Best Father Characters in Korean Drama

Korean Drama

K-dramas have given us the most varied set of (fictional) father figures, from the caring pop who always has a dad joke (or two) up his sleeve to the stoic patriarch with complex ideas about life.

Here are a few that have made a whole group of people laugh, cry, and want to watch more.

Well-written father figures are often the driving force behind some of the world’s most engrossing television dramas and motion pictures. Consider the cult favorite Mrs. Doubtfire, the critically praised To Kill A Mockingbird, or the popular sitcom Modern Family. Each featured a couple of dads who, while quite different in most ways and demeanors, nevertheless had a love for raising children.

For their kids, they go above and above, and as they get older, their needs are better met. All the while imparting wisdom that has stayed with viewers for a long time. ‘Appas’ with enormous hearts are prominently featured in Korean dramas, which is no exception. They raise a full generation of entertainment fanatics alongside their on-screen children and are selfless, attentive, silly, and loving. Here are a few deserving father figures from K-dramas, listed in no particular order.

K-dramas with the Best Father Figures of All Time

Hwang Yong-sik (Kang Ha-neul) in When the Camellia Blooms

This K-drama, while being run by a single mother, has a kind spouse who readily accepts the role of a father. Hwang Yong-sik is a policeman who excels at what he does. He settles in his hometown and develops feelings for the main character—who also happens to be Pil-gu’s parent—promising to look out for them at all times.

But he goes above and beyond, making an effort to comprehend the child’s emotions and wants, taking him to an arcade, protecting him from bullies, and intervening when necessary. He may be frequently hilarious, but his relentless pursuit of a serial killer who is chasing the lead makes him a very complete father figure.

Lee Ik Jun (Jo Jung Suk) in Hospital Playlist

Lee Ik Jun is a charming single father who is equally talented as a doctor and as a parent. He manages to parent his kid Uju while also giving in to his minor cravings (often for food), making time for bonding regardless of his schedule, and always showing him love and affection. Together, the two joke around, go camping, and deal with daily life. Uju tells his father at one point, “You’re my favorite person in the entire world.” We don’t know what else to say if that isn’t a resounding affirmation of his pop abilities.

Hong Yoo-chan (Yoo Jae-myung) in Vincenzo

The honorable “Mr. Hong” has a tense relationship with his successful lawyer daughter and her dubious legal methods. But he always has her best interests in mind. He takes on cases that benefit the poor or disadvantaged, frequently taking on corrupt corporations in the process. He is a lawyer himself and the CEO of Jipuragi Law Firm. In keeping with this, he sacrifices everything to protect the occupants of a building that the shady Babel Group, which his daughter represents, is planning to demolish.

Being a good man at heart, he makes sure she is safe and fed while criticizing her for sacrificing ethics for money. In reality, despite their furious dialogue, which is frequently sweet and humorous, he frequently displays satisfaction in his daughter’s accomplishments and confidence in her skills. He pursues justice with a fierce conviction, only to realize in the end that sometimes being bad is the only way to defeat evil. He says to the lead, “But I can’t be a monster,” expecting that someone else will take up the burden for him. Fortunately, his daughter satisfies this need.

Park Sung-Yeol (Son Hyun-Joo) in Itaewon Class

Park Sung Yeol, the father of Itaewon Class lead and a former employee of Jangga Group, had fans crying despite having a brief appearance on air. He was a kind man who taught his son to stand his ground and pursue justice. He always encouraged and believed in his son, defending him when he was detained for bullying and offering him encouragement in the face of hardship. His untimely passing inspired the protagonist to tirelessly seek achievement and retribution while never letting go of all the morals he had inherited.

Kim Chang-Gul (Ahn Gil-Kang) in Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo

Kim Chang-Gul, owner of a fried chicken restaurant and a former weightlifter, epitomizes a loving single father. He goes above and beyond to make sure his athlete daughter has everything she needs, supporting her through her triumphs and heartbreaks. When she becomes unmotivated, he asks her to take a break rather than pushing her further and apologizes when he believes he has crossed the line. He learns to understand the various moods and phases of a teenage girl, but he isn’t hesitant to correct her when she tries to change herself in order to win a man’s admiration. All the while, with his trademark grin and humor, giving free food to her teammates, friends, and anybody else who may help support her.

Woo Gwang-ho (Jeon Bae-soo) in Extraordinary Attorney Woo

Woo Gwang-ho accepts the challenges of single parenthood with open arms and a touching dedication. all while paying for law school at Seoul National University and supporting a daughter who is autistic. He gives up his dream of owning a kimbap shop in order to provide for his child, who can only eat kimbap. He encourages her to pursue law school after noticing that she absorbed his textbooks verbatim as a young child. He regularly talks with his daughter and is prepared to go to great lengths to ensure her happiness, despite being derided as a “daughter idiot” for his devotion to her.

Choi Gong Pil (Byung Hee Bong) and Dal-Pyung (Shin Jung-geun) in Pinocchio

Fathers Choi Gong Pil and Dal-Pyung bring happiness to a show that features painful estranged mother-child interactions. The two provide their respective children with unwavering warmth and passionate dedication as they navigate the tumult of life. They raised their kids with strict discipline on life’s right and wrongs while allowed them to return to a nurturing home regardless of their mistakes since they believed in them and were proud of them. We are at a loss for words if that isn’t fatherly.

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