Best Spanish Series [Based on Books]

Best Spanish series

The best Spanish series you can watch on different streaming sites. More and more Spanish books have been turned into TV shows, and the vast majority of them are great.

What happens is that books are like mental movies; they take us to other worlds, make us care about the characters, and make us live adventures and figure out secrets. This is why so many movies and TV shows are based on books, and we can’t forget the series.

There’s always room for a good story, and we all know that stories can come from anywhere, so it makes sense that many writers, directors, and producers have found inspiration in the pages of their favorite books.

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The Spanish are experts at making shows that you can’t stop watching or don’t want to stop watching, and you can’t leave out the ones that started as books.

There are 6 best Spanish series that you should watch

The Snow Girl – Netflix

Milena Smith, who was in Madres Paralelas by Pedro Almodóvar, also stars in this crime story, which is based on one of the best-selling books during the pandemic.

Smit plays a journalism student who gets interested in the case of a girl who hasn’t been seen since she was last seen with her parents at a Christmas show. She starts to work on the case, but she can’t figure out how to solve it, and as time goes on, everyone forgets about him.

Years later, the student is now a professional journalist. She gets a video of the girl living, which makes her think they can still save her. She works with the police to look into the case again and try to find the girl before they are killed. let it be late

The Innocent – Netflix

This crime show with Mario Casas is based on one of Harlan Coben’s books. Other Netflix shows have also been based on his books.

This is the story of a man who had a terrible accident when he was young and went to jail for it. He finally gets out and has a chance to start over with his family. But just when he thinks he’s finally free, an unexpected death brings him back to the past, where he is charged again and has to fight to prove his innocence.

All of this is going on while his partner deals with his own secrets that have something to do with the case and could be very bad for everyone.

Homeland – HBO Max

This show is based on a famous book by Fernando Aramburu. The way it shows one of the most important real battles in Spanish history caused a lot of controversy.

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The story starts with two families in a small Spanish town who are on opposite sides of the ETA war. On the one hand, there is the family of a businessman who was killed, and on the other, there is the family of a young man who is accused of terrorism and of committing the crime that hurts the whole community.

When the murder victim’s widow comes back to town years later, it opens up old feelings and makes the two families think about what happened. They also learn a little more about the murderer’s life and the things that led to him going to prison.

Tell me who I am – Claro Video

This war and spy story is based on Julia Navarro’s book of the same name, in which the main characters are Irene Escolar and Oriol Pla.

In the 1990s, a man leaves a manuscript on the desk of a book editor. This is where everything starts. There is the story of Amelia Garayoa, which tells us about her life in the 1930s.

The series is about Amelia, who loses track of her son and meets a young writer who is also in the resistance. He introduces her to the world of espionage, where she must talk to a Nazi officer to find out what he is planning and help stop it, putting her life and his relationship with his family at risk.

Farina – Paramount+

People think this is one of the best Spanish shows ever made.

The movie Faria is based on a book by Nacho Carretero. Javier Rey and Tristán Ulloa are in it. The series takes us into the difficult world of drug trafficking in Galicia in the 1980s, when the country was going through a time of change after the Franco dictatorship.

Back then, drug trafficking was booming, so the series tells the story of several men who joined the business to try to get ahead and support their families while dealing with dangerous leaders who also had to deal with Colombian gangs.

The Time in Between – HBO Max

Mara Dueas wrote the famous book that became the basis for the TV show with the same name.

Adriana Ugarte is the main character in this play, which is based on some real events from the past. The story is about a seamstress named Sira. She leaves her home during the Civil War, when the Nazis were making deals with other countries.

Sira works as a seamstress for the wives of different Nazi soldiers. This brings her into the world of spying and secrets when she is asked to help the British get information from their enemies so they can win the war.

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