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Rachel Brosnahan
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Rachel Brosnahan has landed one of Hollywood’s most coveted roles: Lois Lane, the brave reporter for the Daily Planet and Clark Kent’s love interest in the upcoming Superman’s Man of Steel movie.

James Gunn made the cast of his new movie, Superman: Legacy, official after thinking about different choices. The news that the talented American actress will share credits with David Corenswet was a real bombshell.

It’s not for less when you consider the acting skills of a woman who has stood out for her ability to try out different genres and give us great characters, like The Wonderful Mrs. Maisel’s main character Miriam Maisel — a work that, by the way, won him a Golden Globe.

Brosnahan is best known for her work on TV, but she has also been in a number of movies that give us confidence that Lois Lane will be in good hands. Here are the best Rachel Brosnahan movies:

The Courier – 2020

This true-life spy tale takes place during the Cold War. It tells the story of Greville Wynne, a British businessman who was asked by MI6 to deliver secret messages from a Russian spy named Oleg Penkovsky.

Emily Donovan, a CIA agent, is played by Rachel Brosnahan. She works with Wynne and Penkovsky on their dangerous task. Even though she has a small part, the actress gives her character a lot of energy and drive, showing that she is brave and able to handle the challenges of the international conspiracy. Her acting fits well with the rest of the main group and adds to the tension and suspense of the story.

Where can you watch The Courier?

The Courier is available on HBO Max.

I’m Your Woman – 2020

In this dramatic movie directed by Julia Hart, Rachel Brosnahan plays Jean, a woman whose husband is a criminal. When her husband goes missing, she and her baby have to go on the run. Jean is trying to stay alive and protect her son. As she goes deeper and deeper into a dangerous world, she learns dark secrets about her husband’s past.

Brosnahan gives a captivating and engaging performance that shows how vulnerable and determined his character is as he faces more and more difficult situations. His gritty, subtle performance makes the story stronger and more intense (and may have been one of the best reasons she was cast in Superman: Legacy).

Where can we can watch I’m Your Woman?

Available on Amazon Prime Video.

Patriots Day – 2016

Two bombs go off at the Boston Marathon on April 15, 2013. This is a terrible event. After the attack, brave survivors, first responders, and other investigators join Police Sergeant Tommy Saunders (Mark Wahlberg), FBI Special Agent Richard DesLauriers (Kevin Bacon), and Sheriff Ed Davis (John Goodman) in a race against time to find the suspects and bring them to justice.

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Rachel Brosnahan plays Jessica Kensky, one of the people who lived through the attack, on the tape. Based on a real person, her character is a nurse who is badly hurt in the blast. Brosnahan gives a powerful and emotional performance that shows her character’s physical and emotional pain as well as her courage and desire to get better.

Where can you watch “Patriots Day”?

You can watch Patriots Day on Amazon Prime Video and Netflix.

Burn Country – 2016

A journalist from Afghanistan named Dominic Rains is forced to leave his country and goes to Northern California. When he tries to help with a big local crime case, he gets pulled into a world of violence.

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Rachel Brosnahan plays Sandra, an American writer who works in Afghanistan. She is his only link to the outside world and helps him figure out how to live in the complicated community there.

Where can Burn Country be seen?

Burn Country is available on Blu-Ray and DVD.

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