Top 10 Dragon Movies that Everyone should Watch

Dragon Movies
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You like House of the Dragon and Game of Thrones, right? So the next step is to have a choice of dragon movies.

The best thing about Dragon movies is that they let us live, imagine, and experience the impossible. We can see dinosaurs that look real in a park that we want to be real, scary monsters, witches, vampires, and even dragons that breathe fire and rule the skies, and that lets us have the best adventures.

Luckily, the movie gods know that every adult was once a child who dreamed of seeing creatures from stories and legends. This is why great actors and directors have joined projects that try to explore those dreams. and cause them to blow up.

House of the Dragon Movies gave us a new chance to see dragons and learn more about their relationship with the Targaryens, but it only made us want more, so we can go back to the movies and watch the best ones where these legendary animals are the main characters.

Everyone should see these Dragon Movies:

1. The Hobbit – Amazon Prime

The story of Bilbo Baggins and the dwarves of Erebor has something to do with a big dragon named Smaug. Smaug was drawn to the gold in the kingdom under the mountain and stole the dwarves’ home. The Hobbit movies tell the story of how Thorin, Balin, Bilbo, and the rest of the group decided to travel across a large part of Middle-earth to get back what had been stolen from them. Along the way, they met elves, humans, and orcs, until they met the powerful dragon who was out for revenge.

2. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire – HBO Max

In the world of Harry Potter, there are many magical and fantastic creatures, and in Goblet of Fire, we get to see dragons. In this movie, students from different schools of magic gather at Hogwarts for a dangerous tournament. The chosen students have to pass a series of hard tests to get eternal glory, and the first one makes them face different kinds of dragons that Ron Weasley’s older brother brought there.

3. Dragonheart – On Demand

This great movie from the 1990s stars Dennis Quaid and Sean Connery. The movie’s visual effects were nominated for an Oscar, and the story is about a dragon slayer who asks a dragon for help. The dragon agrees to help save the life of a king who was hurt in battle in exchange for a piece of his heart, which connects the two people forever. But when that same king becomes a tyrant, the hunter and the dragon must work together again to stop him.

4. Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings – Disney+

This is a great Marvel movie. Shang-Chi is the story of a man who has to deal with the pain of his past when his father comes back and wants to use him to save his dead wife. The father doesn’t know that he is being used by an evil force that wants to destroy the world. It can only be destroyed by a powerful old dragon that hasn’t been seen in years.

5. Reign of Fire – On Demand

This movie stars Christian Bale, Matthew McConaughey, and Gerard Butler. It starts when a dragon that has been trapped for a thousand years wakes up. 20 years later, people are fighting against many more dragons who use their power and fire to destroy everything in their way. That’s when a dragon slayer shows up and becomes the last hope for people.

6. Red Dragon – HBO Max

Technically, it’s not a movie about dragons. Instead, it’s about a serial killer who thinks he turns into a dragon. The movie with Edward Norton and Anthony Hopkins is about a detective who must work with Doctor Lecter to catch a brutal killer called “The Tooth Fairy.” The Tooth Fairy turns out to be a troubled man whose childhood traumas caused his mind to be broken up.

7. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo – Amazon Prime

Also, it’s not a movie about dragons, but there’s a big dragon tattoo that means something. This movie is based on a series of Swedish novels. It stars Rooney Mara and Daniel Craig as a journalist and a hacker with a perfect memory who must work together to solve the case of a teenage girl who went missing years ago and is linked to a series of murders and the secrets of a powerful family.

8. How to Train your Dragon – Disney+

This animated movie is about Vikings and dragons. Jay Baruchel and Gerard Butler lend their voices to the movie. The story takes place in a small Viking village that is constantly being attacked and robbed of food by dragons. Everything starts to change when the chief’s son finds a wounded dragon and realizes that humans and dragons don’t have to be enemies and that they can work together.

9. Ray and the Last Dragon – Disney+

This Oscar-nominated movie was directed by a Mexican named Carlos López Estrada. It is about a world that is split in two and attacked by dark creatures that turn millions of people into stone. In the middle of the chaos, Raya finds a mysterious magical dragon who is the last chance to save the world and try to heal the wounds of the past.

10. The Sword in the Stone – Disney+

This Disney classic depicts the story of Arthur, a young lad, and the sword that helped him alter his life and become King of England, with the help of a wizard who teaches him everything he needs to know about ruling properly. During this time, a witch appears and is transformed into a dragon in one of the most spectacular magic duels in film history.

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