5 Reasons Why the Apple Watch is the Best Smartwatch

Why the Apple Watch is the Best Smartwatch

Finding the proper smartwatch model in a world where numerous firms release innumerable fantastic models might be difficult. However, in my opinion, the new Apple Watches are the finest for the majority of people. While their compatibility is now confined to iOS alone (and is unlikely to change), they continue to offer the most advanced functionality for Apple users and are unrivaled in many critical areas, including the five listed below.

1. Ecosystem Features

As an Apple enthusiast who utilizes all of the company’s key devices, ecosystem features are what I consider the Apple Watch’s unique selling point. Sure, Apple is known for its tight ecosystem, but the wearable can potentially serve as a bridge between many devices, simplifying numerous chores.

For example, if you’re nearby and wearing your Apple Watch, your Mac can unlock immediately. Not to add that macOS allows you to authenticate certain prompts using your watch rather than biometrics or inputting your password. Similarly, when your watch is masked, it might defeat Face ID on your iPhone.

But it’s not just about safety. The Apple Watch can control your iPhone or HomePod’s music playback. This way, no matter where I’m sitting at home, I can simply alter the queue with the flick of my wrist. You may also reject or snooze iPhone alarms, make and answer phone calls, text people, and control HomeKit accessories. The Apple Watch works well with the rest of your iDevices.

2. Health and Fitness

If you’re concerned about your health or fitness habits, the Apple Watch can help. Recent models include ECG, blood oxygen readings, heart rate monitoring, the ability to record dozens of various workout types, estimated steps walked, calories burned, and minutes exercised, menstrual cycle tracking, fall detection, and so on. This little device can serve as a 24/7 watchdog, detecting heart irregularities, accidents, automobile crashes, and other events. Not to mention the built-in coach that encourages you to live a more active lifestyle by gamifying physical activities. With the Apple Watch Ultra, Apple is also targeting the outdoor demographic.

It also extends beyond physical fitness and wellness. Meditation activities, breathing guidance, mood logging, and medication pill reminders are also supported by the Apple Watch. It certainly is a must-have device for individuals who are concerned about their health, and the success tales posted by several consumers on online platforms only serve to demonstrate how effective this device is.

3. Autonomy

The Apple Watch is a fantastic smartwatch that can be used with or without your gadgets. After you pair it with an iPhone for the first time, you can effectively use it as an independent smartphone. Without an iPhone, you can download music for offline listening, install apps from the dedicated App Store, track your steps, heart rate, and other fitness-related metrics, call and text people, navigate with Apple Maps, update the operating system, use the Calculator app, set alarms, pay at supported terminals, and much more.

So, if you’re an Android user, you can easily ask a family member with an iPhone to set up your cellular-enabled wearable, after which you can use it independently for an endless period of time. When compared to other smartwatches on the market, it truly has unrivaled power.

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4. Third-Party Accessories

The variety of third-party accessories is another little but important reason why the Apple Watch is the greatest wristwatch. When purchasing an Apple Watch, you are not confined to the official bands. Thousands of various band styles and colors are available from vendors all over the world. As a result, you can amass a vibrant collection without spending a fortune. Not to mention that Apple Watch cases and screen covers are readily available.

While third-party add-ons are available for other wearables on the market, there’s no disputing that the Apple Watch supports the most extensive and diversified collection. And no matter where you go, you’ll find lots of businesses selling these unapproved accessories. That is not the case when comparing smartwatches from other brands.

5. Resale Value

Last but not least, when you purchase an Apple Watch, you are investing in a high-quality item that will last you for years. However, if you decide to sell it later, it will almost certainly fetch a higher price when compared to the resale values of comparable smartwatches. So you can use it for a long time and then get some of your money back when upgrading to a newer model.

Beyond Apple Watches

The Apple Watch stands out among wearables for a number of reasons, many of which also apply to other Apple products. They essentially all provide the tightly integrated ecosystem features that encourage you to purchase other device kinds from the business and frequently preserve their resale values over time. Additionally, it goes without saying that looking for add-ons made for other phones and tablets is typically much harder than looking for cases and other accessories for new iPhones and iPads. Even if they don’t particularly agree with the company’s principles, attitude, or direction, this is precisely what makes Apple a desirable brand that many consumers crave.

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