When Will Queen of the South Season 6 Renewed or Cancelled?

Queen of the South Season 6

The Criminal thriller television series “Queen of the South season 6” is about Teresa Mendoza, whose life is turned upside down after a drug cartel murders her fiance. She flees Mexico and becomes the fearsome leader of a large crime organization.

The series is an adaptation of the Telemundo television series “La Reina del Sur,” which was based on Arturo Perez-book Reverte’s of the same name. M.A. Fortin and Joshua John Miller devised the action series, which premiered on June 23, 2016.

The series received mostly positive reviews from critics and viewers. The show has won praise not only for Alice Braga’s enthralling performance as Teresa Mendoza but also for its script and visual appeal. The masterfully crafted action scenes and the unexpected plot wowed the audience.

As the Queen of the South season 5, which has been quite captivating, comes to an end, fans are eager to learn if there will be a Queen of the South season 6. So, in such a situation, the information you require is provided below.

What is the Queen of the South Season 6 TV Show About?

Queen of the South season 6, which airs on the USA Network cable channel, starring Alice Braga, Hemky Madera, Peter Gadiot, and Molly Burnett. Teresa Mendoza (Braga) is a destitute Mexican woman on the run from a strong drug gang who seeks safety in the United States. She finally ascends to power and establishes her own drug-trafficking empire. Teresa ultimately accepts her Queenpin title and all that it entails in Queen of the South season 5.

While she has strived to maintain a high moral code and lead with her heart, her ability to stay on top has begun to suffer as a result of those principles. Teresa must now make difficult decisions about the people closest to her, all while continuing her desire for even more power.

Will Queen of the South Season 6 Return?

The show premiered in 2016. Except for the fifth season, each season has 13 episodes, for a total of 62. In 2019, the Queen of the South season 5 was revived for ten episodes. Because of the epidemic, production came to a halt in 2020. It debuted on April 7, 2021. The series was later confirmed to be coming to an end, with the Queen of the South season 5 being the final one. On June 9, 2021, the series finale aired.

The show’s concept was that Mendoza, who is from Mexico, falls in love with a member of a drug cartel and strives to change her impoverished existence. But when she learns that her boyfriend has been murdered, she is compelled to run. She crosses the border into America. She then teams up with someone she knows from her prior life to take down the rival drug gang lord who is chasing her. Mendoza forms her own cartel and eventually becomes wealthy, allowing her to escape poverty. However, this introduces new issues.

Queen of the South Season 6 Quick Info

Season:  Queen of the South
No. of Seasons: 5
No Of Episode: 62 (seasons 1-5)
Status: Canceled
Cast:  Alice Braga, Hemky Madera, Peter Gadiot
Director: M.A. Fortin, Joshua John Miller
Genre:  Action, Crime. Drama. Thriller
Production:  Frequency Films, Friendly Films
Producer: Robert J. Wilson, Lorenzo O’Brien
Music: Giorgio Moroder, Raney Shockne
Country of Origin: United States
Origin Language:  English
Available Languages:  English
Next Season Release Date: Canceled
Available On: USA Network

Queen of the South Season 6 Release Date

As previously stated, with the publication of the Queen of the South season 5, it was declared that the series would come to an end, and there would be no further seasons. Furthermore, the prospects of renewal are relatively low because there have been replies from fans regarding Queen of the South season 6. Nonetheless, they are insufficient for officials to renew the series.

However, if the series is renewed for a Queen of the South season 6, the release date will be in 2023. It will take a long time because there is no official word on the renewal, and if it gets renewed today, it will most likely air in late 2023.

The inaugural season of Queen of the South aired from June 23rd to September 15th, 2016. The Queen of the South season 2 aired from June 8th to August 31st, 2017. The Queen of the South season 3 aired from June 21st to September 13th, 2018. And the Queen of the South season 4 aired from June 6th to August 29th, 2019.

The Queen of the South season 5 aired from April 7th to June 9th, 2021. If there is any fresh information or an update on the release date of the sixth season of Queen of the South, we will post it here.

Queen of the South Season 6 Spoiler

As previously said, the plot revolves around TERESA MENDOSA, who became a drag queen when her partner was murdered. She has now established a drug gang empire and converted herself into a drag queen. The audience was captivated by her battle to become a drag queen until Queen of the South season 4, but fans are eager to learn more about her exploits.

Queen of the South season 6 will thus be about TERESA MENDOSA, however, this is just a spoiler because we don’t know what season 6 will be about. Furthermore, she was spotted alive in Queen of the South season 5, which has fans excited for Queen of the South season 6 and craving for more of her story.

Queen of The South Season 6 Plot

The Queen of the South’s followers were ecstatic. It is due for a victorious return for all of its fans as one of the most popular series. This famous series was produced by MA Fortin and Joshua Miller. Teresa Mandoza is played by Alice Braga in the story. It shows how useful she is as a nasty lady. She talks about her ties to the drug mafia and her attempts to become a well-known drug mafia member. It never stops surprising the audience with new twists and turns. The series’ protagonist is a Mexican woman. It demonstrates how she made a fortune by developing her vast drug empire.

Mendoza Teresa is a Mexican lady from Sinaloa, Mexico. She gradually falls in love with a member of a drug lord’s family. It also portrays her effort to break free from poverty. When she discovers that her lover has been murdered, the plot shifts, and she is compelled to run. She successfully crosses the border into the United States. She shares a room with a man she’s known for a long time.

Her mission begins right now. She creates a gang to combat the druggist who is pursuing her. She also benefits from her newly acquired fortune. This, however, adds to the difficulties and complexities of her life. Teresa’s odyssey, in which she defies her opponents, preferences, and stubbornness to build her own drug country, has enthralled and pleased viewers for four seasons.

The plot is based on a “telenovela,” which is based on a Spanish novel of the same name. Nothing has been revealed or formally verified about The Queen of the South Season 6 narrative by any of the sources.

Queen of The South Season 6 Cast

Queen of the South Season 6

There has yet to be an official announcement about the Queen of the South season 6 cast. Nonetheless, based on the cast of previous seasons, we can expect the series’ frequently recurring characters to appear in Queen of the South season 6. The following characters appeared in previous seasons as recurring characters and were cast members in Queen of the South season 5:

  • Alice Braga as Teresa Mendoza
  • Peter Gadiot as James Valdez
  • Veronica Falcón as Doña Camila Vargas
  • Hemky Madera as Pote Galvez
  • Justina Machado as Brenda Parra
  • Gerardo Taracena as Cesar “Batman” Guemes
  • Joaquim de Almeida às Don Epifanio
  • Jon-Michael Ecker as Raymundo “Güero” Davila
  • Nick Sagar as DEA agent Alonzo Loya
  • Yancey Arias as Alberto Cortez
  • Idalia Valles as Isabela Vargas
  • Alfonso Herrera as Javier Jimenez
  • David Andrews as Judge Cecil Lafayette
  • Molly Burnett as Kelly Anne Van Awken
  • Joseph T. Campos as Boaz Jimenez
  • Mark Consuelos as Teo Aljarafe
  • Rafael Amaya as Aurelio Casillas
  • Nikki Dixon as DEA Agent Valerie Postak
  • Michel Duval as Enrique “Kique” Jiménez
  • James Martinez as Gato Fierros
  • Ximena Duque as Eva Buemeros
  • Paola Andino as Olivia Gutiérrez
  • Ryan O’Nan as King George
  • Jamie Hector as Devon Finch
  • Armando Riesco as Pecas
  • Alimi Ballard as Marcel Dumas
  • Chris Greene as Bobby Leroux

Why Queen of the South Season 6 will Not Return?

Queen of the South was canceled after season 5, partly due to the show’s story running its course, but also due to a change in strategy by USA Network. Following the season 4 finale in August 2019, Queen of the South was quickly renewed for a fifth season, but it was announced in March 2021 that the following season would be the show’s final.

Due to the steady decline in traditional TV viewing figures and the costly impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, USA Network shifted its programming strategy away from big-budget scripted series and toward reality shows. The plot of Queen of the South concluded in 2021, and shows such as The Sinner, Dare Me, The Purge, and Treadstone have since been canceled.

In a statement to Deadline about the Queen of the South season 6, Entertainment Networks chairman Frances Berwick said, “This series broke boundaries for the genre, and we are so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with this incredible team of creators, cast, and crew, as well as our studio partners at 20th Television and UCP.” As we near this final chapter, we look forward to a fantastic season culminating in a finale that will provide our fans with the satisfying conclusion they deserve.”

Talk on Social Media About Queen of South Season 6 Cancellation

When Season 5 was released, ardent fans of the show flocked to Twitter to express their delight at the show’s continuation. And there appears to be a sense of unease with the cancellation of Queen of the South season 6.

However, he stated that he was pleased with the outcome. “Best ending ever for a TV series,” one tweet says. “Just finished watching the series,” says another. What a wonderful work of art!”

Will The Series Ever Return?

There are various reasons why the show is unlikely to return to the BBC. The main cause for this is a decrease in its average ratings and viewership. Its fourth edition received less than one million average viewers. As a result, the continuing decline in its ratings may have compelled the producers to end its storyline.

In addition, the fifth season of the series has already concluded Teresa Mendoza’s story. As a result, it is now extremely improbable that the BBC will ever renew Queen of the South season 6.

Is Queen of the South Based on a True Story?

Queen of the South is the culmination of a series of inspirations. The show is based on Telemundo’s successful Spanish-language melodrama La Reina del Sur, which debuted in 2011 with a 63-episode first season, followed by a 60-episode sophomore season in 2019. The telenovela version of the series is likewise an adaption, as it is based on the 2002 book of the same name by Spanish author Arturo Pérez-Reverte.

While Pérez-novel Reverte’s is fiction, it is inspired by real-life female drug lord Mallory Chacón, a Guatemalan-born woman who ran cocaine from Guatemala to the United States through Colombian and Mexican drug cartels, building an empire so successful that she earned the moniker “Queen of the South.” Chacón was eventually apprehended and sentenced to 12 years in prison in the United States for cocaine trafficking in 2015, but his sentence was cut to five years by a federal judge in 2019, and he was released entirely just five days later.

So, to cut a long story short, Queen of the South is partially based on the true story of Mallory Chacón.

What Happened at the End of ‘Queen of the South’?

To refresh your recollection, in Season 5, Episode 9, James (Peter Gadiot) shot Teresa at her Belize home at Devon Finch’s request. (From Jamie Hector.) The final episode shows the aftermath of her death, which is heartbreaking to watch. Pote (Hemky Madera) is seen scattering Teresa’s ashes, while Samara (Eve Harlow) is seen giving the police a witness statement.

However, the show includes a time jump in which viewers can see what the main characters are up to three years later. Teresa, it turns out, did not actually die, but rather carried out a smart scheme. Teresa, who was still very much alive and well. (Read the recap of the conclusion here.) This unanticipated twist opens the door to future stories that will most likely go unnoticed.

Queen of the South Season 5 Recap 

In Queen of the South season 5, the main character Teresa Mendoza was shot by a sniper, later revealed to be James, in Queen of the South episode 9, leaving fans distraught. Teresa’s body can be seen in a variety of scenarios during episode 10, creating the appearance that the drug lord has been killed. The last scenes of Queen of the South season 5 reminded me of The Shawshank Redemption as we found Teresa alive and well, living in a beautiful home on the beach after she faked her death.

If Queen of the South season 6 is renewed, the show might follow Teresa as she makes a new start away from the actual world of drug operations and crime gangs. This season does not appear to be as exciting or adventurous as past seasons. Nonetheless, it appears like terminating Queen of the South after Queen of the South season 5 with a happy ending and stopping the show is the best option.

Where to Watch Queen of The South Season 6 Online?

The series premiered on USA Network in America for the entire season. Internationally, the series debuted on Showcase in Australia and DMAX in Germany. Netflix has also made the series available.


After all, you’ve been through a lot; the response could affect the course of your life forever. You were last seen in Queen of the South season 5 last episode, alongside Teresa Mendoza and other characters there for your enjoyment. The sixth season has been canceled due to a proclamation by the series’ authorities; thus, there will be no Queen of the South season 6.

We can hope for the best, even if we know it is highly unlikely. Queen of the South season 6 of the show is less likely to be produced than Queen of the South season 5. The cast and crew have expressed their appreciation for all of the memories made on-site as well as many other aspects of the event. The series’ directors deliberated on how to bring the show to a triumphant conclusion. As a result, that’s what they did to please everyone.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Queen of the South Season 6

How Many Episodes are in Queen of the South Season 5?

The fifth season of the show has ten episodes.

Will there be a Queen of the South Season 6?

Nope. Unfortunately, the fifth season was the final batch of episodes for the show. There are currently no plans for a Queen of the South season 6.

How many seasons of Queen of the South are there?

Queen of the South has a total of five seasons.

Is the Trailer for the Queen of the South Season 6 released?

No, the trailer for Queen of the South Season 6 has yet to be released.

Will there be Queen of the South season 6?

If those viewers are hoping for Queen of the South season 6, they will be disappointed because those episodes will be the show’s final ones. These new Queen of the South episodes were initially broadcast in the United States in the summer of 2021, around the same time the network announced the show’s cancellation.

Is Queen of the South season 5 on Netflix?

Queen of the South season 5 will launch on Netflix series on Thursday, April 7, 2021.

Who does Teresa marry as Queen of the South?

Teresa hasn’t been married to anyone as Queen of the South. There isn’t much known about her life before becoming a money changer, but there has never been any mention of a husband. Guero was the closest she’d come to walking down the aisle, but their relationship was just a year long.

Who kills Teresa in the Queen of the South book?

It does, however, manage to surprise everyone. Teresa meets this end in the second-to-last episode of Season 5, dying at the hands of her lover, James. This is a heartbreaking reveal, as it appears that the majority of showgoers want James and Teresa to be happy together.

Do James and Teresa get together?

The couple devises a strategy to escape the narco life by convincing the CIA that James has accomplished the scheduled hit on Teresa. Their scheme is successful, and four years later they are shown to be happy together.

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