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Holding Season 2

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Do you want to know about Holding season 2? The four-part ITV drama Holding, adapted from Graham Norton’s novel of the same name, concluded its run on April 4th. Holding season 2 is the murder mystery series starring Conleth Hill of Game of Thrones as the anxious Sergeant PJ Collins focuses on a cold case murder that shakes a sleepy village. Hill stated exclusively to RadioTimes.com in his extended Big RT Interview that his character lacked the stereotypical traits of a leading detective on television.

“I just love the ordinariness of the mundane – the non-achievement outsider aspect of him that, regardless of how long he’s here, he will always be an outsider,” he said.

“I just thought he was a really multifaceted character, with none of the clichés you’d expect from, say, a leading detective. Consequently, [this anti-hero element] did appeal to me. And I believe it was also derived from the novel… so it was a gift.”

The series concluded on a bittersweet note, as PJ Collins was able to track down the murderer and solve the case, but his married lover rejected him, leaving him heartbroken. Here is an explanation of the Holding finale, and below is everything we know about Holding season 2.

What is Holding About?

Sergeant PJ Collins, a gentle and introverted local police officer, is the protagonist of the story. PJ is notorious for avoiding people and filling his days with comfort food and sloppy police work.

However, when the body of a long-lost local legend is discovered, he must for the first time in his career solve a serious crime. The story is set in the West Cork village of Duneen, which has a dark history.

In the second episode, a key suspect in the case disappears from the village; by the third episode, a month has passed since the discovery of the body, and PJ has no new leads.

Is Holding Season 2 Renewed?

No, neither ITV nor the creators have announced the renewal of Holding season 2. However, there are indications that it will not return. The project is billed as a miniseries because it is based on the 2016 debut novel of the same name by Graham Norton, which does not have a sequel.

Graham has since written books such as A Keeper and Home Stretch, but they are unrelated. Considering this, it is possible that another of the author’s works will be adapted.

The identity of the person who murdered Tommy Burke is revealed in the series finale, thus resolving this issue. Obviously, the authors could create another mystery, but there is currently no reason to suspect this.

Holding Season 2 Quick Info

Season:  Holding
No. of Seasons: 1
No Of Episode: 4 (season 1)
Status: Season 2 (Pending)
Writer:  Dominic Treadwell-Collins

Karen Cogan

Director: Kathy Burke
Genre:  Crime, Drama
Production:  Happy Prince

Port Pictures

Producer: Martina Niland
Country of Origin: Ireland

United Kingdom

Origin Language:  English
Available Languages:  English
First Season Release Date: 14 March – 4 April 2022
Next Season Release Date: Not Yet Confirmed
Available On: ITV

Holding Season 2 Release Date

ITV has aired Holding on Monday nights for the past four weeks. The television adaptation of Graham Norton’s novel consists of four episodes of the drama.

Prior to the fourth episode, it is unclear whether or not there will be a Holding season 2. ITV has not yet confirmed whether Norton’s adoption will return for Holding season 2, or if the four episodes conclude the story.

Holding Season 2 Cast

Conleth Hill (Game of Thrones) leads the cast of the ITV drama Holding as Sergeant PJ Collins, a local police officer. In addition, Siobhán McSweeney plays Brd Riordan, Brenda Fricker plays Lizzie Meany, and Charlene McKenna plays Evelyn Ross.

Regarding her character, Irish actress McSweeney stated, “I cannot imagine a better script, location, or cast and crew.” I’m ecstatic to be back in Cork.”

  • Helen Behan (Elizabeth Is Missing)
  • Pauline McLynn (Father Ted)
  • Clinton Liberty (Handsome Devil, Normal People)
  • Amy Conroy (The South Westerlies)
  • Olwen Fouéré (Beast)
  • Eleanor Tiernan (Bridget and Eamon)
  • Gary Shelford (Belgravia)
  • Lochlann ‘Meárain (Smother)
  • Sky Yang (Halo)
  • Demi Isaac Oviawe (The Young (Fair City)

Is there a Trailer for Holding Season 2?

ITV has not yet renewed Holding for a Holding season 2, so there is no trailer for the upcoming season.

Holding season 1 is currently available on ITV Hub. Likewise, you can find something to watch using our TV Guide.

Is Holding Based on a Book?

The new ITV crime drama Holding is an adaptation of the debut novel by Graham Norton. The immensely popular Bafta-winning television host published the book in 2016.

The book is a New York Times bestseller and has been described as an intelligently crafted tale of love, secrets, and loss.

Since the publication of the Holding, Norton has published A Keeper (2018) and Home Stretch (2020).

How Many Other Books has Graham Norton Written and will they be Adapted?

Graham Norton is the author of five novels to date. Holding was his first published work of fiction, following two volumes of autobiography.

After Holding, Graham penned A Keeper and Home Stretch, and Forever Home and The Swimmer are scheduled for release later this year. No other television adaptations have been announced as of yet.

Where is Holding Season 2 Set?

The fictional village of Duneen, West Cork, on the border of Ireland serves as the setting for Holding. The ITV series is a captivating murder mystery that focuses on eccentric villagers. The show focuses on Sergeant PJ Collins, a village police officer who prefers a quieter lifestyle.

His world is turned upside down when he is placed in charge of a murder investigation, forcing him to interact with a community he normally avoids.

Where was ITV’s Holding Filmed?

Graham Norton may have invented the town of Duneen for his book, but County Cork is a real place where he grew up and spent his youth before moving to London.

Holding season 2 was predominantly filmed in West Cork, which provided the perfect scenic backdrop for the drama’s plot. The cast and production crew traveled to the small town of Drimoleague in August 2021 to film scenes. County Cork’s Castletownshend, located to the southeast of Skibbereen, was utilized for production purposes as well.

Where Can I Watch Season one of Holding?

The fourth episode of the season will air on ITV on April 4 at 9 p.m.

Nonetheless, all four episodes of Holding are currently accessible on ITV Hub and BritBox UK. Those with an Amazon Prime membership can also catch up on the one-hour episodes.

How Many Episodes of Holding are there on ITV?

Each of the four episodes of ITV’s Holding is one hour long. The final episode will air at 9 p.m. on ITV on April 4, 2022.

“When human remains are discovered in a sleepy Irish village, Sergeant PJ Collins finally has a genuine mystery to solve,” reads the official synopsis for episode 1. As the discovery spreads throughout the community, it poses a threat to reveal decades’ worth of secrets.”

Who Killed Tommy Burke in Holding?

In the final episode of Holding, PJ learns that Tommy Burke was murdered by Abigail Ross (Helen Behan), the older sister of Evelyn Ross. She later forged a love letter from Tommy to Evelyn, using a favorite Oscar Wilde poem as inspiration (which first tipped PJ off).

In 2001, the night before his wedding to Brd Riordan (Siobhan McSweeney), a drunk Tommy took Evelyn back to her family’s farm and beat her in the same barn where her father had committed suicide. Abigail discovered the couple as Evelyn experienced a miscarriage in his presence.

Is ITV Holding Worth Watching?

Despite the fact that it was a rating success for ITV, many people were unimpressed with it. The drama, which stars Conleth Hill of Game of Thrones and Oscar-winner Brenda Fricker, has an average rating of 6/10 on IMDB, based on more than 240 reviews from viewers and critics.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Holding Season 2

Is there a Holding season 2?

No, neither ITV nor the creators have announced the renewal of Holding season 2. However, there are indications that it will not return. The project is billed as a miniseries because it is based on the 2016 debut novel of the same name by Graham Norton. Which does not have a sequel.

How many seasons of Holding are there?

The four-part television series Holding is based on Graham Norton’s debut novel of the same name. The series debuted on ITV on March 14, 2022, and on Virgin Media More in Ireland on April 12, 2022.

What happened at the end of the Holding?

In the final episode of Holding, PJ learns that Tommy Burke was murdered by Abigail Ross (Helen Behan), the older sister of Evelyn Ross. She later forged a love letter from Tommy to Evelyn, using a favorite Oscar Wilde poem as inspiration (which first tipped PJ off).

What is the storyline of Holding?

By unearthing long-buried secrets, PJ establishes a connection with the village he had laboriously avoided.

Is the Holding a comedy?

Small-town Ireland-based crime comedy based on the novel of the same name by Graham Norton. Included as well are Conleth Hill, Siobhán McSweeney, Charlene McKenna, Helen Behan, and Amy Conroy, among others.

Is Holding a True Story?

Is the book by Graham Norton based on a true story? No, Graham’s first novel is not based on a true story; it is a work of fiction. The story is set in the remote Irish village of Duneen. It follows three troubled villagers who are all involved in a mysterious murder.

What novel is Holding based on?

Holding is based on the debut novel by Graham Norton. ITV has recently begun airing a new adaptation of Graham Norton’s debut novel, Holding. The show focuses on Sergeant PJ Collins, a man who hides from people and spends his days eating comfort food and performing half-hearted police work.

Who plays the policeman in Holding?

The murder mystery series features an all-star cast, including Conleth Hill, the Game of Thrones actor who brought the scheming Varys to life and who leads the cast as Sergeant PJ Collins, a local police officer.

How many parts are in Holding?

Each of the four episodes of Holding is one hour in length. After each episode has aired, it will be accessible on the ITV Hub.

Who wrote ITV Holding?

Karen Cogan, who co-wrote the screenplay with Dominic Treadwell-Collins, explains that the setting also contributed to the themes of duality, in which nothing or no one is what one would expect.

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