The Pale Blue Eye: Christian Bale’s Horror Film and Trailer on Netflix

The Pale Blue Eye

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The Pale Blue Eye is a famous story by Edgar Allan Poe, who is known as the master of gothic horror. It is also the story that the new Christian Bale movie is based on.

Actors from movies like Thor: Love and Thunder and Vice star in this new horror thriller with Gillian Anderson and Lucy Boynton. The problems start with a murder, which Bale must solve before it’s too late. In the story, there is also a young Poe, before he became one of the best-known writers ever.

The movie is directed by Scott Cooper, who also made Antlers. Vanity Fair says that it’s a bit of an investigation into what it takes to drive a person crazy.

The name of the movie comes from a line in The Tell-Tale Heart that says, “A pale blue eye with a film over it. When it hit me, my blood ran cold,” but that doesn’t happen in this story as it does in the movie.

The Trailer

In the most recent trailer, Christian Bale plays Detective Landor, who is called to the West Point Military Academy after one of the cadets hangs himself there. What’s interesting about the case is that someone took his heart out of his body and left a series of clues that show the case is not what it seems to be, and only Landor can solve it. Soon, people start talking about a rare ritual to make people live forever. When another cadet goes missing, Landor has to ask a fellow cadet for help, who has to sneak into the academy to find out what’s going on.

The first trailer is cold and dark, with small blue touches to match the name. It shows us the actors in character and how death brings them all out of their comfort zones and brings them together. comfort and question everything they believe to know. This is not an ordinary case, so Christian Bale’s character teams up with an unusual person to find out what happened to the victims and who killed them.

What The Pale Blue Eye is about?

West Point, 1830, says the summary of the movie. A detective who has seen a lot is hired to look into the murder of a cadet in private. The cadets’ rule of silence makes it hard for him to solve the case, so he asks a young man named Edgar Allan Poe to help him.

Christian Bale plays a retired cop who teams up with a young Edgar Allan Poe when he finds out that the crime he is trying to solve is just one of many and that they may be looking for a dangerous serial killer.

The movie is based on a made-up book by Louis Bayard. In it, the author imagines that a series of scary things that happened in Poe’s life made him want to write.

The cast

Augustus Landor, played by Christian Bale, is the main character. He is a detective who has to solve a murder that is linked to a world full of secrets and codes, which makes his job hard. Bale told Vanity Fair in an interview that every character in this story has a secret that makes them very interesting and complicated.

Landor is described as a hardworking character who uses modern forensics to try to catch the most dangerous criminals. He is now retired and only goes back to work when a cadet from a famous military school is killed. bodies were found near the site (the school is called West Point and it is a place that actually exists).

Also, Harry Melling from the Harry Potter series plays Edgar Allan Poe, and they are joined by stars like Gillian Anderson from Sex Education, Lucy Boynton, Robert Duvall, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Charlie Tahan, Tobey Jones, and Timothy Spall.

When is The Pale Blue Eye Released?

The psychological movie will be one of the first to come out in 2023. On January 6, we’ll be able to watch it on Netflix.



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