Sexiest series on Star+ You should Watch

Sexiest series
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Star+ joined the streaming party a little late, but it has made up for it with some of the best shows and movies of the last few years.

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This is the platform where you can see Selena Gomez as a True Crime fan trying to solve a murder in her own apartment building or Jessica Biel as a brutal murderer. There are also stories about sex, forbidden desires, intense attraction, and more.

This platform was made to be a more “adult” part of the Disney world. If you look through the catalog, you can find a lot of interesting things, like Marvel series that aren’t as well-known (or for kids) and twisted horror stories, true events, and disturbing miniseries.

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And if you want a story that is not only good but also very sexy, there are some titles you should keep an eye on.

Here are the 8 Sexiest series on Star+ that you should watch:

1. The Bear

People think that this Shameless series with Jeremy Allen White is one of the best of the year. The Bear is not exactly a sexual series, but it is exciting and very sexy. It is about a chef from Chicago who has to go back home to try to save his family’s sandwich business and turn it into a gourmet experience that can change your career.

2. Tell Me Lies

Based on the same-named book, this series follows a college freshman (Grace Van Patten from Nine Perfect Strangers) who meets another smart student and starts an intense and highly toxic relationship with him. The relationship ends in chaos and puts them both in situations they didn’t expect. The characters also have to deal with a lot of dark secrets that get them into all kinds of trouble.

3. Conversations with Friends

This series is based on one of the author’s other books, Normal People, which was also made into a TV show. Conversations with Friends stars Joe Alwyn and Jemima Kirke and looks at modern relationships and the “normalcy” we all face through the eyes of two Dublin students who become friends with a married couple in an unexpected way. which leads to an intense relationship in which they try to figure out who they are and make changes in their lives.

4. Outlander

In this time travel series, Caitrona Balfe plays a war nurse who, while on vacation with her husband, goes back in time to 1743 and meets Sam Heughan, a warrior fighting against the English in dangerous situations that changed history. When they fall in love, they have to do everything they can to stay safe and together, even though everything is trying to pull them apart.

5. Pam & Tommy

This miniseries is based on a true story that doesn’t make much sense. It stars Lily James and Sebastian Stan. James and Stan are played by Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee. An angry employee steals their sex tape, sells it, and makes it go viral, so James and Stan have to go to court to try to protect their privacy.

6. Taboo

The Tom Hardy series, which you can also watch on Netflix, is about a man who spends years traveling around Africa and other faraway places. When his father dies, he returns to England to take care of his father’s business, only to find that it has many enemies who want to take over one of its territories, which is important to the war with the United States.

7. Legion

Legion, starring Aubrey Plaza, Rachel Keller, and Dan Stevens as a man who thinks he has schizophrenia and is locked up in a psychiatric hospital because of it, is the best Marvel show that is not part of the MCU. In Legion, Dan Stevens plays a man who thinks he has schizophrenia and is locked up in a psychiatric hospital because of it. He eventually finds out that this is not what is happening to him and that he has great powers that

8. Black Narcissus

In this miniseries starring Gemma Arterton, a group of nuns go to a remote part of India to start a small school and monastery in an old house where the mistress of a powerful man is said to have died after going crazy. They start to have strange things happen to them there, which makes them question their faith and the path they chose.



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