Satanic Panic: 12 iconic Movies of Witchcraft and Demons

Satanic Panic
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It’s almost Halloween, so it’s time for a marathon of movies about witchcraft and demons to calm your nerves and give you the that intense, addictive feeling that you can only get from a good horror movie.

In the 1980s, everyone was worried about witchcraft and Satanism. The famous Satanic Panic happened, and suddenly everyone was talking about missing children, witchcraft, and evil rituals. So what happened? No, the devil and witches didn’t take over the world in the 1980s. However, a lot of strange things were happening in society, and people needed an explanation and a way out. Black magic and deals with the devil became the better explanation.

But this didn’t start in the 1980s. Witches and demons have been a part of human culture for hundreds of years. At some point, the stories stopped being passed down by word of mouth and became some of the best horror movies of all time.

The truth is that the theme is interesting, paranormal, dark, and mysterious, which is the perfect mix to get our attention every time someone has a new idea. Even though witches don’t exist and if you’re not religious, you probably don’t believe in demons, that doesn’t mean that stories about them can’t scare you. If you don’t believe me, try watching Les Diaboliques, one of the best French horror movies, and you’ll see what I mean. you’re going to check), even if you feel very brave and think a movie can’t get inside your head.

There are Satanic Panic movies that will give you chills about witchcraft and demons

1. Hereditary, 2018

Satanic Panic: 12 iconic Movies of Witchcraft and Demons
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People who have seen the movie know that only Ari Aster could have made a simple mouth smack into one of the most haunting sounds. Hereditary is a strange and complicated story about the dramas, secrets, and wounds that happen in a family, which are taken to the extreme by a strange, evil deal with deadly results.

The photography in Hereditary is brutal, violent, and shocking. It uses violence, blood, and pain to create tense scenes that you can’t stop looking at even though they make you shiver.

2. Suspiria, 1977 / 2018

Satanic Panic: 12 iconic Movies of Witchcraft and Demons
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Dario Argento is the master of Italian horror, and his film Suspiria, which came out in 1977, is one of the most famous psychedelic horror movies ever made. In 2018, Luca Guadagino made a new version that is different from the original but is just as scary.

What does it mean? In Suspiria, a student named Suzy Bannion gets a scholarship to go to a famous dance school in Germany. She doesn’t know that the school is full of witches who steal the talents and lives of the students to keep their power.

3. Coven, 2020

Satanic Panic: 12 iconic Movies of Witchcraft and Demons
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This Netflix movie takes us back to the time when witches were being hunted in Spain. The movie up for a Goya is dark and features Amaia Aberasturi. It’s about desire, sexuality, the forbidden, and superstitions.

Akelarre follows a group of teens who are accused of witchcraft and are arrested by a brutal inquisitor who is willing to torture them to get them to tell him their secrets and show him their satanic rituals. However, he gets lost in his own fantasy and shows the real dark side of that time in history, which has a lot to do with people and not the supernatural.

4. Fear Street, 2021

The famous RL Stine books from the 1980s inspired this trilogy of Netflix movies. The story is told in three parts that take place in three different years. The first part takes place in the 1990s when a teenager and her friends find out that the bad things that don’t happen in their town are caused by a witch.

The second one takes place in the 1970s when a brutal serial killer attacks children at a summer camp. The third one takes place in the 1600s when a teenager is accused of witchcraft and puts a curse on the town that is still causing pain and violence today.

5. The Exorcists, 1973

This scary movie from the 1970s was based on the true story of a child who was possessed by the devil. It starred Ellen Burstyn, Max von Sydow, and Linda Blair. In Friedkin’s version, a girl named Regan is taken over by a demon, which causes her mother to call a priest in a desperate attempt to free her soul (instead of running the hell out of there like any sane person).

In the 1970s, The Exorcist changed the way horror movies were made. What shocked people the most was the idea that something like this could have happened. It definitely played on the fears of people who grew up in religious families, but it also scared the skeptics who never thought that seeing a girl with her head spinning could make them nervous.

6. The Witch, 2015

Sometimes you only need to play with music, colors, and human imagination, and that’s exactly what occurs in this short, starring Anya Taylor-Joy, that gently builds tension to the point of erupting, with a sinister black goat and an infernal pact depicted in the most aesthetic way conceivable. Eggers juxtaposes the wonderful lonely vistas with the terror of what is happening, reminding us that nothing in the movie is more horrific than one evil child (well, maybe two demonic children, as in this case).

7. The Blackcoat’s Daughter, 2015

This movie, also called February, is about three girls who play with witchcraft at an all-girls boarding school. Kiernan Shipka, Lucy Boynton, and Emma Roberts are in it (which looks strangely creepy). It all starts when two students are stuck at boarding school during winter break. They quickly find out that something is very wrong there.

There are no jump scares or scary creatures. Instead, it’s all a mind game that speaks to evil by showing witches as supernatural beings who hide in plain sight and get ready to strike from the dark, but not from the dark. the way we’ve heard about in stories.

8. Rosemary’s Baby, 1968

Polanski’s mind has always been dark, and in this movie, Mia Farrow plays a poor woman whose husband “sells” her to a satanic cult so she can be raped by a demon and have the devil’s child.

Rosemary’s Baby is a horror cult classic and one of the most well-known movies of all time. Polanski never shows Rosemary’s baby, which is an interesting detail. This makes the image you make in your mind when you hear the mother scream scarier than he could have made it.

9. Blair Witch Project, 1999

This movie was a huge hit in the 1990s for two reasons. First, it used a handheld camera to put us in the shoes of the main characters. Second, before it came out, a whole campaign was put together to make it seem like this was a true story and that it was a documentary made from tapes found in the woods. At the time of its first showing, there were even newspaper ads that said the actors were missing.

Blair Witch became a legend, and many other horror movies tried to copy the formula that made it so popular.

10. The Autopsy of Jane Doe, 2016

Before he was in Succession, Bryan Cox was in this dark movie with Emile Hirsch. It was about a father and son who work in a morgue and are given a mysterious body to study.

In the middle of the night, because they don’t care about life, they try to figure out who did it. They find a strange plot to hide a violent and mysterious act, and they quickly realize that the victim at their table is not who they think it is.

11. The Neon Demon, 2016

How would witchcraft and making deals with the devil look now? In this neon-colored thriller, Elle Fanning, Abby Lee, and Christina Hendricks learn about the obsession and despair that come with fame and success, as well as how jealousy can consume and destroy a person.

First, there’s Jesse, a teenager who wants to be a model and seems to have a magnetic power that makes everyone she meets want to be with her. However, she has a dark side that ends up trapping a group of characters who are obsessed with her. owning it is what makes it unique.

12. The Evil Dead, 1981

Satanic Panic: 12 iconic Movies of Witchcraft and Demons
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Sam Raimi, one of the most famous directors of all time, came up with this classic in the 1980s. Evil Dead is a very dark story about teens who go into the woods, mess with the wrong things, and are followed by supernatural forces.

As we’ve already said, the story starts with a group of teenagers who go to a lonely cabin in the woods. Once there, they find a mysterious book and decide to open it to see what it says. By doing this, they wake up a few ancient demons who want to take over their bodies and end their lives.

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