and contractors can use the platform’s project calculators to estimate their project costs, while homeowners may find the platform beneficial when budgeting for repairs or confirming a handyman’s quote is accurate.

Homewyse may assist real estate investors in determining the cost-to-value ratio of renovations for prospective investment properties, including the material and labor costs. With these figures, an investor should be able to identify which properties are worth purchasing and which ones should be avoided.

Homewyse also allows real estate professionals to develop professional project and labor cost lists that can be utilized in investor presentations.

How Does Homewyse Actually Work?

Homewyse is built around a system known as “Lists.” Lists are a quick and reliable method for estimating labor, materials, and expenses for any sort of service task.

“A-List is only an itemized list of labor assignments and supplies. Information kept in the List is utilized to calculate labor and material costs based on the unique dimensions and options of each task.”

“Lists employ the most up-to-date U.S. averaged Homewyse.com pricing data – which has been tested and trusted by over 10 million users”; lists can be edited manually when necessary. Each List can be utilized for a unique objective or activity. You might utilize lists consistently and alter or amend them to suit your needs.

In addition, Lists could be stored on your free account and accessed from mobile devices, such as tablets and smartphones, on the road. Here is an explanation of how Lists function and how to utilize them. Lists can be utilized for numerous types of applications, including:

  • Concrete
  • Exterior Painting
  • Flooring
  • Interior Painting
  • Drywall Install
  • Carpentry 
  • HVAC Installation
  • Bathroom Remodeling
  • Kitchen Remodeling
  • And more

How Does Homewyse Calculate Costs?

Homewyse provides estimates using the Unit Cost Method. This technique is utilized by practically all major construction firms to increase the consistency and precision of cost estimation and bidding. Numerous professional groups and organizations advocate this method as an example of best practices in the field. The American Institute of Architects provides a comprehensive description of the Unit Cost Method on this page.

The approach estimates project costs by dividing the job into basic steps. Each stage is “scaled” using a physical component (Quantity) of the project that best defines the expenses for that step (e.g., floor area for the installation of new flooring, door count for the installation of new locksets, and room perimeter distance for crown/cornice molding). Material, labor, and equipment/other costs are then estimated for each phase.

Material cost for a step is calculated by multiplying the Quantity by the total material cost per unit and by a coverage factor to account for normal material waste and overage needs.

Multiplying the Quantity, the Labor Effort per Unit, and the Total Labor Wage yields the Labor Cost. Labor Effort per Unit is the amount of time (in hours) necessary to complete one unit quantity. The Total Labor Wage is the total of a base wage paid to labor plus administrative expenses (insurance, benefits, etc).

Equipment and Other Costs (installation materials and/or demolition and disposal fees) can be determined by multiplying the Quantity by the unit cost – or by a single fixed cost.

What Does Homewyse Offer?

Homewyse provides a method for real estate professionals to estimate the cost of contracting repair services, renovation, and other home improvement projects, allowing them to determine the highest price they can pay for a property while still realizing their targeted profit.

Unless you have the skills and experience for a do-it-yourself job, you can utilize Homewyse’s data to compare professional contractors’ bids with your own.

Through the Homewyse List function, real estate professionals and contractors are able to create and save templates for future usage, allowing them to be recalled and modified for various homes and projects.

Homewyse’s large database will offer the homeowner with the desired parameters for determining a suitable home improvement project cost.

To Use or Not to Use Homewyse?

This homewyse-provided tool for generating cost estimates can be a lifeline for many contractors and homeowners. It provides the customer with a cost-effective and efficient method of estimating, as well as reusable and up-to-date data. This platform not only provides quick access to your own lists or their demo lists but also makes it simple to utilize their capabilities.

Their website and lists app are incredibly user-friendly and efficient. Although these benefits of employing the homewyse cost estimate services may appear to be a very enticing and advantageous bargain, you should ensure that the cost estimates provided for the services you offer are based on up-to-date and valid data.

To address the question of whether to use or not to use homewyse’s services, it is reasonable to state that, despite all the study and analysis, the ultimate decision rests with the user. The website and app for homewyse listings are safe to use and provide easy access to thousands of results, so there is no risk in utilizing them.

However, as indicated previously, there are disadvantages to using online cost estimation systems. Therefore, it is ultimately up to the user to decide whether they wish to rely on this online service or not.

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  9. Buildxact
  10. howmuch.net
  11. simPro
  12. ConEst
  13. porch.com
  14. Buildertrend
  15. Sage Estimating
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  18. costhelpe.com
  19. remodelingexpense.com
  20. inchcalculator.com
  21. floorcritics.com
  22. contractors.com
  23. remodelingcalculator.org
  24. angieslist.com
  25. costowl.com
  26. improvenet.com
  27. thumbtack.com
  28. costimates.com
  29. flooringinc.com
  30. thisoldhouse.com
  31. rempros.com
  32. fixr.com
  33. paintzen.com
  34. rsmeansonline.com
  35. proreferral.com
  36. homeguide.com
  37. homeadvisor.com
  38. sodgod.com
  39. costowl.com
  40. greatlakesgm.com
  41. diyornot.com
  42. kompareit.com
  43. referwork.com
  44. glidden.com
  45. homeflooringpros.com
  46. askthehandyman.net
  47. angi.com
  48. houselogic.com
  49. roofingcalc.com
  50. decks.com
  51. modernize.com
  52. concretenetwork.com
  53. bathroomremodel.com
  54. landscapingnetwork.com
  55. inchcalculator.com
  56. renocompare.com
  57. rempros.com
  58. paintingleads.com
  59. roofcostestimator.com
  60. lawnsite.com
  61. networx.com
  62. ifinishedmybasement.com
  63. carpetprofessor.com
  64. contractortalk.com
  65. greatdayimprovements.com
  66. trex.com
  67. sidingestimator.org
  68. ppgpaints.com
  69. jlconline.com
  70. installitdirect.com
  71. howmuchisit.org
  72. drywall101.com
  73. diynetwork.com
  74. countertopinvestigator.com
  75. plumblineservices.com
  76. asm-air.com
  77. countertopguides.com
  78. acdirect.com
  79. carpetcaptain.com
  80. ac-heatingconnect.com

What’s the Difference Between Construction Estimate Software and Takeoff Software?

Although the estimating and takeoff processes are closely related, they are not the same. Takeoff software gathers data from digital designs and spec sheets and translates it into cost estimates. Estimating tools, on the other hand, assist contractors in developing quantity estimates for supplies and materials without necessarily taking drawings into account.

Pros of Using an Online Cost Estimator

Wide Research

The online cost estimating tools, such as homewyse, provide the results of rigorous research into the materials required, labor cost, and time required to execute a specific project. This is a tedious and time-consuming manual approach that increases the likelihood of errors. Nevertheless, automated results are more precise and reliable.

Well Defined Results

These online systems generate findings that are more specified, understandable, and dependable than those generated manually. Therefore, online cost management tools are preferable to manual computations.


Not only are the online reference platforms for cost estimation platforms simple to use, but they also need significantly less time than the previous manual calculation approaches. Utilizing platforms such as homewyse allows for significant time and cost savings.

Cons of Using an Online Estimator Tool


The estimates given by online cost estimation tools are frequently dependent on assumptions and, as a result, are sometimes erroneous. Frequently, there is little information available online about specific jobs, materials, or installation fees, which can lead to inaccurate cost estimates.

Lack Of Professionalism

Frequently, online cost estimation tools lack professionalism. The majority of the time, the software is intended to produce results that yield a healthy profit margin for the user. While making every effort to generate a profit margin, there may be inaccuracies in the estimation of costs.


There are both positive and negative Homewyse reviews expressed on online discussion boards. The primary complaint in the negative evaluations is that the estimates are too wrong.

Because no estimate is flawless, it is referred to as an “estimate.” In a variety of circumstances, real estate agents require cost estimates for repairs, upkeep, and renovations. However, it can be difficult to come up with the numbers required to establish value vs cost, estimate renovation projects, and compare contractor bids.

Similar to any estimate, Homewyse will not be 100 percent right every time. However, it provides a reliable baseline for a wide range of home modification and renovation prices.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Homewyse

Does Homewyse Have an App?

Users have referred to Homewyse Lists as a “game-changer” and the “best estimating tool available”; we believe you will concur. The Basic level of Lists is an excellent starting point.

Who Owns Homewyse?

Homewyse is owned by Coswyse LLC, and according to the most recent web information, it solely employs Melvin.

Is Homewyse Worth Using for Price?

Homewyse is Worth Using Due to Cost. Homewyse calculates labor expenses based on the number of hours required to finish the project.

Is Homewyse Lists the Best Estimating App?

Users have referred to Homewyse Lists as a “game-changer” and the “best estimating tool available”; we believe you will concur. The Basic level of Lists is an excellent starting point.

Is Homewyse a Reputable Site?

Homewyse is a wonderful resource for homeowners to make precise and well-informed decisions, as well as for contractors to plan and estimate projects.

What are Homewyse Lists?

Homewyse Lists enable service workers to easily produce time, cost, and material estimates. Lists are optimal for works with variable costs based on size, alternatives, and site conditions. Users generate and (re)use Lists that summarize the service and product alternatives they provide for frequently completed projects.

Does Homewyse cost money?

Are Homewyse Lists your best option? The Basic offering is a free and straightforward approach to studying Lists.

How Much To Install Windows Homewyse?

Homewyse predicts that window installation will cost between $559 and $869 per window. However, actual costs will differ based on location, site circumstances, and other variables. When you click the category, a large list of projects will appear, including the “install window.”

How do you estimate a price?

The most typical method for estimating expenses is to compile a list of required items and tally up their prices. Include all pertinent expenses, including equipment and components, materials and supplies, labor, finance, fees and licenses, transportation, and site or facility purchase costs.

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