All of Us are Dead Season 2 Release Date, Cast, and Latest Updates

All of us are Dead Season 2

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When Squid Game exploded into the scene, All of Us Are Dead was Netflix’s most popular Korean drama. Fans have speculated about an All of Us are Dead season 2 for several months.

Geeked Week on Netflix has informed us about the All of Us are Dead season 2. We also understand that pre-production on the zombie horror program has begun.

Below is what we know so far. All of Us Are Dead is a Netflix Original South Korean zombie horror series developed by Chun Sung-il and based on Joo Dong-webcomic genu’s Now at Our School. The show was directed by Lee Jae Gyoo, noted for his work on Trap, King2Hearts, and Intimate Strangers. Kim Jong-Hak Production and Film Monster was the business responsible for producing the program.

As a zombie virus infects their school, a small group of students are locked inside and must struggle to survive against a large number of flesh-eating zombies outside. Prepare to dive into the new season with us as we discuss our views and theories on what the next chapter may hold.

What is All of Us Are Dead About?

The South Korean program is about a contemporary zombie apocalypse. It focuses on the pupils of Hyosan High School, the location where the pandemic begins. As the virus spreads throughout the school, the children must fight for survival against an army of savage zombies that were once their classmates and professors.

Mr. Lee, a science instructor, is responsible for this dreadful zombie invasion. He observed his son being bullied at school, so he conducted some bizarre scientific experiments to fortify him. Unfortunately, what actually transpired was that his son became a zombie. The school thereafter became the epicentre of the epidemic. But, Mr. Lee may have a solution to stop the malware that was concealed on his school laptop. Can pupils leave school without being devoured by zombies? To stop this awful outbreak, can the authorities return Mr. Lee’s laptop?

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Is All of Us Are Dead Season 2 Confirmed?

Certainly! Netflix announced on Twitter on June 6, 2022, that All of Us Are Dead would return for a second season. Also, the streamer released a video for Season 2 that featured some of the cast. The description of the notification reads, “The students of Hyosan High School may have survived their first zombie outbreak, but their nightmare is not ended.”

The director of the show, Lee Jaekyu, told Hypebae that “the tale was written with a second season in mind.” He believed the story should continue, and Netflix is facilitating this. The director is rumoured to have stated in the past, “It would be nice if we could produce a second season”, and hinted, “if that were to occur, there would be more intriguing storylines.” The second season of Lee could focus more on “zombie survival,” which makes sense. However… let’s not discuss that just yet. Let’s do a brief review.

All of us are Dead Season 2 Quick Info

Season:  All of us are Dead
No. of Seasons: 1
No Of Episode: 12 (season 1)
Status: Season 2 (upcoming)
Script Writer:  Chun Sung-il
Director: Lee Jae-kyoo and Kim Nam-su
Genre:  Action, Drama, Fantasy, Horror, Science Fiction, Thriller
Cast: Park Ji Hoo, Yoon Chan Young, Jo Yi Hyun, Lomon
Production:  Film Monster Co.; Kimjonghak Production Co.
Country of Origin: South Korea
Origin Language:  Korean (Hangul)
Available Languages:  Korean, English
Next Season Release Date: Not Yet Confirmed
Available On: Netflix

All of Us Are Dead Season 2 Updates as of March 2023

All of Us are Dead season 2 has included little new content thus far. The show was preparing for its second season the last time we heard about it. According to speculations, the sitcom is now filming its second season.

All of Us are Dead season 2 is unlikely to premiere in 2023, given that it is currently unknown if production has even begun. Also, the first season consisted of 12 episodes, the majority of which lasted approximately one hour.

Because to the zombies, this show is likely longer than shorter Netflix offerings. In addition, there are special effects and prosthetics. There is a high likelihood that All of Us are Dead season 2 will not be available until 2024.

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Possible Spoilers for All of Us Are Dead Season 2

As stated in the preceding blog post, All of Us Are Dead concludes with a significant cliffhanger. Viewers are excited to learn how the zombie virus will be resolved and what other plot topics will be explored in the All of Us are Dead season 2. While there is no official All of Us Are Dead season two spoilers, it is safe to assume that the characters will continue to face the zombie virus and battle for survival.

It is also probable that the show would delve deeper into Nam-past RA’s and the ramifications of her being a half-human. With so much anticipation around All of Us are Dead season 2, viewers must wait until the season’s release date to learn all the juicy spoilers that accompany it.

All of Us are Dead Season 2 Release Date

Early in 2022, All of Us Are Dead was one of Netflix’s biggest hits, topping the streaming service’s global charts. Several fans who binge-watched the entire season shortly after its release on January 28 are already wondering when All of Us are Dead season 2 will premiere.

All of Us Are Dead has been secretly renewed and will be available on Netflix in 2023, according to Small Screen. A Netflix insider told the news site that the streaming giant wants “Season 2” to premiere in 2023. But, we should not place too much confidence in this claim until Netflix verifies that a second season is forthcoming.

But let’s not forget that production on the first season of the show was briefly halted in August 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, so let’s hope there won’t be any delays that could push back the release date of potential All of Us are Dead season 2.

All of Us are Dead season 2 will likely premiere in 2023 or 2024; we won’t know the exact date until Netflix announces it. The second season of All of Us Are Dead has already begun production, as seen by social media photographs.

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All of Us Are Dead Season 2 Plot

As previously said, All of Us are Dead season 2 is one of the most popular Korean television series on Netflix. And the tale is the primary reason why so many people enjoy it. If you haven’t seen the first season yet, you can find out what happened. It will increase your anticipation for the upcoming season.

The story begins with an assault on the capital city, Hyosin. Because of this, a number of students were required to leave school immediately. Here, the main heroes must fight to reach the quarantine tents. In the zombie zone, however, they lost some companions.

Eventually, they left the area and arrived at the camp. So many hints about All of Us are Dead season 2 were dropped in this show’s final episode. Even if the plot has concluded, there is much to anticipate in the upcoming season. Cheong-san may also appear.

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All of Us are Dead Season 2 Full Cast

You should look at the list of actors and actresses before watching a show for the first time. Casting contributed to the popularity of the All of Us are Dead season 1.

We do not yet know who will appear in All of Us are Dead season 2. According to reports, though, nothing will change. In the list below, you will find all of the actors and actresses from season 1. Let’s find out:

  • Park Ji-hu as Nam On-jo
  • Cho Yi-Hyun as Choi Nam-Ra
  • Lomon as Lee Su-hyeok
  • Yoon Chan-young as Cheong-san
  • Kim Byung-Chul as lee Byeong chanLee
  • Jeon Bae-soo as Nam soju
  • Kyu-hyung as Song Jae-ik
  • Yoo in-soo as Yoon Gwi-nam
  • Lee Yoo-me as Lee Na-Yeon
  • Ahn Seung-gyun as oh-Joon-Yeong
  • Kim Bo-Yoon as Seo-Hyo-ryung
  • Im Jae-hyuk as Yang Dae-su
  • Ham Sung-gyun as Han Gyeong-su
  • Ha Seung-ri as Jang Ha-ri
  • Lee Eun-saem as Park Mi-jin
  • Jin Ho-eun as Jung Min-Jae
  • Kim Joo-ah as Yoon I-sak
  • Son Sang – Yeon as Jang Woo-jin
  • Kim Jin-young as Kim Ji-min

Themes and Messages in All of Us Are Dead

All of Us Are Dead’s ideas and messages are profound and thought-provoking. This program explores bullying, cyberbullying, social media, and the backlash against refugees. It also examines Nam-inability ra’s to choose between her human pals and the half-breeds.

Each of these subjects is covered in depth and raises fundamental questions about how we see and interact with one another as humans. The episode also provides commentary on the COVID-19 pandemic and its repercussions on society. These concepts are examined in depth, encouraging viewers to examine their ideas and actions critically.

Behind-the-Scenes Sneak Peek of All of Us Are Dead Season 2

All of Us are Dead season 2 will have a lot to offer fans. According to a first glimpse behind the scenes, the show’s production staff has spared no effort to make the upcoming season even more action-packed and thrilling than the last. Kim Jong-Hak Production and Film Monster will return to the series production business, bringing their skills and resources.

In order to immerse the audience in action, the cast, stunt work, and special effects will reportedly be expanded. With so much in store for fans, it’s not surprising that so many individuals eagerly anticipate the return of All Of Us Are Dead.

Why Fans Are Excited for All of Us Are Dead Season 2?

Fans of All of Us Are Dead eagerly anticipate the arrival of the All of Us are Dead season 2. Many are eager to see how the plot will continue and what new difficulties will be given in light of the show’s immense popularity. Viewers have eagerly anticipated the upcoming part of this zombie apocalypse series due to its superb cast, tremendous action, and thought-provoking topics.

With its compelling plot and characters, audiences anticipate season two to be even more intense and intriguing. The mid-2023 release date gives fans something to anticipate in the following months.

Is There Any News All of Us Are Dead Season 2 Trailer?

All of Us are Dead season 2 has no trailer. This is a Fan-Made Trailer. This concept mashup trailer represents my concept for Season 2’s teaser: we are all dead. Nonetheless, we will continue to publish additional information regarding the forthcoming All of Us Are Dead on our website, so please check back frequently.

If it exists, you can find it on our page. As you wait for the All of Us Are Dead season 2 trailer, you may view the season 2 promotional video.

How to Watch All of Us Are Dead?

All of Us are Dead season 2 is currently available on Netflix. A Netflix gift card can be purchased to watch the series. The show is also accessible via subscription services such as Amazon Prime Video and Hulu. With so many alternatives, it is possible to stream your preferred zombie horror K-drama. Before diving into the zombie-filled splendour of All of Us are Dead season 2, make sure to view the behind-the-scenes sneak look and investigate the show’s themes and messages.

All of Us Are Dead Season 1 Recap

A zombie virus sweeps throughout Hyosan High School and the surrounding area in the film. All of Us Are Dead, as a group of students, fights to stay alive. Based on Today at Our School, a digital comic by Joo Donggeun, was released in 2009 and first published on Webtoon with the same title as the Korean title of the show.

Although at first sight, it may appear to be a normal zombie apocalypse thriller with coming-of-age aspects, All of Us Are Dead is filled with cultural references and allegories regarding current events.

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All of Us Are Dead Season 2 Rating & Reviews

Everyone evaluates a show based on its number of stars. Usually, the ratings are the best indicator of whether a show will remain on the air. The higher the rating, the greater the likelihood of survival. The show has an IMDb rating of 7.5/10 and a Rotten Tomatoes average audience rating of 78%.


The characters and their actions in this program are both excellent. But it doesn’t work since it doesn’t make sense. Some characters make illogical decisions, such as taking unnecessary risks or failing to assist other characters they care about.


In addition, the show devotes too much time to unimportant characters. In the first season, a single character was featured for nearly two hours. This character opened a door for the main cast before leaving.

This gives the impression that any character could die, but also that only the major characters are important, and the rest of the cast will disappear or die.

Not to mention that there is a character who could easily handle a number of the leading group’s issues, but… doesn’t? Perhaps they’ll explain why this girl doesn’t utilize her special abilities more frequently at some point, but it seems like if she assisted the gang, most difficulties would be simple to resolve.

In the end, there are numerous logical issues that distract from the problems they must overcome, but zombie enthusiasts will still find the zombie stuff interesting.


The All of Us are Dead season 2 has left fans eagerly anticipating the next instalment. All of Us Are Dead has become a must-watch for zombie enthusiasts and those in search of a compelling drama due to its engrossing storyline and themes of survival. We do not yet know what to expect from Season 2, but we can be certain that it will be plenty of surprises. Keep a look out for information regarding the cast, release date, and narrative details as we impatiently await the next season of this Netflix smash!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about All of us are Dead Season 2

Is All of Us Are Dead Season 2 coming out?

Yeah, there will be an All of Us are Dead season 2.

Why ‘All of Us Are Dead’ Is 18+?

All of Us Are Dead is a Korean action/horror television series about a high school overrun by zombies. Parents must be aware of this. The series contains scenes of blood, violence, body horror, and combat.

What is the release date for All of Us Are Dead season 2?  

There is currently no official date for the return of the season. However, it is anticipated to occur at the end of 2023 or the beginning of 2024.

How many episodes does All of Us Are Dead have?

There are now twelve episodes of All of Us Are Dead. Each is almost an hour long, for a total of 728 minutes. (We’re confident that you’ll want to watch the remaining episodes immediately after seeing the pilot.)

Where is All of Us Are Dead filmed?

According to some accounts, the majority of All of Us Are Dead was filmed in Seoul. A brief scene was filmed in the city of Andong, approximately 249 kilometres from Seoul.

Who will direct season 2?

According to NME, director Lee Jae-you had All of Us are Dead season 2 in mind when he created the successful show. In an interview with The Korean Herald, Lee stated, “Many directions, settings, and scenarios were created with the intention of extending the plot into a second season, including the development of additional zombie races.”

He continued, “If the first season was about how humans survive, the second season might be about how zombies survive. I hope to provide viewers with another season to enjoy.”

Is All of Us Are Dead on Netflix?

Yes. Netflix has All of Us Are Dead accessible. It is located in the thrillers section.

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