The Rings of Power Villain – Sauron and Morgoth Explained

The rings of power
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The Rings of Power takes place a long time before Bilbo Baggins found Sauron’s lost ring. However, there are characters in this universe who are immortal and live longer than “normal,” so we’ll see some familiar faces, including those of the story’s bad guys.

Sauron is the big bad guy that Frodo has to help defeat when he agrees to take the ring of power to Mordor. But Sauron’s story starts a long time ago, when the elves first come to Middle-earth and fight alongside humans in a battle that changes the world’s future.

Middle-earth is calm in The Rings of Power, but Galadriel, who is in charge of the elves and is played by Morfydd Clark, knows that something is about to happen and that an enemy who hasn’t been seen for a long time may be closer than you think.

This story starts in the calm before the storm. Both Sauron and Morgoth are mentioned and play important roles in this story, which doesn’t really end until Frodo agrees to bring the ring back to where it was made.

Sauron and Morgoth: The Rings of Power Villains Explained

Sauron is the bad guy in this story. This is clear from the first trailers, in which Galadriel finds his mark in the ruins of a fortress. But who is Sauron, and why does he make the rings?

Before you can understand Sauron, you need to know about Morgoth, who is also called Melkor. He was the first and strongest of the Ainur, who are like Middle Earth’s gods, but he also became the first Dark Lord.

Melkor rebels against Eru Ilvatar, the main god of this world, and decides to corrupt the world. He spends the whole First Age causing chaos and disaster on all sides, including destroying the two trees of Valinor, the eternal city of the elves, but is eventually defeated and sent to a place called The Void.

Morgoth was one of the gods

Morgoth was one of the gods who made the world, but there were also gods called The Valar, and Sauron was one of them. He was once called Mairon. The problem was that this character’s desire for power and control made him bad, and he ended up falling under Morgoth’s control, which turned him into Sauron.

When Morgoth is defeated, Sauron becomes the new Dark Lord and goes to Mordor to start planning how to take over Middle-earth. Sauron wanted to make an army of violent and wild orcs and humans that he could control. This led to a brutal battle in which millions of people died and the Dark Lord “lost.”

Sauron’s main problem was that he couldn’t control the elves, so while they thought they had already won, he decided to pretend to be Annatar. Annatar is the one who tricks an elf named Celebrimbor and leads him to make the rings of power: 3 for elves, 7 for dwarves, 9 for humans, and a special ring that controls them all.

Galadriel is the first to feel Sauron’s presence (she is said to have special powers because she saw the light of the two Valinor trees before they were destroyed), but no one believes her. So, the rings are made, and when Sauron wears his, the elves finally figure out what’s going on and decide to hide their rings.

But the people of Nmenor don’t do the same. Sauron manages to beat them, which leads to the destruction of the city and to the battle where Isildur cuts off the Dark Lord’s finger and takes his ring.

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