Twitter Backtracks to Old Version of TweetDeck


Twitter debuted a new version of TweetDeck last week, and it has already doubled back. On Monday, July 3, the official Twitter Support account tweeted, “We have just launched a new, improved version of TweetDeck,” with the caveat that the tool will be available to only Twitter Blue users in 30 days. According to The Verge, the old version is back, with no notice from Elon Musk, Twitter CEO Linda Yaccarino, or any official Twitter account.

TweetDeck2.0 included several new features, such as video docking and a Tweet composer, but it dropped essential functionality such as the Activity Tab and TweetDeck Teams, which allow users to share accounts without disclosing passwords, making it unpopular among users.

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TweetDeck began as a free, stand-alone app in 2008 before being purchased by Twitter in 2011. It designed for Twitter power users and pros, allowing users to browse tweets in numerous customisable columns. No one is enthusiastic about the app becoming a paid feature after being free for 15 years.

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It’s unknown how long the old version will be available, so take use of it while you can.

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