Older iPhones Get Next-Gen Wireless Charging in iOS 17.2

Older iPhones Get Next-Gen Wireless Charging in iOS 17.2

Apple’s upcoming iOS 17.2 iPhone software update will bring support for the new Qi2 wireless charging standard to older iPhone models, allowing for faster 15W charging speeds.

The Qi2 wireless charging protocol is an updated version of the existing Qi standard used for wireless charging. It offers better power transfer, faster charging speeds, increased efficiency, and enhanced safety features. Qi2 builds on Apple’s MagSafe technology, which uses magnets to align devices with wireless chargers.

According to the iOS 17.2 release notes, Qi2 support will come to all iPhone 13 and iPhone 14 models. This means these devices will be able to charge at up to 15W speeds using third-party Qi2 wireless chargers. This matches the existing MagSafe charging speeds offered by Apple’s official chargers. Surprisingly, the iPhone 12 will not get Qi2 support in iOS 17.2.

With Qi2, cheaper third-party wireless chargers will likely become available that can charge as fast as Apple’s pricy official MagSafe chargers. Hardware maker Anker has already begun working on Qi2 products. So iPhone 13 and 14 users will have more affordable options for fast 15W wireless charging in the future with the update.

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