10 Best International Horror Movies in 2022

Horror Movies in 2022
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International horror movies are all over the world’s billboards because they tell different stories from different points of view and show some of the culture, legends, and traditions of the countries where they were made, which makes them more complex and even scary.

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Years ago, the Oscars had a category for international horror films. As time went on, it became harder to ignore the fact that good movies aren’t only made in the U.S., so giving ourselves the chance to see films from other countries was important. When we look at what other countries are making, we can find the best stories.

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When it comes to horror, countries like France, Korea, and Italy have a long history and a lot of famous movies, like Suspiria, Titane, and Raw. They also keep pushing the limits and coming up with new and interesting things.

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This year, for example, there were some great drama and comedy movies, but horror movies were the best (there’s even a movie nominated for the Oscars in 2023). (with the lights on). and a lot of people).

Most Terrifying International Horror Movies in 2022

1. Bones & All – Italy / United States

This horror-romance movie is directed by Luca Guadagnino. Timothée Chalamet and Taylor Russell play an outcast couple who travel the country on lonely, isolated roads, where they find out some secrets from their past and have to learn how to survive together. Parts of the movie are about cannibalism, and there are bloody and violent scenes that stand in contrast to the love story.

2. Hatching – Finland

This Finnish movie is scary because it talks about how we all wear a mask of perfection and how dark we all are inside. The story, which stars Siiri Solalinna, is about a girl whose mother wants her to be perfect. However, she finds a mysterious egg from which a strange creature hatches. This creature starts to show all of its anger and creates dangerous situations that threaten to kill her and everyone else around her.

3. Decision to Leave – Korea

This is one of the movies that sounds like a favorite for an Oscar in 2023. This is a real horror movie directed by Park Chan-wook. It’s about a detective who falls in love with a rich man’s widow while looking into his death. He gets caught in a web of lies and trickery, which he has to get out of to solve the case and find out if this woman, who seems innocent and weak, had anything to do with what happened.

4. You Won’t Be Alone – Australia / Serbia

This movie is about myths and legends, and Noomi Rapace is the main character. In the 19th century, the story takes place in a small village in the middle of the mountains. There, there is a story about a mysterious creature that kidnaps people and uses their skin to change into something else and then kidnaps more people. Rapace plays one of these creatures, who live in the town, and studies her victims by wearing the skin of one of them.

5. Choose or Die – England (Netflix)

This movie is set in the 1980s and stars Asa Butterfield and Iola Evans. Evans finds a strange video game where players have to choose between two scary situations or else they lose. But things get complicated when she finds out that what she chooses in the game happens in the real world and that the choices keep getting worse, but if she doesn’t choose, she or someone close to her will die a horrible death if she doesn’t.

6. Watcher – Romania / USA

This movie is about a young couple, played by Maika Monroe and Karl Glusman, who move to Bucharest. There, she finds out that a serial killer is killing a woman and is sure that he is after her. At first, no one believes her, and she starts to wonder if she’s going crazy. So, she decides to look into it and try to find the killer on her own, which could be dangerous.

7. Men – England

The main characters of this story, which is about purgatory and hell, are Jessie Buckley and Rory Kinnear. Buckley plays a woman who loses her husband and goes on vacation to try to get over it. While she’s there, she meets a series of strange men who won’t leave her alone, forcing her to remember her trauma and the worst parts of her relationship.

8. Incantation – Taiwan (Netflix)

This Netflix movie is about a woman who broke the rules of a religious ceremony many years ago, which put a curse on her. When the curse starts to hurt her daughter, she must do everything she can to protect her. To save her life, she must go back to the place where it all started and find out where the ritual really came from.

9. Old People – Germany (Netflix)

This German Netflix movie stars Adolfo Assor and Loui Betton. It starts when a mother takes her two young children to their sister’s wedding in a small town. Once there, they quickly realize that there are no young people and that older people might be to blame. It’s kind of like Children of the Corn, but with old people instead of kids.

10. Pig – Spain / France

This movie starring Laura Galán is about a teen who is picked on because she is overweight. Her life changes when she sees a man take the girls who always pick on her, but she doesn’t do anything about it. The movie was nominated for six Goya awards. The event causes chaos and panic in the town and puts Sara (Galán) in a dangerous and bloody situation.


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