HBO Max’s Most Anticipated Series in 2023

HBO Max Series January 2023
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Some of the most anticipated series of 2023, such as the final season (or so it appears) of Succession and the launch of The Idol starring The Weeknd and Lily-Rose Depp, will be available exclusively on HBO Max.

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There is still a long wait for House of the Dragon’s second season to premiere, which is expected to arrive in 2024, or for the arrival of series like Joh Snow and Dunk and Egg, which come from the world of Game of Thrones, but there are already many Confirmed series to arrive on the platform throughout the year, and there are some very interesting proposals.

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2023 will mark the end of Succession and the Roy brothers (season 4 is expected to be the final) and a new season of Perry Mason, but there will also be new premieres such as The White House Plumbers and Love and Death, both based on true events.

More titles will be unveiled in the coming months, but these are some of the most exciting.

The Most Anticipated Show of 2023 is on HBO Max

New Seasons

  • Succession, season 4 
  • Euphoria season 3 
  • Tokyo Vice season 2 
  • barry season 4 
  • perry mason season 2 
  • 30 Coins Season 2 

New Series

The Last of Us

This show is based on a video game with the same name. It stars Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey. The series is about two people who live after a virus kills a lot of people and destroys civilization and turns big cities into dangerous places. As they look for a safe place to live, the two survivors must travel all over the country together.

The Idol

This series, which also stars Lily-Rose Depp and was made by Euphoria’s Sam Levinson and The Weeknd, is about a rising pop star who starts a complicated relationship with a cult leader. This forces the two of them to test their limits and find out what they are willing to do for each other and for their careers.

The White House Plumbers

This show is based on real events and stars Justin Theroux and Woody Harrelson. Theroux also stars in The Mosquito Coast. This 5-part miniseries tells the story of how E. Howard Hunt and G. Gordon Liddy, who worked for Nixon and were in charge of Watergate, accidentally brought down the presidency they were trying to protect.

Love and Death

After making a big impression with WandaVision, Elizabeth Olsen is back on TV with Love and Death, a crime show based on a real case. The limited series is about a woman named Candy Montgomery, who seemed to have the perfect life until she was accused of a brutal murder that left her community paralyzed.

Dune, The Sisterhood

In addition to a sequel to the movie with Zendaya and Timothée Chalamet, HBO Max is making a series that takes place a few years earlier and follows two sisters from the Harkonnen family who form a group called The Sisterhood to protect the universe. That group becomes the Bene Geserit, which is one of the most powerful groups in the time of Paul Atreides.

This series, the length of which is unknown, fits in with the Dune universe that is being built in the movies. It could be the first of many projects related to movies and books.


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