10 Best TV Series 2023 [Where to Watch]

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We have already started to see some of the best TV series 2023. This is because the streaming platforms chose to start with everything from the first month of the year.

In January, the best way a video game has ever been turned into a TV show came to an end. The Last of Us, starring Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey, adds to the video game’s story and shows more of its great supporting characters. It also shows that, in a zombie apocalypse, we need to worry more about people than “zombies.”

Everyone was talking about the HBO Max series, but it came out at the same time as other interesting shows, like a Turkish series about magic, prophecies, and secret worlds, a new season of Servant, the M. Night Shyamalan series, and The Snow Girl, a Spanish show about a missing child that explores every parent’s worst nightmare.

As the year goes on, more shows will be added to the list of the best, but there are already some at the top that are worth watching.

New Best TV series 2023:

  • Viking: Valhalla (Season 2) – Netflix
  • Servant (final season) – Apple Tv+
  • Truth Be Told (Season 3) – Apple Tv+
  • Succession (Season 4) – HBO Max
  • Yellowjackets (Season 2) – Paramount+

The best TV series 2023 and where to watch them:

Drops of God – Apple Tv+

This series with Tomohisa Yamashita and Fleur Geffrier, which is in French, Japanese, and English, is surprisingly addicting. In the story, a woman gets a call from her father after not hearing from him for years. He tells her that she is dying and that he needs to come see her in Tokyo. When she gets there, she finds out that not only has her father died, but he also called her there to take part in a competition. She and one of her former students have to fight to keep the inheritance, which is a collection of wines worth billions of dollars.

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Beef – Netflix

This TV series with Steven Yeun and Ali Wong was in Netflix’s top 10 and is a mix of drama and comedy. It starts with an accident in a parking lot, which makes the two people involved angry and want to get back at the other person, even if it means destroying their own lives in the process.

Dead Ringers – Prime Video

This series is based on a real story and the film by David Cronenberg. Rachel Weisz plays twin gynecologists Elliot and Beverly Mantle, who want to open their own center to change the way women give birth. But the sisters have problems. Their relationship is bad, and one of them is hooked on drugs and doing an illegal project that could ruin both of their careers and even take her life.

The Night Agent – Netflix

This show was one of the most watched on Netflix the weekend it came out. Gabriel Basso plays the main character, a low-ranking FBI agent who gets the agency’s attention and is sent to the White House to answer a phone that never rings. When the agent finally answers the phone, he finds himself in the middle of a dangerous plot. He has to run away to save his life and tell the truth before it’s too late.

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The Last of Us – HBO Max

This show is based on a game with the same name. It stars Pedro Pascal, Bella Ramsey (from Game of Thrones), Anna Torv, and Murray Bartlett. In the beginning of The Last of Us, there is a pandemic that wipes out most of humanity. Years later, the survivors live in strict quarantine zones where they are safe from the infected. In the middle of all this, we meet a smuggler who must help a girl get out of the quarantine zone and travel across the country to get to a secret place where she can help find a cure.

Shahmaran – Netflix

This Turkish show with Serenay Sarikaya and Burak Deniz is about magic and tales. The first episode of the series is when a woman, whose mother has just died, goes to her grandfather’s town to find out why he left them and never looked for her. There, she starts to have strange things happen to her, like visions, dreams, apparitions, and the feeling that someone is following her. This leads her to learn about a mysterious tale and a prophecy that she is a part of and that means she has the power to save or destroy the world.

The Snow Girl – Netflix

Milena Smit from Madres Paralelas plays a journalism student who gets involved in the case of a missing girl. The Snow Girl is based on one of the best-selling books during the pandemic. A few years after she went missing, she gets a mysterious video that seems to show the girl alive. She has to help the cops and the parents figure out who took her and what happened to her.

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Lockwood & Co. – Netflix

Based on the same-named books, this British show with Ruby Stokes and Cameron Chapman tells a ghost story set in a London that is different from the one we know. The story takes place in a version of reality where there are ghosts everywhere and people live in fear. The government decides to train children and teens, who are the only ones who can see ghosts, to try to protect everyone and stop the number of deaths from going up.

Shrinking – Apple Tv+

In this show, Jason Segel and Harrison Ford are both in it. Segel is a therapist who just lost his wife. As he tries to deal with his grief and his complicated relationship with his daughter, he decides to break all the rules to try to help his patients. He gets involved in their lives in ways that a therapist shouldn’t, risking his career and reputation, but he gets better results than he expected.

Extraordinary (I am extraordinary) – Star+

Rotten Tomatoes gave this show a perfect score of 100%. In this British series, Jen is a woman who lives in a world where everyone gets an ability when they turn 18. However, she is 25 and still doesn’t have one, just like Mirabel in Charm, so she has to figure out how to deal with it. with that and find something that makes her feel just as special as everyone else.

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