All the 14 Mattel Movies Coming After Barbie’s Success

Mattel movies
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After Barbie movie success, more Mattel movies are coming! Here we’re talking about the Mattel Cinematic Universe, not the one you’re thinking of. Mattel movies are very popular, and Greta Gerwig’s Barbie movie is on track to make $1 billion at the box office. So it’s no surprise that the toy company paints money signs on the faces of its most popular characters.

At this point, it’s a given that there will be more Barbie movies, but Mattel is looking at its other toys. Some are well-known and recognizable, like Barney and Polly Pocket. Others, like Christmas Balloon, seem like a bad joke.

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So, just like Oppenheimer, he has started a chain reaction that can destroy the whole world. Here are all the Mattel movies you can look forward to seeing on the big screen, with stars and directors like Lena Dunham, Daniel Kaluuya, and Lily Collins.

All the Mattel movies coming after Barbie movie success


The most loved friendly dinosaur will make its big-screen appearance, but A24 will be in charge of it. Yes, in fact. This movie about the pain that millennials feel will be made by Daniel Kaluuya. It will be inspired by the movies of Charlie Kaufman and Spike Jonze.

“This really is an adult movie,” says a Mattel report. It’s not like it’s a C-rated movie, but it will be about some of the problems that come with being in your 30s and having grown up with Barney. It will just talk about how disillusioned this generation is.”

Mattel movies will be about “identity and the search for the loved one”, which is the main theme of the series.

Polly Pocket

Mattel announced the Polly Pocket movie soon after the huge success of Barbie. It will be directed by Lena Dunham and star Lily Collins from Emily in Paris. This seems like a standard attempt to “copy and paste” the success of Barbie.

Polly Pocket
Photo: Mattel

The head of Mattel’s film division, Robbie Brenner, revealed that the script is being written: “It’s been a great team effort. Lena works well with others, makes promises, likes to take notes, and listens a lot. is really cool. Also, Lily is very smart and knows what she wants. It’s been a great team effort, so we’re very happy. We hope to be able to do that in the future.” Let’s hope it’s a good movie with toys that come to life.

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Hot Wheels

It’s easy to figure out how popular high-speed races and expensive cars are—just look at the 10 movies in the Fast and Furious saga. But what happens when those cars are small? With JJ Abrams as a producer, Hot Wheels, the small, realistic muscle cars that raced around plastic tracks, are also in the center of the new MCU. Abrams has said that the movie version will be “realistic and gritty.”

Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots 

And speaking of Fast and Furious, you’d be crazy to think that Vin Diesel would be a part of a huge new series, right? After taking over the other MCU, the actor is ready to star in this other movie universe, which is based on a board game where two people move two plastic robots around a boxing ring. This movie is still in its early stages, and there is no plot yet.

American Girl

At least in height, it’s bigger than Barbie. American Girl dolls are like the statuesque blonde icon in that, over time, they have taken on almost every known identity, from current girls to historical figures.

But American Girl toys are just girls. Mattel has said that this version of the story will be a family comedy that will help girls grow up with confidence.

American Girl
Photo: Mattel

Magic 8 Ball

If Mattel ever made a horror movie in the style of A24, it would make sense for it to be about the Magic 8 Ball. Brenner says that, even though nothing is set in stone, the movie will “probably be a thriller.”

Mattel is taking a big risk, and why not scare a whole generation for life with a disgusting horror movie about wanting to know too much about the future? Guys, the movie just writes itself.

He-Man and Masters of the Universe

Since the first attempt to bring He-Man to the big screen in the 1990s, there have been reports about a He-Man movie every year. Netflix was supposed to make a new version of the story, but Mattel and the streaming giant have broken up because of problems with the production. But that doesn’t stop The Masters of the Universe from being one of Mattel’s most ambitious projects, especially since it’s a great chance to start a superhero series.

Major Matt Mason

Tom Hanks will play the action figure of an astronaut that Mattel made in the 1960s. This means that we’re back in the world of toys in a big way. We hadn’t heard of him either, so don’t worry.

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Oscar winner Akiva Goldsman and author Michael Chabon will write the story of Commander Matt Mason, who lives and works on the Moon.


A movie about everyone’s favorite card game, which has the ability to ruin friendships for life. Mattel, you can still change your mind about this.


What world of movies wouldn’t be complete without a movie about a dog who can talk? In the 1990s, Wishbone, a figure on American TV, became well-known for retelling stories from classic literature. The movie will be directed by Peter Farrelly, who also directed A Couple of Idiots.

Thomas & Friends

What do Thomas & Friends and World War Z have in common? Well, the same person will be in charge of both of them. Marc Foster will be in charge of this dream movie about a world where trains act like people.


The second movie in Mattel’s automotive world, this time with Matchbox cars, which were a big deal in the 1950s. Like Hot Wheels, Matchboxes are miniature cars that look very real, but there are a few more of them. David Coggeshall, who made the scary movie The Orphan: The Origin, will write the story, so this movie might be scary.

View Master

This toy from the 1930s has been put to work by Mattel. In some ways, the movie will be like those famous glasses that let you look at high-quality pictures on a disc. We don’t know what will be done.

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Christmas Balloon

You’re not the only one who doesn’t know what the hell Christmas Balloon is. So don’t worry, it’s not even a Mattel toy. Christmas Balloon will be a departure from Mattel’s direct goods. It will tell the true story of a girl who tied her Christmas list to a balloon and sent it to Santa Claus. Instead, it landed in the hands of a grieving couple who worked at Mattel. It will, of course, be about a family.

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