5 Book Genres that Became Popular During Lockdown

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The pandemic situation has transformed the way we live in many small ways. During the COVID-19 lockdown, plenty of people had to stay indoors to avoid infection. Also, the lack of social activities and entertainment compelled people to look for other means of entertainment. It was during this time that many people decided to read books. Social media became the go-to place for discussions and communication and in many ways, it made reading a popular trend. However, certain genres gained more popularity than others. Let’s take a quick look at the top 5 book genres that became popular during the lockdown period.


Believe it or not, romantic novels are a $1.8 billion industry. Even before the pandemic, romantic novels were in demand but with frequent lockdowns and curfews the sales of romantic novels soared higher. This could also be because romance novels are easy to read and it provides the reader with the opportunity to feel emotions that have been missing from their lives. In some cases, the reader already knows that the novel would end on a positive note and they can get something out of their story that they can incorporate into their real lives.


We all need help at some point in life. The 2020 pandemic situation brought our lives to a grinding halt. Various businesses took a hit, many people lost their livelihoods and loved ones and therefore self-help books sold a lot. With tough and uncertain times ahead, many people are desperate to find peace with them and think positively about how they can beat the situation and come out successful. On the other hand, many people would want to emulate the habits of highly successful people and beat their odds.


Readers looking for fleshed-out characters and a strong plot usually pick up fantasy books. Unlike other genres, fantasy novels offer authors the free hand to explore different themes and ideas in unique ways. Authors can introduce other sub-genres like romance, thriller, dystopian and science fiction within the fantasy world and offer readers the right entertainment that they seek.


Also, when it comes to reading some interesting storylines, crime and mystery novels get a lot of readers. This is mainly because these novels and books are page-turners and they keep the readers invested in what’s going to happen next. The anticipation factor makes the book and this genre one of the best-selling genres of all time. Also, during the COVID-19 lockdown, many people choose to read crime and mystery novels to keep themselves occupied.

Cookbooks and Health

Trade restrictions and the closure of various food joints and restaurants during the lockdown period compelled people to cook at home. The concept of eating healthy and organic grew during the COVID-19 lockdown period. Hence, cookbooks and health-related books saw their sales grow immensely during that period. Even today, many people prefer to cook their meals at home and want to provide themselves and their families with the best quality food that they can prepare.


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