20 Best TV Shows to Fuel Your Travel Dreams While You Stay Home

Best TV Shows to Watch Cure Wanderlust While at Home

Dreaming of traveling but can’t take off right now? Transport yourself with some vicarious adventure courtesy of these incredible television series overflowing with postcard vistas, dazzling culture and thrilling exploits to ignite serious wanderlust that you can enjoy straight from your couch.

Insatiable travelers stuck at home can find themselves quickly climbing the walls these days thanks to persistent wanderlust, even when grounded by responsibilities, health concerns or budget woes.

Luckily, television programmers have met a swelling appetite for globe-spanning sights by serving up visually stunning series guaranteed to spark serious travel envy. From lush jungle expeditions to tours of Old World capitals, breathtaking nature documentaries to dynamo global eateries, these streaming picks make you feel halfway around the world with just the click of a remote.

So leave that looming wanderlust list intact for future travels and journey instead to the world’s most wondrous destinations each night through your screen with this roundup of the top 10 television shows to fuel your travel dreams while staying safely home.

1. Sense 8 (2015–2018)

The death of one woman unexpectedly brings together the destinies of eight individuals from diverse countries. Although they have never met in person, they discover a profound connection on a mental, sensory, and emotional level. Together, they must defend themselves against a dangerous and malicious organization. Spanning across London, Seoul, Mexico City, and Nairobi, this captivating series delves into the unique stories of its characters, taking viewers on a journey through a rich tapestry of global landscapes. It is truly one of the most diverse collections of geographical settings in the realm of television.

2. Down to Earth with Zac Efron (2020-present)

Joining forces with wellness expert Darin Olien, Zac Efron sets off on a global adventure to discover the wholesome and eco-friendly practices embraced by different cultures. The American actor explores a variety of subjects against stunning landscapes, including renewable energy in Iceland, drinking water in France, pollution reduction in the United Kingdom, and nutrition in Italy.

3. Marco Polo (2014–2016)

Having journeyed across the vast oceans and deserts of the Silk Road for three long years, Marco Polo (Lorenzo Richelmy) now stands in solitude within the grand court of Kublai Khan (Benedict Wong). In order to gain the approval of the Khagan, the renowned explorer finds himself caught up in a complex web of political and emotional schemes, leading him on a journey across various regions of the Mongolian empire in the 13th century.

4. Queer Eye: We’re in Japan! (2019)

In this exciting new season of the popular American reality show Queer Eye, the Fab Five embark on a journey to Japan. Kiko Mizuhara has enlisted the help of Jonathan Van Ness, Bobby Berk, Tan France, Antoni Porowski, and Karamo Brown to empower and uplift Japanese individuals by assisting them in boosting their self-esteem. The outcome is a captivating journey of emotions, brimming with unforgettable experiences, all taking place in the vibrant city of Tokyo.

5. Money Heist (2017–2021)

A group of daring thieves, under the leadership of a mysterious man called “The Professor” (Álvaro Morte), devise a bold scheme to pilfer 2.4 billion newly minted euros from Spain’s Royal Mint in Madrid. The series eventually takes us to the Caribbean, Thailand, and other dream destinations, where our thieves encounter their most daunting task: avoiding detection.

6. Gordon Ramsay: Uncharted (2019–2021)

This passionate English chef invites us to explore the farthest corners of the world in his quest for culinary inspiration. Our menu features a delightful selection of dishes sourced from the Sacred Valley of Peru, the tropical fruits of Hawaii, the thrilling piranhas of Guyana, and many other enticing options. Prepare yourself for a culinary adventure that will broaden your taste buds!

7. Emily in Paris (2020–present)

Emily, portrayed by Lily Collins, leads a fulfilling life in her beloved hometown of Chicago. She has a strong support system, a fulfilling career, and a loving partner with whom she envisions a long-term future. However, when her boss presents an incredible opportunity to spend a year in Paris working as a marketing consultant for a local agency, Emily eagerly embraces this exciting new adventure. Unfortunately, things didn’t turn out as positively as she had anticipated. The situation becomes complicated with the introduction of culture shock, a love triangle, and professional challenges. However, this young American remains optimistic and continues to make the most of her experience in Paris.

8. Tales by Light (2015–2018)

Presented in partnership with National Geographic and Canon cameras, this captivating Australian documentary series takes viewers on an extraordinary journey alongside a team of talented photographers. From the majestic Himalayan peaks to the remote corners of the Tonga archipelago, the series showcases the awe-inspiring beauty of these breathtaking locations. These artists refine their skills through a range of exciting experiences, capturing captivating stories and offering a distinct perspective on our world through their cameras.

9. Outlander (2014–present)

Outlander is an epic tale that follows the journey of Claire Randall, a World War II nurse who finds herself transported back to 1743 Scotland during a trip with her husband. The story is based on the book of the same name by Diana Gabaldon. With her independent and resourceful nature, she explores every possible avenue to return to her own time. However, her journey takes an unexpected turn when she crosses paths with Jamie, a courageous Scot who captures her heart completely. You’ll find yourself daydreaming about both travel to different places and time travel as you follow their exciting journeys.

10. The Amazing Race (2001–present)

The Amazing Race follows the exciting journey of 11 teams of two as they race around the world, with the exception of the season 8 family edition. This captivating reality show transports its participants to breathtaking destinations like the Seychelles Islands, Mongolia, and Ethiopia. At each checkpoint, participants are required to successfully complete a series of physical and mental challenges in order to progress to their next destination. The team that reaches the final stage first will be awarded a prize of US$1 million.

11. Summertime (2020–present)

Ale, a motorcycle champion, and Summer, a model student, come from contrasting backgrounds. However, their intense attraction blossoms into a love that they will never forget. Located in the picturesque port city of Cesenatico in northeastern Italy, summertime provides a delightful opportunity to soak up the sun, immerse yourself in a lively atmosphere, and enjoy a refreshing change of scenery.

12. Dark Tourist (2018)

David Farrier, the New Zealand journalist, is far from being an ordinary tourist. In the documentary series Dark Tourist, the host explores some of the most unsettling locations across the globe. Exploring radioactive sites, haunted forests, and participating in spiritual rituals is all in a day’s work for this seasoned dark tourism enthusiast. Dark Tourist offers a unique perspective on popular tourist destinations, requiring an open mind to fully appreciate its content.

13. Samurai Gourmet (2017)

Samurai Gourmet is a unique cooking show that stands in stark contrast to all others you may have watched. It is based on a manga by Masayuki Kusumi. In this captivating Japanese drama, a recently retired man in his sixties, played by Naoto Takenaka, embarks on a delightful journey to discover the hidden gems of his neighborhood restaurants. With the company of his imaginary friend, a samurai who inspires our protagonist to fully embrace life’s pleasures, he takes his time to savor each meal, in stark contrast to the fast-paced nature of most cooking shows. This is a truly exceptional find for those who have a passion for experiencing the true flavors of Japanese cuisine.

14. The Parisian Agency: Exclusive Properties (2021)

The agency is a family business. The Kretz family, consisting of a father, mother, and four sons, enjoys working, eating, and celebrating their successes as a unit. This captivating French reality show takes viewers on a journey from Paris to Ibiza, immersing them in the daily lives of these high-end real estate agents as they skillfully sell exquisite properties.

15. Magical Andes (2019–2021)

This captivating documentary series takes viewers on a journey across the diverse landscapes of Venezuela and Argentina, delving into the lives and experiences of individuals deeply connected to the majestic Andes mountain range. This mountain range in South America is truly a sight to behold, with its awe-inspiring scenery that will captivate any nature enthusiast.

16. Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown (2013–2018)

Anthony Bourdain, a well-known figure in the culinary world, invites us to join him on a global culinary adventure through his appearances on various cooking shows. In this instance, we explore Peru, Colombia, and Libya, where Bourdain expertly intertwines the culinary experience with insightful conversations about the political climate in each country.

17. Kitz (2021-present)

Lisi, a nineteen-year-old, believes she has identified the person responsible for her brother’s tragic demise. One year later, she decides to seek retribution by infiltrating an affluent group of acquaintances who frequent the opulent resort of Kitzbühel, Austria, annually. This thrilling story takes place in stunning Alpine landscapes that could easily be mistaken for postcard-perfect scenes.

18. Street Food: Asia and Latin America (2019–2020)

Street Food is a captivating documentary series that delves into the world of a popular cuisine. This program explores the daily lives of chefs from Osaka, Japan, to Lima, Peru, with a focus on Asia and Latin America. Street food demonstrates how individuals sustain themselves through their culinary skills and share their love for delicious food with their community. It also delves into the impact of street food on the cultural fabric of their locality.

19. Extreme Engagement (2019)

In this one-of-a-kind reality show, an Australian couple named PJ Madam and Tim Noonan set off on a year-long adventure to discover and experience wedding traditions from different cultures across the globe. Traveling from Cameroon to Brazil via China, Papua New Guinea, and other destinations, the couple embarks on a journey to deepen their connection and determine if marriage is the right path for them.

20. Flavorful Origins (2019–2020)

This captivating documentary series showcases the rich gastronomic heritage of China, delving into the diverse and mouthwatering culinary techniques discovered in the Chaoshan, Yunnan, Gansu, and Guiyang regions. Indulge in a delectable array of dishes that will surely satisfy your cravings. Flavorful Origins offers a tantalizing selection of meat noodles, seafood, and moon cakes that are bound to leave you wanting more. Explore the world of these delightful delicacies and be inspired to recreate them in your own kitchen.


With quarantine cabin fever and travel restrictions lingering for many over recent years, television programming has responded by unleashing visually stunning series guaranteed to ignite wanderlust without requiring airport security lines. Whether you crave sweeping vistas of unspoiled nature, insight into diverse global cultures, or just some armchair sightseeing of world landmarks, these streaming picks make you feel halfway across the world with cinematic views.

So until you can check off every last destination on your future travel bucket list, let television transport you instead through the foothills of the Andes, Korean street markets and the canals of Amsterdam today. Your upcoming adventures will likely feel all the sweeter once the long-awaited liftoff finally comes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What TV shows are best for travel inspiration?

Some top-rated TV picks renowned for sparking viewers’ wanderlust include nature documentary series like Planet Earth and Our Planet, which showcase Earth’s most spectacular landscapes, from Arctic ice sheets to African plains. Docuseries like Stanley Tucci’s foodie adventures across Italian regions also provide enticing vicarious travel.

Do travel shows encourage more tourism?

Yes, buzzworthy travel series often directly influence tourism spikes to featured destinations once restrictions lift, a phenomenon called the “Screen Tourism Effect.” Locals showcased in shows like Game of Thrones, Outlander or Emily in Paris have noted surges in visitors owing to their onscreen popularity.

Why do audiences love travel shows?

Viewers enjoy living vicariously through rich scenes, exploring new territories through host perspectives for the escapism it provides. Shows also tap into the universal fascination people have for exploring cultures, cuisines and landscapes different from their own while sparking future travel aspirations.

What streaming services offer the best travel shows?

Top streaming platforms renowned for high-quality travel series include Netflix (Our Planet, Street Food), CNN’s CNNgo (Stanley Tucci), Disney+ (The World According to Jeff Goldblum), Apple TV+ (Tiny World), and Amazon Prime (World’s Most Amazing Vacation Rentals).

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