Barbie and Other Great Toy Movies that Brought to Life

Toy movies

Barbie is probably one of the most ambitious toy movies ever made, not only because it is based on a historical doll that was important to the lives of millions of girls, but also because it wants to turn Barbie into an existentialist figure who asks big questions about life and death.

Greta Gerwig’s movie found the right Barbie in Margot Robbie, who once again shows that a toy can be a great character. Toys can be surprising heroes, like in Toy Story, or scary baddies, like Chucky and Annabelle. They can also be nostalgic, which adults like and isn’t just used in stories for kids.

We all play with toys in some way. We all have our favorites, and seeing them again brings back memories, so it’s not unusual for great writers and directors to want to make movies about them.

Barbie is one of the biggest hits of 2023, and it joins a list of famous, classic, and very funny movies that are worth watching.

10 toy movies like Barbie that come to life


This movie, starring Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling, starts in Brabieland and follows Barbie, a doll who seems to have the perfect life, with parties, friends, and amazing clothes. When everything changes suddenly, Barbie starts to wonder and decides to leave Brabieland with Ken and a group of real people she meets along the way to find out the meaning of life and what’s really important to everyone.

The Secret Key

This forgotten classic from 1995 stars Hal Scardino, a Brooklyn boy who, for his birthday, gets an old cabinet and a mysterious key that can make his toys come to life. He also takes one of his favorite dolls, which ends up becoming a kind of teacher or guide who teaches him how to be brave, how to be a good friend, and how important it is to fight for what he wants.

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Toys can also be scary, especially when they are dolls that have been given artificial intelligence and are making bad choices. Allison Williams and Violet McGraw are both in this movie. An engineer gives her cousin a doll with artificial intelligence to keep her company and protect her, but things go wrong when the doll takes her job too seriously and starts killing to protect herself. anyone who tries to get close to the girl, guard her.

Toy Story

This is one of the best movies ever made by Pixar and one of the best animation movies ever made. The story is about Woody, a toy cowboy who is threatened when his boy coats an astronaut named Buzz, whom he must rescue after falling into the yard of an evil neighbor who mistreats his toys and wants to do the same to them, so they must find a way to escape and get back to Andy before it’s too late.


This movie has a scary doll like M3GAN, but instead of having artificial intelligence, it is possessed. Anabelle is one of The Conjuring movies. It’s about a couple who start to have strange things happen to them because of a mysterious old doll with a macabre and bloody past.

Night at The Museum

In this movie, Ben Stiller and Carla Gugino play Larry Daley, who gets a job as a night guard at the Museum of Natural History. He quickly learns that, thanks to an ancient Egyptian tablet, all the exhibits come to life at night, and it’s his job to take care of them and make sure they go back to where they belong before the sun rises.

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AI: Artificial Intelligence

This movie is directed by Steven Spielberg, and it stars Jude Law and Haley Joel Osment, who ask what it means to be human. This is the story of a robot boy who is taken in by a family whose son has been in a coma for years. The boy acts like a normal child and gets close to his family, but when he wakes up, everything changes. He is rejected and has to deal with people who hate him just because he is a machine. He goes on a dangerous trip to try to become a real child.

Small soldiers

In this 1998 movie, Kirsten Dunst and Gregory Smith play a boy whose dad’s toy store gets a shipment of toys that come to life thanks to a powerful new chip. The chip also gives life to a group of toy soldiers who have military intelligence and will do anything to get rid of their enemies, even if it means hurting a few children.

Christopher Robin 

In this Oscar-nominated movie, Christopher Robin, the boy from the Winnie the Pooh stories, has grown up to be a busy adult who barely has time for his family. Ewan McGregor plays Christopher Robin. To help him, his old toys come back into his life and try to help him relive his adventures and find happiness, taking him back to his youth and showing him that there is still a place for games and fun.


Guillermo del Toro’s movie, which won the Oscar for best animation film, is a twist on the classic story. It takes place in Italy during the war, and a carpenter makes a wooden boy to help him get over the loss of his son. Soon, that toy comes to life, and he has to go on a series of adventures that teach him what it means to be a real boy. He goes to a fair, a dangerous land, a soldier training camp, and even inside a sea monster.

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