5 Best Jackie Chan Movies [You Must Watch]

Jackie Chan best Movies
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When you go to a Jackie Chan movie, you know you’re going to have a good time. The man is a movie star who set the standard for how action movies should feel and look. He did this by adding his own style of comedy, which made him his own genre.

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If you like action or martial arts movies, you should watch some of Jackie Chan’s best ones. Since he has made a lot of movies, we decided to list only the most important ones and where you can find them.

1. Crime Story

Jackie Chan is known for his action comedies, but his best work is a drama based on real events. This thriller, which was filmed in Hong Kong, is about a police officer (Chan) who has post-traumatic stress disorder because he killed several people in self-defense. He is sent to find a kidnapped businessman. One problem is that one of the criminals is working for the police.

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Chan gives an impressive performance in this play, which is without a doubt the highlight of his Hong Kong career as an actor.

Where to watch: Prime Video

2. Police Story

The first Police Story movie came out in 1985. Jackie Chan wrote and directed it, and it changed his whole career. It had all the classic elements of action comedies and helped define the genre. The movie is about a police detective named Chan Ka-Kui, who is being accused of murder and has to catch a drug dealer at the same time. It was a hit in both Asia and Europe because it had big scenes, sets, and stunts. It has a cult following all over the world.

This led to two sequels that got good reviews from critics (Police Story 2 and Super Cop), a fourth movie with English dialogue (First Strike), and two remakes that came out in the new century.

Even though they are all good in their own ways, the first is one of the most important Jackie Chan films.

Where to watch: Prime Video

3. Rumble in the Bronx

Rumble in the Bronx is another one of Jackie Chan’s great films from Hong Kong. This time, it was directed by Stanley Tong, who is also a martial arts expert, and Jackie Chan worked with him on the film’s choreography.

It is a martial arts movie, and Chan’s sense of humor isn’t really a part of it. He plays a cop again, and this time he goes to New York for a wedding. When he gets there, he finds himself in a fight with a local gang. One of the most important Jackie Chan films.

4. Shanghai Kid

Shanghai Kid (or Shanghai Noon, which was its original name) is one of Jackie Chan’s comedies from the turn of the century, and it might be one of the best American movies he did. Here, he stars with Owen Wilson and Lucy Liu in a story about a man from China who goes to the Old West to save a princess who has been taken, hostage. When he meets a train robber, he goes on a fun and exciting journey.

Even though Chan’s physical comedy isn’t used to its full potential by the director, his chemistry with Wilson has made this a classic that people watch again and again whenever it comes on TV.

Where to watch: Star+

5. An Explosive Couple

Rush Hour is another buddy comedy movie that Jackie Chan made during his time in Hollywood. It’s not quite as good as The Shanghai Kid, but it’s still worth a spot on our list.

Chris Tucker joins Jackie Chan in this movie as two different kinds of police officers who must work together to save the daughter of a Chinese politician.


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