No New Mac or iPad Models Expected in 2023, According to Analyst

Analyst Predicts No New Macs or iPads from Apple in 2023

Based on predictions by reliable analysts, Apple will likely not release any new Macs or iPads in 2023. This would mark the first year ever without any iPad updates.

Macs: M3 MacBook Release Now Not Expected Until 2024

Last month, Kuo said no new M3-equipped MacBooks should be expected in 2023. The current MacBook Air and Pro lines all use M2 chips, with no suitable successor on the horizon.

Additionally, Analyst stated the 24-inch iMac won’t see an upgrade until 2024. Other desktop Macs were just updated in early 2023, making additional updates this year improbable.

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iPads: No New Models Forecasted Before 2024

Similarly, Analyst predicted no new iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPad mini, or base iPad versions arriving in 2023. The most recent refreshes were iPad Pro and entry iPad in late 2022.

With no iPad updates, 2023 would be the first year without any new models since the device’s 2010 debut. While disappointing for consumers, it reflects supply chain difficulties.

Analysis: Prudent Delays Balance Supply Limitations and Demand

Apple seems to be postponing releases rather than launching iterative updates this year. This ensures adequate supply and impactful upgrades when new models do arrive.

But it risks enabling rival device manufacturers to lure shoppers this holiday season if Apple’s lineup appears stagnant. For Apple, balancing supply realities and customer demand is proving especially tricky in 2023’s challenging conditions.

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