Apple Reportedly Developing “Apple GPT” to Rival ChatGPT

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Apple GPT is getting ready to enter the realm of artificial intelligence (AI). As reported by ‘Bloomberg’ on Wednesday, the Cupertino company is quietly building conversational tools comparable to the well-known ChatGPT, a project dubbed Ajax.

According to internal sources, the company that created the iPhone is working on both a chatbot, which engineers call ‘Apple GPT,’ and a large language model (LLM), the technology that allows these programs to learn from the thousands of data points extracted from the Internet in order to answer users’ questions in a plausible manner.

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According to ‘Bloomberg’, this project of Apple GPT, which was developed in secret, does not yet have a public release date, though it may be shown at an event next year. According to the newspaper, Apple executives are contemplating how to make these AI tools available to users.

Apple GPT: What We Know So Far

Until now, Apple has avoided the corporate competition in which titans such as Microsoft, Google, and Meta compete to be the first to dominate a market that promises billions of euros in earnings. The Tim Cook-led company has avoided utilizing the industry jargon and has even prohibited its staff from using ChatGPT for fear of project leaks. Meanwhile, the company has chosen to focus on other growing industries with the introduction of its spectacles that combine augmented reality and virtual reality.

Ajax is built on Google‘s “JAX” machine learning platform, which DeepMind, a UK-based AI business, has been employing to “accelerate” its research since 2020. However, when compared to others, it is still regarded a moderately experimental framework. Some Apple employees have access to the chatbot, but this requires special permission – and outputs aren’t used to iterate on consumer-facing features.

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However, it has apparently already proven to be fairly useful for product prototyping. It’s unclear whether “Ajax” was created by just combining Google’s “JAX” with Apple’s “A”, but it’s undeniably one of the more intriguing names proposed by an AI language model framework.

Ajax, a renowned warrior second only to Achilles in strength, notoriously went wild and attempted to murder his military mates in Greek mythology. Instead, after Athena intervenes and clouds his judgment, he slaughters a flock of sheep.

Microsoft OpenAI

Microsoft has invested $11,000 million in OpenAI, the startup that produced ChatGPT, in order to integrate it into its office automation services.

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Google, a pioneer in the field of artificial intelligence, has introduced its Bard chatbot, the use of which was made available in Spain a little more than a week ago. Unlike its competitors, Meta stated on Tuesday that it will make its AI code available to the general public so that it might be used to create new products. Despite requesting that research of this technology be halted in February, billionaire Elon Musk announced on July 12 the formation of his own business in this subject, xAI.

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