Black Mirror Season 6: Salma Hayek and Annie Murphy are the Latest Actors

Black Mirror Season 6
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Black Mirror is one of Netflix’s most popular shows, and that’s because it tells scary stories that are based on real life. These stories show us that we shouldn’t be afraid of monsters or vampires, but of ourselves and what can happen if we’re not careful with technology.

Even San Junipero, which is about a love story and has an interesting idea about how we could live forever, has twisted, macabre stories, but the most recent ones haven’t been as good as the first.

All of that could change in season 6, which has already been confirmed, and about which details, mostly about the new people who will be in the futuristic anthology, have been slowly coming out.

So far, the biggest news is that Salma Hayek and Annie Murphy is joining the show as mysterious new character.

When is Black Mirror 6 Released?

Netflix hasn’t said much about the show, including when it might come out. However, since the cast is still being put together, it’s safe to assume that it won’t be coming out anytime soon.

The new season of the science fiction show might come out at the end of next year or early in 2024.


Variety says that actors like Zazie Beetz (Joker), Paapa Essiedu, Josh Hartnett (Penny Dreadful), Aaron Paul (Westworld and Breaking Bad), Kate Mara (House of Cards), Danny Ramirez (Falcon and the Winter Soldier and Top Gun: Maverick), Clara Rugaard, Auden Thornton, and Anjana Vasan will be in this season’s show.

Also, it looks like Rory Culkin, another of Macaulay Culkin’s brothers who was in “Under the Banner of Heaven,” will be in the series, along with Salma Hayek (who is also working on Angelina Jolie’s latest movie, “Without Blood”) and Annie Murphy, who was on “Schitt’s Creek” and “Russian Doll, Season 2.”

We don’t know much about the characters they could play, but it’s likely that many of these actors will show up in the same episodes.

What is Black Mirror 6 about?

No information about the new stories that will be told in season 6 of the show has been made public.

In the ones that came before, there was a prime minister who had to do something terrible to save a princess, a man who was blocked by his ex-partner, a very strange explanation of intelligent assistants, extreme technology for overprotective parents, and even an interactive chapter where you could choose what happened to the main character and change his story.

The theme of technology and horror will continue in Season 6, but we won’t know what it’s about or what Salma Hayek, who we’ve already seen as a great Marvel heroine, will be doing in your story until more information comes out.

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