3 Movies for Which Tom Cruise was Nominated for Oscar

tom cruise
Tom Cruise (left). Photo: Facebook

Tom Cruise roles as Ethan Hunt and Peter Mitchell, aka Maverick, are what made him famous and gave him some of his biggest hits, but they aren’t the ones that got him an Academy Award or Oscar anymore.

Tom Cruise made around $20 million for Top Gun and Top Gun: Maverick. Mission Impossible is said to have been the series that changed his career and made him one of the most important action heroes of today, but there are other movies that have won more awards.

Actually, Cruise is one of those actors who has almost no bad movies, and the ones that are bad aren’t that bad. However, we all know that the Academy doesn’t care about what the public thinks or how well a movie does at the box office. They want to see memorable performances, different storylines, and projects with a little more art, and Tom Cruise has given them what they want. 3 times

3 Tom Cruise movies that got him Oscar nominations

Magnolia – HBO Max

Paul Thomas Anderson directed this movie from 1999, which stars Julianne Moore and Philip Seymour Hoffman.

The movies tell parallel stories that are linked by what the characters are looking for and how they got there. Magnolia is about two men who, when they realize they are going to die, try to get in touch with and reconnect with their adult children. However, their children don’t want to know anything about them and need a push from other people involved in the situation to meet them again.

It is a movie about the fear of death, the need to transcend, to leave a mark on others, and to fix the things we regret. Cruise gives a dramatic performance that is very different from what we usually see in his action movies.

Born on the Fourth of July – Prime Video

This movie came out a few years after Top Gun. Tom Cruise plays a soldier in it, like he has in other movies.

The movie, which was based on a book by Ron Kovick and was directed by Oliver Stone, won two Oscars. It is a different war story based on real events that shows how the war changes the lives of soldiers.

The movie tells the story of Ron, a soldier who gets paralyzed during his tour of duty in the Vietnam War. After seeing how his country treated veterans who couldn’t fight anymore, Ron becomes an activist for human rights and against the war.

Jerry Maguire – Star+

This sports drama from 1996 is one of Tom Cruise’s most famous movies. It has elements of action, romance, and comedy.

Cameron Crowe directed the movie, and Cuba Gooding Jr. and Renée Zellweger were in it. Zellweger said one of the most famous lines in the movie and in film history.

Cruise plays a successful sports agent who, after a life-changing event, is fired from his job and decides to try his luck as a freelance agent with the help of an athlete who stays loyal to him and a woman who is the only one who is sure she can be successful on her own. Jerry learns a lot about himself and what’s wrong with his industry along the way, and he tries to find a way to fix everything.

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