The Most Powerful Cars Used in Mission Impossible Movies

Cars used in Mission impossible
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Mission Impossible movies have big fights like the one between Tom Cruise and Henry Cavill in a bathroom in Fallout, dangerous stunts – jumping out of planes, climbing buildings from the outside, etc., and dangerous tasks to save the world from terrorist groups. and bad guys, but we can’t talk about the movies without talking about Ethan Hunt’s cars and other vehicles.

Since the first movie came out in 1996, Tom Cruise has played Ethan Hunt. The story has only gotten more exciting, and with a bigger budget, the spy has gotten some pretty cool toys.

He might not have a Q like James Bond, but that hasn’t stopped him from driving some famous cars, like the MI7 bike. to pull off the most difficult and dangerous stunt ever seen in a movie.

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There have been some famous cars in movies, like Bumblebee and John Wick’s Mustang. The cars from the Mission: Impossible series are also up there with the best.

The most powerful cars used in Mission Impossible movies

Mission Impossible 7: Fiat 500

There is a joke about this in the movie. Ethan Hunt is used to driving fast, expensive, and powerful sports cars, but in the first part of Mission Impossible 7: Dead Reckoning, he drives a small yellow Fiat 500, which was first made in the 1930s and looks very different from the other cars in the series.

Ghost Protocol: Aston Martin V8 Vantage 

Ethan Hunt, like James Bond, has had the chance to see the famous Aston Martin cars up close. In his case, it was a model that cost more than $130,000 that he uses while he is in Dubai. He couldn’t drive it, but he could see it when he arrived at the hotel where he had to do an important part of his mission. Yes, he ends up climbing the outside of one of the largest buildings in the world in the same city.

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Mission Impossible Fallout: BMW 5 Series E28 

In the Mission Impossible movies, there are a lot of BMWs, and this is one of the most well-known ones. This model is from the 1980s and is a classic that pays tribute to one of the names that has been in the saga since the beginning. Ethan himself drives the E28. He uses it to try to escape through the most difficult parts of Paris, such as stairs and very narrow streets. The car does end up being a total loss.

Mission Impossible (1996): BMW 316i

In the first Mission Impossible movie, which came out in the 1990s, Ethan played a young agent who was accused of cheating his agency and had to clear his name. At one point in the movie, the BMW 316i blew up in an action scene. At this point, the story was just getting started, so there weren’t as many exciting action scenes. However, the arrival of that BMW was a sign of what was to come for both Hunt and the movies.

Mission Impossible III: Lamborghini Gallardo 

By the third movie, the action was picking up, Ethan was doing more wild and dangerous stunts, and the cars got a lot more interesting.

Ethan used this famous Lamborghini to make a very stylish exit from the Vatican, where he had to pretend to be an arms buyer who wasn’t in the car. When Ethan gets out of the car, everything goes crazy, and this ends up exploding, as it does a lot in the saga.

Rogue Nation Land Rover Defender

Some BMWs and Land Rovers have been in Mission Impossible movies, but this one, which Ethan drove in Casablanca, is probably one of the most well-known.

It’s not a racecar, but it’s tough, classic, and has a safari-like look that goes well with Hunt’s style in the movies. It also has everything you need to get out of the worst situations.

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