Aftersun: Why You Should Watch Paul Mescal New Movie?

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Aftersun, a movie that comes out this weekend on Mubi, is definitely one of the most exciting January streaming releases for us.

It’s not for nothing that the film by Paul Mescal, who was just picked to be in Gladiator 2, has a lot of reasons for you to give it a chance.

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Continue reading to find out why you shouldn’t miss it.

The History

Sophie, who is 11 years old and lives in a run-down Turkish resort, loves the time she gets to spend with her caring and idealistic father, Calum, who is about to turn 31. Twenty years later, Sophie’s happy memories of their last trip together paint a powerful and heartbreaking picture of their relationship.

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The story, which director Charlotte Wells says was heavily influenced by her own life, is an honest look at how memories of our loved ones can be sometimes clear and sometimes hazy, but always linked to our memories.


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Paul Mescal and Frankie Corio

In the movie “Aftersun,” Paul Mescal and Frankie Corio stand out as a father and daughter who are able to show a lot of joy, tenderness, sadness, and pain.

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In their solo scenes, Mescal and Corio do a great job. Whether Mescal/Calum sinks into the darkness of her thoughts or Corio/Sophie prys into her sexuality and her transition into adolescence, a dizzying magic is present when the two are in the same frame.

We wouldn’t be surprised if Aftersun is remembered as one of the best father-daughter movies ever made.


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His 90s Vibe

Charlotte Wells brings back the ’90s with skill. From the locker room to the lack of technology (except for a camcorder, which feels like the most modern thing in the movie) to the problems that the main characters have to deal with, everything about this movie is different.

It’s worth mentioning that the music equipment is as good as a soundtrack that could be the life playlist of any average millennial, with gems from Bran Van 3000, Blur, Aqua, and even the Macarena.

If you grew up in the 1990s, it’s hard not to connect with Aftersun’s VHS vibe.

The Work of Charlotte Wells

Even though this is Charlotte Wells’s first film, she does a great job. Not only does she recreate the great relationship between the father and daughter, but she also creates a story structure that only surprises us when it starts to unfold. This gives a shock to a story that could have stayed on flat ground in less capable hands.

The Scottish director takes charge of her first feature film and does an amazing job with the script, acting, editing, music, and photography, making it a great movie.


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A Critics Favorite in 2022

Aftersun has specialized critics lining up to praise it. Just look at how well it’s rated on sites like Rotten Tomatoes, where 96 percent of 102 critic reviews have been positive.

The website’s critics’ consensus says, “Led by a terrific performance from Frankie Corio, Aftersun skillfully leads audiences into the intersection between our memories of loved ones and who they really are.”

In Indiwire’s annual list of the best movies of 2022, this one came in second, just behind Tár, starring Cate Blanchett. The work of the film’s main characters and the director’s performance stand out.


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