All Fast and Furious Movies Ranked. Here’s Why

Fast & Furious movies
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The Fast and Furious movies left an indelible mark on pop culture and has become one of the most famous film franchises in recent years. Since it started in 2001, the show has kept people all over the world interested with its unique mix of action, speed, and, of course, family.

What started out as a movie about illegal street racing has turned into an epic story with plot twists, daring heists, and jaw-dropping stunts. Fast & Furious X, the 10th movie in the series, comes out this weekend.

Now, with one more part to the story and the idea that we’re getting close to the end, we’ll talk about all of his movies, from the worst to the best, based on what reviews say, including the new one.

Fast and Furious 4 – 2009

Even though most of the original major cast is back, this movie doesn’t really feel like it fits with the rest of the saga. The story is easy to guess, and no one really stands out in their roles. Still, it sets the stage for the brand to come back to life.

Faster, Furious – 2003

The main characters don’t have the same charm and chemistry as they did in the first movie. Even though it has some exciting action scenes, it is not as good as the other movies in the series. Fans missed Dominic Toretto, who was played by Vin Diesel.

Fast and Furious: Tokyo Challenge – 2006

This Fast and Furious: Tokyo Challenge movie is different from the main plot because it takes place in Japan and has a new lead character. Even though the race scenes are great, the story is not as good as in other parts of the series.

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Fast X – 2023

Fast & Furious X is both ludicrously stupid and self-aware in a rewarding way. It should get the engines going for longtime fans and stop many newcomers in their tracks.

Fast and Furious – 2001

Fans still love the first movie in the Fast and Furious movie series, which started it all. It set the stage for the success of the saga by having a great mix of street racing, interesting people, and a good story. Critics, on the other hand, didn’t like it as much. They said it was just a new version of those bad teen movies from the 1950s.

Fast and Furious 9 – 2009

The saga’s core is still there in the latest episode, which has a good mix of action and emotion. Even though it can be a bit over the top at times, it has exciting moments and shocks for fans of the series.

Fast and Furious 8 – 2017

Even though it might not be as shocking as some of the other movies in the series, this one has enough action and story twists to keep people interested. Also, there is still a lot going on between the characters.

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Fast and Furious: Hobbs & Shaw – 2019

Even though it’s not part of the main story and is a spin-off, this movie is full of action and has a good sense of fun. But it moves away from the street racing style that is typical of the series. We don’t know if this is a good or bad thing.

Fast and Furious 6 – 2013

This part of Fast and Furious movies saga is a turning point because it has great action scenes and a better story.

Fast and Furious: 5in Control – 2011

This movie is a turning point for the series because it shows robberies and heists on a large scale. With the return of the main cast and the addition of Dwayne Johnson as Luke Hobbs, the movie is a huge hit and has even more excitement.

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Fast and Furious 7 – 2015

This Fast and Furious movie is especially important because it was Paul Walker’s last role before he died. The action is great, and the story keeps a good mix between emotional moments and emotional action.

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